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rebelfury March 30th, 2013 4:00pm

Does sex rule you or do you rule sex? Following up from a pro choice/ life question.

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03/31/13 5:27 pm

What is really strange. People feel that they have the right to satisfy their urges. I busted this guy, and he started to eye F*** this officer. I said what the H*** do you think your doing? he said,"I'm a man ain't I". Their are people that feels he is a victim of his circumstances the cops are bad

chile safer than congress
03/30/13 12:13 pm

Had to provide the contrasting vote.


03/30/13 1:18 pm

Your just being honest and afraid to say... Lol

03/30/13 9:08 am

I am a very sexual person. If their is a chance of her getting pregnant, I'll stop in my tracks,,,, as much as I would want to continue. I did have an unplanned child but I was ready to have a child.... Just a little sooner that I planned :)

inge MIA
03/30/13 10:12 am

Same happened to me. He was a pleasant surprise lol

03/30/13 10:27 am

Me too.. Made me grow up :) he is a blessing! Second was planned by the book.... I have all boys in my family... We followed the book and got daddies little girl... Double blessing!