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Would you be willing to pay 50% more for a product made in America than an identical product made in China? (UserQ)

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cbbfle Nashville, TN
02/01/12 3:22 pm

People- the Q specified "the exact same product," so they have the same quality.

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
01/30/12 10:35 am

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BMinus California
01/29/12 5:46 pm

Not surprised I'm in the minority here...

01/28/12 8:05 pm

For the sake of saving the country through more jobs and more Americans making enough to do their part to pay down the deficit before the US goes insolvent from the logical outcome of Ross Perot's giant sucking sound - yes. It would cost consumers about ~35% more to buy US made.

01/28/12 1:29 pm

It will be better quality. Chinese stuff breaks (except my iPad). I still wish Apple assembled the iPads on an Indian Reservation in ND or a coal town on the skids in WV.

mlow106 Michigan
01/27/12 1:15 am

Screw you nafta and bill Clinton you ruined us

Xyrnus Federal Way WA
01/26/12 10:39 pm

For me, quality is more important than the country of origin.

MissAine Texas
01/24/12 1:49 pm

Sorry fellow Americans. There's no reason to pay you a premium wage to stand on an assembly line.

01/24/12 10:22 am

So you're saying the 9% of Americans that are out of work couldn't be capable of factory jobs? Why do you think we became industrialized in the first place?

01/23/12 8:17 pm

It's a global market get over it. America does not have the workforce to work in modern factories anymore. We should focus on the R&D and high tech jobs instead. All the supply chains are in Asia as well you can not compete with it.

01/23/12 3:34 pm

This is why America is broke. If we payed that much more it would just cycle. It cost would either lower or wages would rise. And Robots? How many jobs does that supply ?

PetePuma Oregon
01/23/12 2:14 am

Not for 50% more. Repost with lower, and lower numbers, and I'll bet the tide turns the other way.

tlaw Oregon
01/22/12 11:54 pm

I'd love American made everything, but for 50% more? Right..

01/22/12 9:50 pm

And this is partly why we are where we are economically. American made and cruelty free all the way

01/22/12 9:43 pm

@shrunk to produce things as cheaply as them we don't need slave laborers in sweat shops, we just need more highly automated factories... More robotics, as robots can work for free. Then just pay American workers not to work the way we already pay American farmers not to farm. Easypeezyjapaneezee.

Nerdz Texas
01/22/12 9:17 pm

no because I'm too cheap and I don't really care if it comes from china or here as long as I have it and it works

01/22/12 3:49 pm

The products might start as more expensive but after a few years our economy would be better then the prices would lower and the products would be much better built. Personally I think it's worth it!

01/22/12 3:29 pm

Chinese made products might be cheaper, but they are poorer quality and break easier. American made all the way!

MadJefrson West Virginia
01/22/12 12:37 pm

This just proves America's greed. Fools would rather support China than the US. FUCK THE IDIOTS!

01/22/12 11:06 am

@chipmonk We already know what makes products produced in China cheap- slave labor and complete disregard for the environment. I'd rather keep the progress we've made here than pay less for items made in the USA

Ninjaplease Nevada
01/22/12 9:49 am

And this is why we're broke. If u can go to a place like china and get something for .33 cents but it's slave labor vs buying something made in America for .99 why not buy it right. Well now chinas booming and were a mess. Maybe we should rethink our priorities and buy USA where our people are

01/22/12 12:02 am

its sick that we support that communist nation and its military. people have no ethics when it comes to consumerism.

01/22/12 12:00 am

yeah you might have to see one less movie, or stop upgrading your electronics every year. but everyone can afford ti buy American made products.

01/21/12 11:58 pm

it is almost impossiboe to find anything made in america at most stores. i think Unuons had their place but long shoremen and uaw make way too much for what they do. buy american is the only way to truly save our economy.

01/21/12 11:39 pm

@chipmonk They make cheap objects because they have underpaid workers in sweatshops.

SasiSan North Carolina
01/21/12 10:02 pm

bad question - the issue is way more complex and the reality is the products are rarely identical.

01/21/12 9:11 pm

@NYevo: It would be waaaay easier for us to repeal those protections for our workers than it would be to get everyone raise to our standards. So, what should be done to make it fair?

01/21/12 8:49 pm

And I'm proud to be an American /
but one day I'll be Chinese /
and I might forget the men that died / just to get my boxers cheap /
and I gladly stand up /
next to you at Walmart in line today /
In the meantime, I'm supposed to say /
God Bless the USA!

one80 California
01/21/12 8:48 pm

Not all the time and not for all products, maybe just for 50 percent of them.

01/21/12 8:30 pm

Absolutely NOT. We should figure out ways to produce things as cheaply here so we never have to contemplate questions like this one.

NYevo NY
01/21/12 6:54 pm

Its an unfair competition. Our employees have laws that protect them from things that competing countries dont match. We have weekends off, Child protection laws, benefits, health standards. So whats the answer? Be less like us and more like them? Regress?

01/21/12 5:46 pm

The only way out of this recession is to stop being a nation of consumers & return to a nation of producers.

01/21/12 3:03 pm

Yes, if the cheaper version is not available. No, if they are side by side.

01/21/12 2:23 pm

wish I could afford to :/

redman15 Washington
01/21/12 2:21 pm

Seriously people! America is in a rut and you wouldn't pay extra to help everyone out? You are the ones who need to be blamed not the government.

01/21/12 2:15 pm

Of course. We have no debt, and five kids college funds and I'm 36. Moneys not an object and all it would do is help the American economy

godcyanide Probably gone for good
01/21/12 1:40 pm

And here is what is wrong with this country. It costs too much to support our country, so let's support some other country instead. MADE IN THE USA AND PROUD TO SUPPORT AMERICA AND AMERICANS!!! (Of course, we need to bring manufacturing back first...)

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
01/21/12 1:32 pm

Gunneysgt I actually have a staber washing machine. Have had it 5 years and it still runs great. We paid 1199 for it, but our previous machine we paid 599 for and it lasted 2 years. So I think it was worth it.

01/21/12 11:47 am

Wtf is American anymore? Everything seems like its being outsourced

NYevo NY
01/21/12 10:37 am

Who are any of you to tell a group of people that they cant quit their jobs at the same time, hoping that the company will negotiate and bring them back? Thats really what a strike is. You want a law that says a group cant quit? You say you like freedom? There's a cost to it. Get over it

IMO atoms, space, opinion
01/21/12 9:35 am

Quinn- OSHA sets standards, they don't make any guarantees of the working conditions set by your employer. My union fights on my behalf so that I make make a living wage while protecting the benefits every working American should have a right to.

01/21/12 8:38 am

I think for me it would depend in the quality.....

Quinnipiac Here
01/21/12 8:32 am

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GunnyGunz Virginia
01/21/12 7:37 am

@old lady, thank you for the link. Here's an example of why American made products are not competitive. Washing machines: cheapest USA made $1300. Cheapest dryer USA made $800 (Staber industries, from the link you posted). Who can seriously afford that, but the rich or upper middle class? Not me.

01/21/12 7:29 am

My husband & I both try very hard to only buy products made in America. Obviously, we can't buy everything we need here, but we do what we can!