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12/07/11 5:13 pm

anyone notice that even Alaska and Hawaii follow the pattern?

12/07/11 5:12 pm

the south only has 1 story homes because in e civil war we taught them they are easier to escape when they at being burned down by the north!

12/04/11 6:33 pm

Like how the north is about all yes and the south is about all no's

12/03/11 3:21 pm

the map looks like stairs hahah

DrKelly Wisconsin
12/02/11 8:51 pm

I have steps in my pool. does that count?

12/01/11 9:16 pm

@moosey: I still don't get reason B because Kansas and Nebraska are very open and have a lot of space yet they mostly have 2 story homes

12/01/11 5:35 pm

Hey south, ever heard of a/c? That takes care of the "heat rise" excuse!

12/01/11 5:33 pm

@moosey,move, just not north!

moosey Texas
12/01/11 2:05 pm

My dad has a second story and it is miserable upstairs in the summer, even with the extra insulation and expensive a/c system he has. I live in a tiny one story house by a lake, so thankfully I stay a bit cooler. Not by much, though, because I live a bit further south than he does.

moosey Texas
12/01/11 2:03 pm

My guess is there are fewer people claiming to have stairs in the south because of A) the heat down here, and heat rises, and B) often times we have mire space and land to build outward rather than upward, unlike many places in the north east.

moosey Texas
12/01/11 2:01 pm

@silk14 I live in TX and while I hate the extreme republicans and the redneck morons and the stereotypical egos they have around here, that doesn't mean we're all like that. Your uninformed trash talking towards TX and the south is annoying, offensive, and sad. Please think before you comment.

11/30/11 9:53 pm

@kris, because everything's bigger in Texas right? Including egos! Lol

11/30/11 12:12 pm

These answers make the map look so weird.

11/30/11 9:08 am

@silk14 Haha Or we're smart enough to build bigger one story houses so we don't have to walk up and down the stairs all the time

11/30/11 7:20 am

yup I fall all the time because I run down them

11/30/11 7:10 am

The south is not smart enough to build or use stairs!!!

11/30/11 6:17 am

Fall down them everyday:)..jkjk

11/30/11 1:49 am

Stairs are not an indication of wealth. Now, if you asked about elevators in homes, that might be a good wealth indicator...

11/30/11 1:46 am

Stairs are also less common as you go south because of lower altitude, meaning our lovely basements here in the North would be nice pools down South. Stairs don't always go up from ground level.

11/29/11 11:40 pm

if I had stairs I'd probably end head first at the bottom of them eventually

11/29/11 11:11 pm

and @69er,

11/29/11 11:10 pm

@mental4life BURRRRRRNNNNNNNED!!!!!!

11/29/11 10:34 pm

@metal4life: you're obviously ignorant because you're implying that people from the south are poor. That is only Alabama, and it gets hot here and if you didn't know, hot air rises, and it would be incredibly hot upstairs, so fuck you.

11/29/11 10:00 pm

No stairs are nice for the old farts!

11/29/11 6:37 pm

interesting geographic results...

11/29/11 5:33 pm

@caspey - also very true, what part of the state are u in?

11/29/11 12:57 am

I live in what USED to be a really nice, 2BR, 2000sq ft apt, on top of a business. There's only my apt & empty studio next door. Since my ceiling caved in almost 3yrs ago-I have MAYBE 500sq ft now. Local EMS HATES my steep stairs! I usually go up & down on my bottom when I absolutely HAVE to leave.

11/29/11 12:50 am

Jopat was correct. I had 2 homes built in the South-one in North Fl, other in Northern Alabama. Both times I asked about a basement & contractor looked at me as if I was nuts. BOTH places it was the water table/aquifer being too close to the surface. AND cheaper land than up North.

11/28/11 10:34 pm

When I lived in Oklahoma, we didn't do multiple stories because of winds/tornadoes. Here in NM, we do a lot of historical adobe because the tourists think it's cute, and adobe doesn't do well with a lot of stories. Too heavy.

11/28/11 10:12 pm

The houses in the south are just bigger one stories. Their more open cause it's hot. Hot air rises so a second floor would be very hot

11/28/11 9:41 pm

I love how people assume south = poor, therefore no stairs = shacks. Ignorant much?

11/28/11 8:55 pm

the house I live in now is a three story city like home even though it isn't in the city so we have a couple stairs

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
11/28/11 8:52 pm

When I lived in Washington, it was 1 story. Oklahoma, 1 story. Florida, 1 story. Louisiana, 1 story. Missouri, 2 stories. Arkansas, 2 stories.

11/28/11 8:49 pm

Wow! The map looks like stairs!!

11/28/11 6:37 pm

one of my friends in the south told me there is a very high water table under ground so they dont build many homes wit basements. i just think its a matter of preference.....

HolyBabble Mississippi
11/28/11 2:14 pm

If Southern states had stairs they would try to climb out if poverty.

Caspey Pennsylvania
11/28/11 1:52 pm

also tim, snow in the north requires a slanted roof to keep from collapsing

11/28/11 1:46 pm

The thing is, it can't be that the South has more space being the main reason because Nebraska and Kansas are very open yet most people there have 2 story homes

Hope Minneapolis
11/28/11 10:50 am

We have a rambler w/ a sunken kitchen & 3 stairs. I broke my leg (pretty traumatically) last year & some days those 3 stairs (& the 4 stairs leading up to our door & the 1 tiny step up into our house) may just as well have been a mountain. It's called going up the stairs backwards on your butt

jakersw22 Michigan
11/28/11 10:00 am

we have a main staircase, two slave staircases, one to the attic and one to the basement.

11/28/11 7:13 am

I have a ranch house, but I have stairs into my basement and pull-down stairs into my attic.