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Did you drink alcohol before you reached legal drinking age in your state?

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07/04/11 8:16 pm

Sure I did. What was wrong with that? Jesus supplied the wine for an entire banquet at age 12! (:

07/02/11 10:50 pm

Answer this question wrong and the police will be knocking on your door;)

06/30/11 11:14 pm

Drinking age is illegal in the context of military age.

06/29/11 6:37 pm

I have never had alcohol! I dont plan to either!

06/27/11 7:35 pm

when I was growing up the legal age was 18, so yep! I was going to bars at 16 to dance and always got in and was served. I have a nephew in the Marines and he couldn't drink Beer but could go to Iraq

David1127 Ohio
06/27/11 4:57 pm

I'm 16 and haven't drank. I'm planning on waiting another 5 years.

Topgun California
06/24/11 5:16 pm

I was sober for thirteen years... Then I turned fourteen. Most people have tried a little bit before 21.

06/24/11 11:56 am

Uh.... I will NEVER do that!!!

simple New York
06/24/11 11:25 am

Utah = the goodie two shoes state

06/23/11 3:22 pm

The drinking age is to hi and almost unenforceable it is best not to waste tax payer money on something we can not hope to enforce unless they find someone that is DUI which is a much worse offense they can't catch anyone so it is best to drop the age limit altogether we only have it because of cars

06/23/11 8:39 am

Guam says yes but I say no

06/22/11 11:05 pm

my family is german, so yes.

06/22/11 8:27 pm

they tried that, it didn't work servrandy

06/22/11 7:51 am

alcohol is pure evil and should be illegal

06/22/11 3:23 am

Haha I'm from north dakota...the highest underage drinking state (percentage wise). So the answer is yes.

06/22/11 2:34 am

It is somewhat crazy, though, that in many places you can get stronger alcohol at 18 than you can here at 21. Ouzo in Greece or raqui in Albania, for example. Both harder than most domestic alcohol in the US.

06/22/11 2:31 am

If it doesn't, than no, because I had other things to do when in country besides drinking.

06/22/11 2:29 am

Depends on if drinking in other countries while underage here (but of legal age there) counts. If so, then yes, because I traveled a lot outside the country between the ages of 18-21. And in most countries if you are 18, that's legal.

samantha New Jersey
06/21/11 11:56 pm

I am a 16 yer old female and it's unbelievably easy to get alcohol these days...and yes I've had alcohol already

kjos2 Washington
06/21/11 9:46 pm

I'm a 17 year old male. I have never drank alcohol. Seems pretty weird nowadays.

06/21/11 10:30 am

06/20/11 10:38 pm

It's more fun to do things when you are not supposed to

06/20/11 1:15 pm

there's nothing better to do where I live than drink. I wouldn't even know what to do at a party if there was no alcohol... play scrabble? complain?

06/20/11 7:44 am

Not willingly. When I was 10, I took a sip of my "virgin" strawberry daiquiri and immediately spit it back out because someone at the beach bar made a huge error. I don't like the taste of alcohol and avoid it even though I am well past the legal age to drink it.

cumminspwr Utah
06/20/11 1:48 am

I'm sorry... But Utah, you're lying. Mormon or not, majority of people have a "test sip" before they're legal haha. If I had a dollar for every Mormon church goer I saw drunk as heck at a party Friday, then at church Sunday haha.

06/19/11 10:15 pm

I waited a week after my 21st birthday before I drank.

06/19/11 4:06 pm

Duh!!!!! Tastes better when it's illegal!

06/19/11 2:29 pm

Omg you idiots it says if you have or not. Not how much you drank. If you drank it's a yes.

06/19/11 9:55 am

I live in Miami, who hasn't drank here before they're 21?

jennamia Pennsylvania
06/19/11 2:04 am

Nothin crazy. Just on rare occasions

EnginE3r Texas
06/19/11 12:03 am

@Snow you got it reversed buddy

EnginE3r Texas
06/19/11 12:02 am

I will never drink alcohol unless for medical use.

06/19/11 12:02 am

It scares me that 25% said yes.

Griff Minnesota
06/18/11 11:59 pm

wow!! I was really a late bloomer... smh

06/18/11 11:28 pm

if the question were 'do you drink at all?' Utah would still be in the red. :)

06/18/11 10:45 pm

Almost chugged my Dads beer when I was 1.

softball1? Florida
06/18/11 10:32 pm

No way!!!!!!!!! I am a kid now and I have only tried a sip of wine and that's because I thought it was apple juice and I was 6(:

06/18/11 9:45 pm

I was in Germany, so technically it was legal

06/18/11 7:44 pm

Boozin' it up e'ry Saturday night since I was 12!

06/18/11 4:15 pm

I'm 46 and never got drunk in my life! And, yes I went to college, married with kids and live life! My parents nag friends were not drinkers!

06/18/11 2:16 pm

Italian family here. Wine with dinner at a young age seemed norm.

J4a6y New York
06/18/11 1:10 pm

It's that age so that people know their limits. The gov't also knows that people will always break it, so it's 21 so that 12 year olds aren't getting drunk.

icematthew Texas
06/18/11 1:02 pm

In Texas who doesn't have a beer with your dad before age 21.

06/18/11 12:08 pm

Utah.. Most likely from their Mormon population

06/18/11 11:22 am

I quit drinking by the time I was of legal drinking age.