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Show Of Hands November 19th, 2011 12:00am

Would you rather own a professional sports team or a cable TV network? (e.g. Chicago Bulls or TLC)

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11/28/11 10:21 pm

funny that only WI thinks the Packers will be undefeated. they are a religion up here in WI.

11/27/11 9:51 pm

I would have a network that would buy out a sports team.... winning!!!

11/27/11 9:51 pm

I would have a network that would buy out a sports team.... winning!!!

11/26/11 8:23 pm

I'd have my own news channel. AFN. Anti-Fox Noise.

11/26/11 8:23 pm

I'd have my own news channel. AFN. Anti-Fox Noise.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/24/11 11:34 am

Old lady. Love your post kept on seeing references.  a food net work. Have a sinful food show, healthy food, low carb. Kids can cook. Small appliances. Cooking for one or two.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/24/11 11:20 am

TV!!!!! My husband got his masters at Oregon State University. Just about Everything is Black & Orange. . Were going to have a grand son. I suggested a black & orange shower. Our son is as bad as he. They'd drive us nuts if I owed a team. Along with a few other sports nuts in the family.

11/22/11 8:15 am

How awesome would it be to be in charge of having less reality T.V. Or putting history back on the history channel.

11/22/11 2:45 am

A team so one day I may have the honor of winning a championship!!!

11/21/11 2:04 pm

I'd have a cable metwa

11/20/11 1:31 pm

both are unpredictable I'd probably own a sports network

11/20/11 11:13 am

And go to every single Yankee game?! Hell yeah!

11/20/11 4:05 am

Let me own Food Network and the Travel Channel.

11/19/11 9:15 pm

Google worst Presidents of the United States and get educated to some real doozies who would never sniff a modern day nomination.

11/19/11 9:06 pm

And stating Obama is the worst ever is silly. Name five things he's don't to be the WORST ever. What did he do worse than Hoover, Nixon, Carter, W Bush, or Taft?

11/19/11 9:04 pm

ODSVET. Fox has something like 22 of the top 25 news shows on TV so I'm confused as to why you feel Liberals would want to own a main stream media outlet like Fox. Doesn't make sense.

11/19/11 8:01 pm

I'll take a sports team any day. Less drama to deal with and more concrete measurement of results

11/19/11 5:24 pm

Democrats what to influence peoples opinion with another Lame Stream media network to spread how great Obomination is and to make excuses for being the worse president(And Joke) this nation has ever seen

11/19/11 12:31 pm

your team could suck......

leftocentr Oregon
11/19/11 12:14 pm

Don't even own a TV. Owning a baseball or English premier soccer team would be awesome.

eradicator JC
11/19/11 11:40 am

And Id have a show called " the ambulatory deceased" and I'd do it right. I'd also have a show called "the Wiah" - set in Boston, totally different.

11/19/11 11:36 am

u people realize there was a giant writers strike like 5 years ago right?

eradicator JC
11/19/11 11:35 am

I'd bring back firefly, arrested development, and party down.

11/19/11 10:54 am

if you're a womyn/demorat and you want a sports team, you're obviously exceptions. take a gander at the pie charts whenever you feel like doing so. l

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
11/19/11 10:43 am

Denver looks like we are the minority. Sports owners are in the public too much also, get a lot of media attention. I can handle being wealthy, I just don't want anyone to know it.

valeriejo ramble on
11/19/11 10:41 am

I'm a woman and a democrat and I would want to own a baseball team

11/19/11 10:12 am

@brrrrrrrr - your hypothesis is wrong; I'm a woman and a Democrat and want to own an NFL team.

11/19/11 9:59 am

demorats want the network because they want to influence what everyone else believes. all this is subconscious, of course. the average demorat won't understand why it wants a network. The women want a network because they're all Oprah groupies. Solved!

11/19/11 8:20 am

would love to own the St Louis Cardinals!

11/19/11 8:19 am

I'm 100% with Oldlady.

11/19/11 7:52 am

bulls are a bad example since as of right now all they do is NOTHING

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/19/11 6:38 am

Network. Although if instead of a Pro team I had a Pro Triathlon Training club, that'd be better!


11/19/11 3:31 am

Jg5. Are you Republican and a free market fan or are you a "socialist-minded" democrat?

11/19/11 3:04 am

Don't like sports but think I would make more money there.

11/19/11 2:23 am

network! sports r not my thing but being able have ppl see. y work on tv? awesome!

11/19/11 1:56 am

TV Network of course! Bigger audience.

Jzz California
11/19/11 1:46 am

flip baseball about a decade ago.

Jzz California
11/19/11 1:45 am

how about owning a sports network like NESN. of course they also own the red sox.

Jzz California
11/19/11 1:43 am

boy that is embarrassing typo. I hate the Yankees. color me red. pun intended.

Jzz California
11/19/11 1:42 am

luTang I hate the red sox because I was born in new Hampshire and lived there thru my mid 20's. I was raised to HATE the Yankees the red sox eventually followed suite and bout their world series as well. but then in sept of this yr. they just crapped out

flip Michigan
11/19/11 1:22 am

Interesting spilt between Reps. and Dems. Personally I would own a tv channel. No liability of being locked out by whining employees. #NBA #NFL #NHL

StNik North Carolina
11/19/11 12:58 am

Seriously if could own one, why not a sports team!?!? Screw TV.