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05/06/12 6:56 pm

@zona and probabably one lonely miserable bastard hahaha

lmurder MDK
05/05/12 9:07 pm

Hahaha suckas! Have families or have a free loading gf living with you hahaha. I do what I want! I'm the 11% haha!

DrKelly Wisconsin
05/05/12 2:23 pm

oh, wayouthere... I am SO sorry for your loss! my heart goes out to you! god bless you, your family, and your husband for the ultimate sacrifice for your country. makes me want to cry!

05/05/12 10:33 am

Well I live with my mom becouse I'm not 28

cari88 New York
05/04/12 11:39 pm

i dont live alone but i might as well

MrsBombdog Colorado
05/02/12 11:09 pm

I live alone. My husband died in Afghanistan a week before christmas.

anonymous0 Nevada
05/02/12 10:28 pm

Me and Tasha my dog. most of time I forget I'm living alone.

dbrat East Coast
05/02/12 7:58 pm

I will when jr goes to university

Nerdz Texas
05/02/12 6:43 pm

no, too young, still live with parents

05/02/12 8:20 am

depression makes you feel alone.

05/01/12 7:07 pm

come from crazy family oriented brklyn fam left home after married 1boy divorced back home to marriage again 4 girls and grandmas curse worked my kids are crazier and troublefinding than me so never lived alone but when i am alone it's just too damn quiet lol

05/01/12 7:01 pm

@earlybird thanks for answering was just wondering and 6,000 sq ft wow nice kinda like being alone lol

EarlyBird Portland
05/01/12 6:33 pm

Psycho- after the 4 months, I got a call from mother that she was moving to palm springs. My dad lives in 6000 sf house, has car collection, etc. although he's old, he won't give up the boy toys) Since mom won't deal with the work involved, I stepped up,

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
05/01/12 5:27 pm

This would drastically change if asked of gamers, and not count living in parents basement as living with someone. ????

05/01/12 5:05 pm

@crquinones, if you kill him now, you would probably be out in 14 years! lol.

nogoodname League City
05/01/12 4:36 pm

Husband, three kids, two full time roommates and one couch crasher.

05/01/12 2:51 pm

The income demographic is interesting

moonshot More often I know nothing
05/01/12 2:28 pm

It's my wife and me, along with my sisters husband brothers daughter. She lives with us under our care.

05/01/12 2:13 pm

Good on you guys, Earlybird and Kissmyfont. Bless your hearts for being dear children to your aging parents.

Lol Cowboy.

OhTheIrony Learning from you
05/01/12 2:13 pm

I live with 12 rats, 183 cockroaches, 374 beetles, and 385913 ants. I'm never alone!

scottstots Georgia
05/01/12 1:59 pm

Wife and three kids, many times I'd like to live alone.

05/01/12 1:32 pm

Plus i live in an apartment where my weights has to be placed in the bathroom because my roomates have a beer pong table set up to the living room. But the good thing is that i get to workout while taking a dump, i.e doing biceps while im exploding.

05/01/12 1:31 pm

Its hard to workout while living with someone. I can't eat healthy or gain any glamour muscles.

05/01/12 12:54 pm

No i just live with my 101 cats! Jk

05/01/12 12:17 pm

No There are pathogens everywhere!

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
05/01/12 11:42 am

I lived alone for a while before I was married. The biggest benefit is now when we hear a bump in the night I can send him to check it out! BWAHAHAHAHA

cowboy Proud Father
05/01/12 11:07 am

No. I live with three girls. My girlfriend, her 12 year old and our four year old. I spend a lot of time in the garage.

05/01/12 10:59 am

@earlybird what happened after 4 months?

FaceMoose Over There
05/01/12 10:31 am

Nope. I live with my amazing boyfriend of 2.5 years and our 2 cats: Black Jack (3 years old) and Zoe (6 weeks old).

The only time I have EVER lived alone was the two years before I met my current boyfriend.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
05/01/12 10:31 am

But if cats do count then I am not alone; have nine rescues.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
05/01/12 10:29 am

Yes but not for long. Waiting for my Canuck hubby to get his green card!

05/01/12 10:20 am

Ive never lived alone. Im thinking of killing my husband in14 years after my youngest graduates so that i can live alone though

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
05/01/12 10:06 am

I had to give up my fantastic apartment and move in with family when I lost my job a few months ago, but before that I had lived alone for about 5 years total (had a couple of roommates here and there). I love the peace and quiet of my own place, and also knowing that if it's a mess, it's my fault.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
05/01/12 9:49 am

I lived alone for 6 years before I met my husband and I loved it! If I wanted company, I had company over. If I wanted to be alone I turned the ringer off on my phone and didn't answer the door, it was great. Now alone time is iPad and headphones.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
05/01/12 9:11 am

No, my fiancé and I live together! I think I prefer living with someone than alone :)

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/01/12 8:08 am

Not for years now. The alone years, man, those were the good old days.

05/01/12 7:09 am

I'm the housekeeper (and a lousy one at that) for my 86 yr old dad..before that I was the caretaker for my mom till she died of ALS

05/01/12 7:07 am

10 years alone. Met my wife, she moved in, 2 years later we were Married.

05/01/12 6:26 am

No but I did live alone for a year (or two- can't remember lol) in my mid twenties. I am married now but I always say someday I want my own room (he can have his own as well). Its the key to a happy marriage lol

EarlyBird Portland
05/01/12 6:22 am

But on my bucket list is living alone for at least a year.

EarlyBird Portland
05/01/12 6:20 am

Then quit my great career in Scottsdale to move to Portland to care for 86 year old father. I loved those few months to myself, but love my dad even more.

EarlyBird Portland
05/01/12 6:17 am

I went from living at home, to living in a sorority house, to living w/new husband, then added 2 kids. Fast forward- kids move out, I divorce my husband and finally have alone time for the first time! It lasted 4 short months.

05/01/12 6:14 am

Thank you, Nnayllek :)