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jkmallia Whatsup
04/03/13 5:52 pm

Boston is my absolute favorite city, it's beautiful

lv545 Lubbock
03/30/13 6:29 pm

I went to NYC over Thanksgiving a few years ago. I absolutely loved it and wish I could live there for a few years.

03/30/13 6:03 pm

New York City. I'm in love with that place man. I hope I can go there again soon.

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
03/30/13 3:24 pm

Boston!!! It's more quant! I was just there last summer

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
03/29/13 5:57 pm

I live in NYC and would like a change of pace in Boston for a while

03/29/13 5:24 pm

Boston seems less tourist filled to me. NYC has too many tourists for me!