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Show Of Hands April 15th, 2012 12:00am

Do you think that voter fraud is common enough that it sometimes changes the outcome of state or national elections?

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Think Lovin Life
04/23/12 10:29 am

Spoiler ... if you really are trying to suggest that there are no illegals in places like Michigan and Minnesota, then you are blind.

04/21/12 6:21 pm

yes! here in calif democrat organizers practically drive "questionable" voters to polls, and all they have to do is give a name without ID. I'm sure something fishy is going on with that.

04/20/12 12:56 am

Look at Wisconsin. They're trying to recall their lame Republican governor (and I don't belong to any political party), and the main issue is fraudulent voter signatures.

But I think the losing party, or party in question, makes it out to be worse than it is. :)

Branson1 Texas
04/19/12 5:59 pm

"Disenfranchised voters" is the lamest excuse I have ever heard. I bet if they had to pick up a govt handout on the other side of the city, they would find a way.

spoiler Michigan
04/19/12 8:43 am

Jopat- Are u suggesting illegals are paddling across the golf? California, Arizona, new mexico, and Texas are the only "bordering states".

Branson1 Texas
04/19/12 7:10 am

@jopat - THANK YOU. unless you live here (like I have my whole life) you really don't know how bad the illegal immigrant problem is in Texas.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
04/18/12 10:28 pm

The sanctimonious mentality (we know we're right so the ends justify the means) of people on the left is a main ingredient to their inherent ability to lie, cheat & steal far easier than conservatives. This is why when SOH asked "is it ok to cheat if it's for a good cause?"overwhelming yes from libs

Think Lovin Life
04/18/12 8:56 pm

There is NO downside to requiring citizens to have an id. Even if there were no voter fraud, every citizen should feel the obligation to ensure the vote is fair.

NYevo NY
04/18/12 2:47 pm

I'd like to think that its common enough, but not at a great enough amount to change a national election. Its certainly possible though.

spoiler Michigan
04/18/12 8:24 am

Are we talking about California and Arizona?

04/18/12 6:39 am

spoiler it ay be saying they deal with one hell of a lot of illegal aliens, notice the proximity to the border?

04/18/12 3:44 am

Kippered Herrings in mustard.

04/17/12 8:28 pm

travN: Why you against the ID voter bills? you an illegal immigrant? I think that is a great bill nothing to be scared of if your doing to right thing

04/17/12 7:14 pm

I wonder if Reps really believe that voter fraud is that rampant or are they just looking to justify the voter ID bills passed in so many states (which the leaders know are mainly to disenfranchise poor and minority voters)?

scottstots Georgia
04/17/12 3:36 pm

I think it's a red herring to get the support to disenfranchise certain groups of people. It will get easier too when the SCOTUS overrules Article 5 of the voting rights act in a 5-4 vote.

04/17/12 2:21 pm

Fraud happens on both sides. As long as humans run the show, there always will be. All we can do is try to eliminate it when we can, and take steps to minimize its effect on our elections.

04/17/12 2:18 pm

Whoever said create a "secure" website to vote on does not know my nephew. There is no such thing in existence as security in a website. If there were, companies would do it and fire 90% of their it staff.

Happy2 California
04/17/12 1:39 pm

I think that Vote Counting fraud is more of an issue.

faraway New York
04/17/12 12:32 pm

I love how each party says that fraud happened when someone of the opposite party was elected.

04/17/12 8:51 am

I love all the liberals who try to argue that voter fraud decided the 2000 election. Why don't you go back and look at Chicago when Kennedy was elected so that you can see what voter fraud actually looks like

04/17/12 2:46 am

Florida really........

mixhead Oregon
04/17/12 2:44 am

If you don't think voter fraud is a major problem then you must be living in a hole this election. The GOP hasn't had a ligit vote count in half the states, that's why so many of them had to re-vote. Don't forget the handful of GOP chairmen stepping down from their positions out of shame!

