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RayX quit
03/30/13 5:19 am

Way: thanks for for following me. I was feeling " unobsessed"

No cable here either but if there were I'd watch Fox.

Liberals would improve their perspective if they would open their minds and at least listen to the conservatives.

RayX quit
03/29/13 9:48 pm

Perhaps I'll be popular one day also. Thanks for following me.

I lean right and don't care much for any of the networks. Fox gets a bad wrap from liberals. Many of their shows aren't intended to be news. They are just entertainment. The slogan is good marketing.

susanr Colorado
03/29/13 11:23 pm

I wish he'd used a different word than "popular" in that listing. I'd suggest "obsessed." I imagine the follower thing will sort itself out after a while.

susanr Colorado
03/29/13 7:08 pm

Really? Just me? Go get some more followers, dude!

I don't watch Fox as a rule, but whenever I get glimpses of it, I have thought that it is about the sorriest excuse for journalism I've ever seen, and blatantly biased. (How's that?)

03/30/13 1:04 am

FOX is at the top of the ratings every week. Perhaps you should watch more to get a better idea of what they're about.

susanr Colorado
03/30/13 1:15 am

Oh good; I'm glad Ray has another follower.

Probably not going to convince me to watch Fox. I don't care what ratings they have (and what ratings do you mean; that is, who is rating?); whenever I've tried to watch it's made me almost physically ill. Anyway aren't they on cable? I get...

susanr Colorado
03/30/13 1:16 am

..the broadcast Fox station but that's all - no cable here.

RayX quit
03/29/13 6:10 pm

So far the discussion isn't very interesting.

RayX quit
03/29/13 5:44 pm

I have one follower.
Does that make this a conversation just between us?