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Better K-12 school schedule: 9 months of school with a full Summer vacation, or "year-round" with shorter, more frequent vacations?

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thisisdumb New York
05/21/12 5:02 pm

Keep those little ankle biters in classes

05/19/12 6:32 pm

I agree with Kitten but the thing is with a 2-3nmonth break lots of us students forget what we've learned and do poorly in the class/ the teacher has to re-teach it

05/13/12 8:49 pm

As a student, I prefer the traditional system because gives me a sense of closure after a school year. it feels like each grade is a new chapter.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/13/12 6:25 pm

@bugdoodle, Rey will still have summer breaks. Just a shorter one. But, it's better because they will get short breaks all throughout the year instead of 3 months smack Dan in the middle.

bugdootle2 South Carolina
05/12/12 8:19 pm

Children need to have a childhood. This includes real summer breaks.

05/12/12 1:18 pm

I'm still in school myself and I'd rather have more frequent breaks because I tend to forget most of
The material and have to spend a lot of time reviewing before actually learning the new stuff I like summer but it's not like u get all summer off working unless ur a teacher

05/12/12 12:03 pm

LOOK AT THE AGE SECTION. The young ones are the ones who know best, they are in it.

05/12/12 6:43 am

People who say "If it ain't broke don't fix it" tick me off. We should always try to make things better. Why stop if it merely works, if you call it that? Look at the benifetts of both systems. If everyone had your attitude we would never have more efficient cars, computers, ect

05/12/12 6:38 am

Year round is better. How can tradition have any benifetts?

sohuser California
05/11/12 11:45 pm

@Booknerd you don't think they are going to forget during the month off every three months. My son went to year round school for a couple of years. They learn, then take a break, then review, this happens three times a year, instead of just once a year.

Nerdz Texas
05/11/12 8:06 pm

I like the one with more school time! I don't think we need such a long break from school because then we start to forget stuff

05/11/12 6:51 pm

I also think that unions have no place in our teachers occupation, sorry but work rules actually kill the gift that great life changing teachers bring to the kids.

05/11/12 6:49 pm

I think the real difference in education will only come when parents actualy participate in their kids lives. Todays school are looked at by many as a great day care center, but god forbid little Billy misbehaves!

05/11/12 10:46 am

Summer is some of my best childhood memories

flyberg Northern Kentucky
05/10/12 9:32 pm

And students do better when they are from families that don't have the time or money to essentially give them year round schooling through extracurricular activities.

flyberg Northern Kentucky
05/10/12 9:31 pm

It has nothing to do with boredom and everything to do with retention.

05/10/12 9:28 pm

The traditional schedule worked for years. why not keep it going!

phantom Colorado
05/10/12 9:18 pm

It's so sad that kids are so easily bored with free time these days. As a kid I spent every second outdoors without an ounce of boredom.

14573 Scary Numbers
05/10/12 7:51 pm

@itabliss because it completely and totally the fault of the schedule, right.....

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
05/10/12 6:30 pm

As a 16 year old, I wish I had year round school. I get so bored after being home for about a week. And I get so stressed and tired after being in school for about a month. If we had like a month of school then a short break, I think that would be good.

05/10/12 4:51 pm

Most school systems can't afford it.

softball1? Florida
05/10/12 2:03 pm

(coming from a 13 year old that has skipped 2 grades).

05/10/12 1:08 pm

Both frequent 90 day vacations

Itabliss Hello
05/10/12 8:43 am

all you traditional voters are why our school system is failing our children and other countries are consistently beating us in every subject.