04/17/12 1:16 am

It is evident that the southern states watch Fox news too much, given the coloration of the map :D

spoiler Michigan
04/16/12 11:56 pm

I'll say it again cause I think it's valid. Judging by the map on this poll, the only states that seem to really have the issue are the republican majority bible belt states. What does that say...

spoiler Michigan
04/16/12 11:53 pm

The punishments are harsh and the risks really aren't worth the insignificant votes that one could possibly forge. At the same time I would LOVE a serious investigation to ensue for the shear purpose of shutting u conspiracy theorists up

spoiler Michigan
04/16/12 11:48 pm, to have committed voter fraud.

spoiler Michigan
04/16/12 11:48 pm

"fraud-plagued acorn". Wow, if that isn't an exaggeration...
I like how u single out democrats too. Here's one for ya (even though the whole voter fraud thing is a total red herring) Republican Secretary of State Charlie White of Indiana and his entire organization have been PROVEN in a court of...

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
04/16/12 10:29 pm

Cont.- in mistrials last month. The two men also face separate voter fraud charges involving a plot by Democrats to win the radical Working Families Party primary back in 2009. The WFP is a front group for President Obama's dear old friends at fraud-plagued ACORN.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
04/16/12 10:28 pm

On Tuesday, a New York judge set new trial dates for Democratic officials and political operatives accused of another ballot fraud conspiracy. A first round of prosecutions against Democratic Elections Commissioner Edward McDonough and his co-defendant, former Councilman Michael LoPorto, ended-cont.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
04/16/12 10:24 pm

Without the phony signatures, there's a significant chance that Obama would not have qualified for the primary ballot -- throwing the validity of the entire election into question.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
04/16/12 10:19 pm

You are so right about the corrupt FL election. I remember during the last election a Democrat election leader in New Mexico was arrested for driving from precinct to precinct with tens of thousands of freshly fraudulent absentee ballots. He also had several voting machines in his possession

spoiler Michigan
04/16/12 9:16 pm

@branson- I can't tell if that post is sarcasm but I'll assume it is.

spoiler Michigan
04/16/12 9:15 pm

The national filter on this one says it all. There must be a lot of voter fraud going on in the bible belt. And here I thought they were just a bunch of crazies, this Explains everything

Branson1 Texas
04/16/12 9:15 pm

Cont...We would know who voted for what and why (full profile details). It would open people eyes. To take it to the next level, my friend and I came up with a sort of "credit score" for voters. That way we are held accountable for our actions. If we make bad decisions our vote is less powerful.

Branson1 Texas
04/16/12 9:11 pm

What if U.S. CITIZENS were required to apply for a voting ID when turning 18 (if they wanted to vote)? Of course legal proof would be required and fraud would carry SERIOUS penalties. Then we create a secure website where WE THE PEOPLE vote (like this app)! Also need a daily tv show for results!

04/16/12 8:12 pm

blackboxvoting and others have documented the fraud. Paperless voting machines have been compromised in tests and demonstrations. Voting is one activity that should produce a paper trail. One of the execs for a voting machine co. promised to deliver an election on record and others prosecuted.

04/16/12 8:07 pm

Would think Florida residents would vote otherwise...

04/16/12 7:37 pm

Yes! How do you think Frankin got his job?

cowboy Proud Father
04/16/12 6:22 pm

Of course. The Liberals here have perfected voter fraud.

Ace21 Fillmore, San Francisco
04/16/12 6:07 pm

Only butt hurt people who are mad that their favorite unelectable candidate lost the election think voter fraud is a problem. Take the tinfoil hats off people!!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/16/12 4:26 pm

PParty the highest rate of voter fraud I could find in the last 50 years is 0.0009%.

04/16/12 4:00 pm

Voter fraud, really? It constitutes something like .1%.

04/16/12 3:19 pm

Interesting map display on this question :P

bradbp Washington
04/16/12 2:30 pm

If Ron Paul wins a county they don't count the county

bradbp Washington
04/16/12 2:29 pm

Look at what's happened to Ron paul in Vermont and in other states

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/16/12 2:13 pm

adalla I mentioned Florida only as an example of how manual recounts and ballot inspections are triggered by close races, and despite the scrutiny, virtually no fraud is in covered, if any. That such a populous state still used paper punch ballots seemed anachronistic.