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Show Of Hands September 24th, 2012 12:00am

If cast in a movie, would you play a better hero or villain?

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09/30/12 6:30 pm

I couldn't act like a villain without bursting out laughing.

38041 Georgia
09/28/12 5:26 pm

Absolutely. One of my favorite films ever. Kevin spacey is the man.

bcolletti Pennsylvania
09/27/12 9:15 pm

I'd be the well-meaning villian like Magneto or Walter White. Wants to live peacefully but uses flawed logic to get there with a dash of power lust.

09/27/12 8:12 pm

Haha Colorado would say villain...

(this is a reference to the dark night premier shooting and I didn't mean to offend anyone)

09/27/12 4:01 pm

I have abs..I don't need this.

swa North Carolina
09/26/12 8:20 pm

Take the rose-tinted glasses off, people.

09/26/12 8:08 pm

i would be the hereos best friend that betrays him then gets killed by him in revenge

09/26/12 8:05 pm


taboo Louisiana
09/26/12 7:02 pm

id be the villain in a comedy... is that a thing?

09/26/12 8:08 am

Would be good as the Heros girlfriend... :)

09/26/12 6:54 am

Professor Xaviar, Kratos, Max Payne, Agent 47, and John McClain to name a few. All bald. Though most of them are more anti-heroes than heroes.

captain12345 Tennessee
09/26/12 6:18 am

Yes u can professor x is bald and he's a hero

09/26/12 5:52 am

I'm bald, so I can't be a hero. :(

captain12345 Tennessee
09/26/12 2:39 am

I would be the hero I know the hero has its ups and downs but they always win so its all good

09/25/12 11:18 pm

Villains are simpler - and I'm a sweet and quiet person in real life so it'd be fun to spend time being uncomplicatedly evil!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/25/12 9:04 pm

I like to think I would make a great hero in a movie, but I think I'd more likely be casted as a villain due to my excellent maniacal laugh.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/25/12 8:41 pm

Yes, a happy coincidence, made happier by thoughts of Ursa.

Malekithe This does not compute
09/25/12 7:58 pm

You are named after a villain

09/25/12 7:47 pm

I'm a teacher. Take a guess.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/25/12 6:46 pm

@ Robbinthe hood come on out and cruse the 101. Great views.

09/25/12 6:18 pm

Well I can't really do an evil laugh.....

09/25/12 5:56 pm

Villain. I have the whole evil laugh thing down.

form Winter Springs, FL
09/25/12 5:35 pm

I would be the guy who was squashed inadvertently when the villain and hero fight.

09/25/12 5:14 pm

Villain, I already have the evil beard going.

09/25/12 5:13 pm

I would just annoy people, so villain, I mean, do you want your hero to tackle
Everybody? I think not

09/25/12 3:17 pm

Villain. A hero has to stay in shape.

09/25/12 2:45 pm

It's so much more fun to be evil.

Br@ndon Your Soul
09/25/12 1:49 pm

I rather be a villain with a bad childhood.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
09/25/12 1:30 pm

stjohnac: AMEN on Kaiser Soze! Such a great flick...

gonzoboy Northern AZ
09/25/12 1:25 pm

I say "Hero", but only in a 'Hancockian' sense...

jobosno Charlotte, NC
09/25/12 12:55 pm

NONfiction: I consider myself a socialist, and I still think you're a massive asshole.

charles02 Charleston,SC
09/25/12 12:50 pm

Lololol love te new feature that if u ignore sombody they still show up as commenting but it just says u ignored them

ladyniner81 I hate people
09/25/12 11:49 am

villain..I want to be the female version of Lord Voldemort..he was badass...

NONfiction Wisconsin
09/25/12 11:14 am

I find it funny that tests show conservatives are very likely to be close minded and not open to new ideas


Republicans you need to realize you have walls around your head and you are wearing blinders!!!!

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
09/25/12 10:23 am

Hero. But not like superhero. So I guess more protagonist than hero.

09/25/12 10:19 am

So I could get all the girls

09/25/12 9:08 am

Playing hero is not natural for any human. It takes practice and training.
Playing the villain comes natural and fun.

38041 Georgia
09/25/12 8:50 am

@jabes Kaiser Soze is one of the coolest villains in film. Awesome movie

@NONfiction Shut up.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/25/12 8:34 am

Hero, by accident, like Winger or Ziskey.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
09/25/12 7:14 am

@carlispj my hair is short, but no signs of balding yet, and hopefully not for a long time.