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kateXcore March 30th, 2013 12:25pm

Have you ever pulled a really good April Fools' Day prank? (Make sure to share!)

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kenimini The Dreamer
04/03/13 9:45 am

I put sugar and salt in my sisters milk. Her face looked priceless. ????

trai Iowa
04/03/13 5:14 am

When i was at my friends house we smashed eggs on his sisters heads

Ojjake HumanCyborg Relations
04/02/13 11:49 am

I used this trick knife on my back and put fake blood in my bed, and laid there until my mom came in and she freaked.

04/01/13 7:47 pm

Told my mom I was pregnant and made a fake pregnancy test and every thing
I was 17 lol

04/01/13 7:34 pm

I said I was pregnant and had already had the baby when I was babysitting a friends child. My family had a cow but it was worth it!

themeganalyse Indiana
04/01/13 7:16 pm

It wasn't me but my ex used to have a roommate... My ex (who always slept naked) was woken up to his roommate pounding and screaming at the door that the house was on fire and he ran out (naked) and fumbling to find his roommate curled up on floor laughing historically

themeganalyse Indiana
04/02/13 3:45 pm

@person779 it was two years ago but still makes me laugh

tguff7 Kentucky
03/31/13 10:50 pm

Unfortunately I've never been very successful at pranks but there was a group at my high school that was somewhat (in)famous for their tricks.
One year they got into the school really early and had somehow managed to get the keys to one of the teacher's classrooms.

tguff7 Kentucky
03/31/13 10:51 pm

One of the kids lived on a farm and had brought one of their ducks with him...needless to say that teacher was very confused when he found a lost duck in his room that morning! Apparently it had made a bit of a mess in there too...

03/31/13 10:14 pm

I filled a cup about 3/4 with water. Put it into the freezer. Took it out after it froze, and filled the rest with milk. Then I took a straw, and cut it to where it looks like it is touching the bottom of the cup. Sneakily get someone to drink it. Not painful or humiliating, but just disappointing.

03/31/13 4:15 pm

I take in a dozen hard boiled eggs leftover from Easter to work. Only I switch one with a dyed raw egg. Just leave them on the table and let the co workers enjoy.

04/01/13 1:39 am

My dad used to leave a couple eggs raw. The rule of the house was you could not have an egg unless you cracked it on top of your head. Very messy. Very humiliating. My dad thought this was hilarious. We learned to tell the difference by spinning the eggs on the table. Raw eggs don't spin well

patmar atlanta, ga
03/31/13 3:57 pm

Painted a male's toenails while he slept, but he was so oblivious he didn't even notice because he put his shoes on and left! What a ditz!

5ives Georgia
03/31/13 11:49 am

I disproved existence to my peers one April fools day.

03/31/13 8:36 am

Got my friends to "break" my girlfriend and my house and "steal" everything. Tv, computers, iPods, money, jewelry, etc. ransacked the house. A few tears and lots of cussing took place till my buddy got back with stuff. Then even more cussing took place. And some violent acts took place to my face.

04/01/13 1:43 am

Is she still with you? Your life would be in danger if you pulled that on me!!! Or at the very least - your family jewels would need an ice pack for a week or two.

03/31/13 8:14 am

Messed with my dad computer settings. Took him months to ind all I did :)

03/31/13 6:59 am

I wrap my friend car up with plastic wrap then egg it while he was on a date last year at movies

imfeenominal Texas
03/31/13 6:55 am

I made a plan with people from my mom's office! I hid her keys in the morning and made her go on a scavenger hunt to find them. She was afraid that she would be late by the time she found them, but when she got there, her co workers did the same thing with her office key! All my plan

pauldabb Tallahassee
03/31/13 6:36 am

I changed my Facebook birthday to April 1st and watched everyone wish me happy birthday.

kaybird007 earth
03/31/13 6:01 am

My dad was the CEO of a business so he was always getting important calls. My mom called him at work and told him that Mr. Lion had called to Speke to him rather urgently. (He didn't question the name!) so when we gave him the number to call... We gave him the Denver Zoo help desk number!

kaybird007 earth
03/31/13 6:01 am

He wasn't so
Happy that evening

03/31/13 5:35 am

The worst prank I've ever seen was when I was driving down the road with my crazy, badass uncle. He was behind the wheel, and the car behind us was being a jerk and tailgating us. Before this ever happened, he took a rubber baby doll (the ones you would fill with warm water and it would feel real)

03/31/13 5:38 am

and he filled it with strawberry jam, anticipating the perfect time he could pull off a prank. So he took said strawberry filled baby doll and proceeded to chuck it out the window right onto the windshield of the driver behind us. He freaked out, we got a ticket, but in the end, it was epic.

03/31/13 5:32 am

I took an old Windex bottle and emptied it out. I filled it up with blue Gatorade, and walked around my school squirting it in my mouth. The look on my teacher's face when I walked in with a Windex was funny. But when I proceeded to drink it, she freaked out. Totally worth it.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/31/13 7:35 am

Please tell me that you thoroughly cleaned it after you emptied it. Otherwise that could have still had some cleaning residue on it.