Itabliss Hello
05/10/12 8:43 am

all you traditional voters are why our school system is failing our children and other countries are consistently beating us in every subject.

treehugorr Tennessee
05/10/12 7:30 am

I am an educator AND involved parent. YR wld be better for those who aren't in agri. areas. Kids DO forget too much and DO get stressed-exactly why evenly distributed breaks sound sweet. Switching to YR wld require a lot of other changes, but those cld be made without the universe imploding.

because South Dakota
05/10/12 5:27 am

we need a summer so the kids can help work the ranch

sam Maryland
05/10/12 4:13 am

80% in my grade. People can be smarter for a number of reasons, not because they have year round school.

sam Maryland
05/10/12 4:12 am

@swa Public schools here have schools with a long summer break, traditional style, and I was in advanced classes my entire life. What data do you have to prove that students do better in year-round schools than traditional? My evidence is that I actually take advanced classes and so does the other

05/10/12 3:59 am

I wish I could have gone through year round school, but around here the summers get blazing, sticky hot and most of the schools don't have air conditioning. It makes it miserable for both the students and teachers.

DizzyIzzy Wisconsin
05/10/12 3:57 am

It seems as though people are confused as to what year-round schooling actually is.

samarak Louisiana
05/10/12 1:10 am

But statistics show less of a dropout rate for year round schools and think about it the faster u go get it done the faster it's over it would not actually be 13 years it's only 13 years because we get 3 months off at a time plus breaks

samarak Louisiana
05/10/12 1:06 am

Special needs kids should be offers it because most of them have a hard Tim with routine n once it's broken it's awful to reinstate

swa North Carolina
05/09/12 11:20 pm

Year round school was done by the private schools around my public school in NJ and those kids were ahead in every subject in every grade AND they got to enjoy breaks throughout the year while we were relearning what we forgot over the summer we wasted.

05/09/12 10:12 pm

I loved summer as a kid. Why would I take that away from my children? Let them be's not all about education after all...

05/09/12 10:03 pm

Wouldn't that mean 13 years of non stop school. I know there are small breaks but usually even those involve work. Without summer kids would get really tired of school and may lose interest eventually

fendergirl Ohio
05/09/12 9:36 pm

How can you work a summer job in high school if there is no summer?

05/09/12 8:40 pm

traditional all the way baby!

05/09/12 8:26 pm

year round the breaks go by soo fast it feels like you don't even get a break. I much prefer traditional

05/09/12 8:20 pm

4-6 weeks summer break are enough including a nice summer vacation with the family.
I'd much prefer some pit stops 1-3 weeks around Easter, Christmas and such. The total number of off days need not be reduced.
Just like I prefer to work 4 days 10 hrs with a Wednesday break.

05/09/12 8:19 pm

My girls went to year round school until this year when the district got rid of the option. We all loved it, we got to take fly a-way vacations in February when the cost was down and camp or go to drive-ins in August.
This year has been really long, they feel burned out without the Feb. & May break

VerendusVir New Hampshire
05/09/12 8:00 pm

Everyone needs summer, my year would suck without it. Also, I have a job in the summer that I would not be able to have as well as school.

Vxscop In the TARDIS
05/09/12 7:46 pm

What kind of kid would choose year round because they get "bored" in august. Then again year round would likely raise GPA.

lmurder MDK
05/09/12 6:47 pm

@Liveforfree why do you have this app then and why are responding to the blogs then if it bothers you so much?

05/09/12 6:45 pm

I teach in year round and taught in a traditional school for years before. I love year round and so does my son. Go nine weeks and take a small break? Yeah it's nice. He still does camp and we get to go to places like Disney in sept. when everyone else is in school.

livefreeor New Hampshire
05/09/12 6:23 pm

Why do we feel the need to change and debate everything. This country is paralyzed by lack of decisiveness. We need to focus on real problems. Decentralize and let decision stay local to those that care about it.

lmurder MDK
05/09/12 6:16 pm

Summer is a part of growing up.
But Arizona schools lacked good education and test results in the late 90's early 2000's so now it's year round to keep the kids involved...lame.

05/09/12 6:08 pm

@justakid97: You have a point, but doesn't that make room for the new stuff?

JamesMadison La Palma
05/09/12 6:05 pm

If you give kids several months without learning they will forget things

05/09/12 5:59 pm

@racedogg: find a caretaker? how about downsize, tighten their belts, make an effort to live with one car... off one income, and encourage a model where there is a parent at home to raise their own children.