Shovel Arizona
03/31/13 1:27 am

Ya. I put a little pot on my friend's desk. He saw it and tried to give it to another kid before the teacher saw it. Then, the pot ended up falling on the floor and it was everywhere! The pot broke, the soil that was inside of it was all over the floor, and the teacher was so mad.

SunsetLeopard Still writing my story
03/31/13 5:03 am

Teachers never seem to think pranks are funny

fixitlater My Life
04/01/13 2:21 pm

I thought a different kind of "pot". We may had been schoolmates if so.

ManthaRay Swimming Extraordinaire
04/01/13 1:43 am

Great. It's that time of year again...

Time for me to go into hiding.

03/30/13 11:19 pm

I found an extremely tiny pair of shoes identical to my sister's favorite pair so I switched them out and she was very confused

mrscupcake in the cupcake shop
03/30/13 11:18 pm

When I was a kid my sister and I froze our brothers underwear! Luckily we were on vacation so they wore their swimsuits! :)

taximom Boise
03/30/13 11:11 pm

Filled my sons lunch box with ALL vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, beans. (His teacher had his real lunch!)

03/30/13 11:11 pm

Emptied a hole punch trap into the defroster vents of a friends car and turned the fan on high. When he started the car it looked like it snowed inside.

03/30/13 10:36 pm

When I was in the forth grade I had my teacher write a note that I got suspended for fighting with a kid over a pencil. I got my Mom real good with that one.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/31/13 1:01 am

That's funny my husband is a high school teacher. He had forms that they would send home if a child got in trouble. My closest friend had a very will behaved daughter. At the mothers request, I got the slip filled it out. When she got home her mom shows it to her and she darn near fainted.

nikki12345 over the rainbow
03/30/13 9:44 pm

Duck taped all the items on my teachers desk to the desk. She was mad but the watching her try to get the duck tape off was priceless.

lectrik Silly gas guzzling Prius
03/30/13 9:34 pm

Oh man I can feel it now. Tony is going to prank us all.

bstokosa Connecticut
03/30/13 9:31 pm

I'm getting some great ideas. :D Thanks!!!

gwnali Tennessee
03/30/13 9:24 pm

My hubby HATES it when the kids hold the door of the fridge open. One year we waited until he was driving up after work, and we opened the fridge door. We went to the living room, turned a movie on, and acted like we'd been there for an hour. He was so upset the fridge had been open so long!

03/30/13 8:57 pm

Fold the persons bed sheets in half and tuck the bottom end into the head of the bed underneath the quilt so that when the person climbs into bed they can only extend their legs half way down

03/30/13 8:54 pm

Put a rubber band around the sprayer on the kitchen sink and aim it towards where the person using the sink will be standing. When they turn on the water they will be sprayed instead

jamlady MN
03/30/13 11:11 pm

my daughter and I did this to the hubby. he was mad at first, then decided we got him pretty good and laughed.

cup0pizza .
03/30/13 8:39 pm

Saran wrap over toilet bowl so when mom went poop it got messy

cup0pizza .
03/30/13 8:36 pm

Pretended I had been in a gnarly accident and I spread dead animal parts in a house to scare peopel

lectrik Silly gas guzzling Prius
03/30/13 9:50 pm

That's just fucked up man

04/01/13 1:53 am

Serial Killer in training dude! You realize most of us don't tear animals up so we can spread the parts all over for a prank. Get counseling! Seriously, get counseling

parabellum ill shred that
03/30/13 8:30 pm

Unscrewed every single light bulb in my buddies house till they stayed in the socket but wouldn't turn on when you flipped the switch. He thought the power was out. When he realized what happen he had to twist all his light bulbs back in.

03/30/13 8:28 pm

My best friend and I convinced a mutual good friend that we were in a huge fight and absolutely hated each other's guts. It started as an April Fools Day prank, but it went on for days. Needless to say, we got him good :)

03/30/13 8:25 pm

Make a line of baby powder just under a family or friends shut door, then get a blow drier and blow all the baby powder into the victims room.

03/30/13 8:07 pm

FUNNY EASY PRANK: I got wax paper, then poured a bottle of nail polish on it (not all) then let it dry. I peeled off the nail polish then put it on my moms carpet!! It was hilarious!!

SunsetLeopard Still writing my story
03/30/13 8:04 pm

Well for the first time I have officially read every single comment on the question :)

03/30/13 8:00 pm

An old teacher of mine had her dad pull a great April Fool's prank on her. Its beauty was in its simplicity:

He convinced her that the Leaning Tower of Pisa had fallen and that it was all over the news.
(Also, this can totally happen, Google it)

cheeseontop FactsOverFeelings
03/30/13 7:49 pm

Cover raw egg in chocolate, give to brother. He eats, and proceeds to puke.

03/30/13 7:38 pm

Put up flyers around campus, town, etc. advertising free puppies with your friend's cell phone number

samthebass KC
03/30/13 7:38 pm

I put the nail polish you use to stop biting your nails around all the rims of the glasses in my parent's house. They had no clue why everything tasted so horrible!

03/30/13 7:27 pm

I convinced my intern that I was a family member calling about a bad drug side effect. I kept changing the story to make it more outlandish until he caught on. It was a gem.

pokemonaudio Washington
03/30/13 6:18 pm

Wrote my sister a love note from our creepy gross next door neighbor. She was horrified, I was delighted.