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Do you approve of President Obama's job performance? (June 2011)

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Think Lovin Life
07/01/11 12:09 am

LuTang, the Dems only know how to blame others ... they had four years where they owned Congress, but couldn't even pass a budget. Shameful. deems, move over and let leaders have a go of it.

Think Lovin Life
07/01/11 12:07 am

LuTang, this man who was sold as an intellectual has shown that book learning doesn't translate. It's no sign of leadership when you rely on Princess Pelosi to write any law!

Think Lovin Life
07/01/11 12:04 am

LuTang - open your eyes Obama can't even remember the ages of his daughters. The only thing he's on track to win is the title from Jimmy Carter of worst president in modern times!

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/30/11 2:56 pm

And the cuts from Obama? Where? What's cuts? Repubs dont aim to do away with Medicare or Medicaid; they aim to reform it. Where's Obama's reform idea for it? Where's the liberal cut package? I haven't seen or heard of it.

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/30/11 2:54 pm

Lutang, I already said I don't agree with Bush's policies. But I don't agree with Obama's either! How's adding to the deficit helping?

06/30/11 10:33 am

What job is BO doing? He plays golf and goes to fundraisers to read a TelePrompTer.

mcdkm Houston
06/29/11 10:36 pm

The only job performance of Obama's that I can approve of is that he is going to bury the dems for 20 years just like Carter did.

mcdkm Houston
06/29/11 10:29 pm

@LuTang Obama has added more debt than all 3 of those put together in only 3 years.

06/29/11 9:58 pm

Reagan triple the national debt.
George W. Bush doubled the national debt.
George HW Bush raised taxes.

These are your "conservatives?"

06/29/11 9:54 pm

Google "Koch Meetings."
Google "Debt ceiling George Bush"
Google "Bachmann misspeaks"

Get your learn on.

06/29/11 9:54 pm

His approval is going down I seems he will not be the president after the2012 election I think that is a good thing

06/29/11 9:53 pm

Obama already agreed to cuts in spending. They are waiting on the GOP to stop playing games and remove the tax loopholes on the oil companies and corporate jets but they won't budge. The GOP would rather do away with MediCare than corporate loop holes. And you think theyre really looking out for you

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/29/11 8:57 pm

Why won't Obama agree to more cuts in spending? Why won't they step up to do that? Surely they realize you can't keep printing money and spending in this much debt. We should just agree to let them spend and spend? I don't think so.

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/29/11 8:55 pm

Fact is, dems majorly controlled ALL! Senate, House, and White House. And for two years they didn't pass a budget. Who's not doing their job now?

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/29/11 8:54 pm

Plank, it's been almost 800 days! Republicans couldn't stop a budget passed by the dems before the last midterm elections. Where's the dem proposal? Wheres their budget proposal?

06/29/11 7:38 pm

@Burnsey the budget didn't pass because the few republicans that were there were to stubborn to do anything about helping. They just wanted to beat the democrats. We're in the same boat here. People forget that too often.

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/29/11 6:07 pm

Landshark, explain how California, the most liberal stare in the union, could possibly blame their fiscal doom on republicans. Cali is like the most left state ever! And look at your debt! You're an entitlement state that can't afford your luxury anymore!

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/29/11 6:05 pm

Landshark, explain the dems controlling everything for Obama's first two years...NO BUDGET passed!

06/29/11 3:41 pm

If republicans can't fiscally take care of this country, explain 1980 - 1988. Then explain Jimmy Carter, pretty much the former version Obama, who was derailing our nation just as the current leader is. Obama is using the Carter playbook for complete and utter destruction of the U.S.

Overmind Texas
06/29/11 2:50 pm

@myrights. The "no's" are not being determined by racial bias. I am so sick and tired of people declaring racism simply because someone disagrees with them.

06/29/11 2:44 pm

I wonder how many of you know that those living in southern AZ are surrounded by drug cartels and even being murdered! And our "president" sits on his throne and refuses to help! I have no problem with mexicans or immigrants, but when there are 6000 crossing the border illegally every night, bad

06/29/11 2:40 pm

And furthermore, I know that the money being stolen from hard workers like my father is going to slobs who do nothing to earn the money. I am being raised into a period of utter weakness for this country. And even furthermore, our President sits on his throne and let's the southwest get destroyed

06/29/11 2:36 pm

I also sit here and watch as my beloved state is overrun by illegal immigrants who leach from our economy by sending to Mexico the money they get from us. And I also see heartbreaking sights such as my father's private business, which helps save the lives of our soldiers, gradually slip away by tax

06/29/11 2:32 pm

Honestly, I'm only a teenager and I'm already troubled about facts such as that upon becoming a US citizen, I will have to pay $135,000 just to make up for the debt Obama is drowning us in, and that there are multiple news networks that deceive Americans into not noticing what Obama is really doing

06/29/11 1:21 pm

I wonder how many of the no's have a amount of racially motivated decision making?

06/29/11 1:11 pm

Landshark said it perfectly. We are where we are in this country because of the GOP's actions. Not saying deems are innocent but look at history and where we were at fiscally at the end of GOP's terms in office and the deems. Give them the keys and wait for the crash.

06/29/11 12:13 pm

OMG I hit the wrong button!!! I meant no!!!

06/29/11 10:41 am

California's existing problem is republican. 4 votes hold up the budget process, which when they let california lapse (again); it further drives down the states credit and costs much more than any "savings". Reps have done more damage in their lack of action then the Dems in their actions. Sad.

06/29/11 10:38 am

Obama has done well considering the irresponsible behavior by republicans. You can lead a horse to water.... Sadly we are seeing the end of a party, the birth of a much worse one and the void where educated (as in much more than a vp candidate) ex-rep are forced to have to look at dems as only. :(

eradicator JC
06/29/11 12:50 am

Uggghhh. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why?

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/28/11 11:03 pm

The repubs!? Dems controlled everything and haven't made a budget in like 700+ days!

Adonis New York
06/28/11 9:05 pm

The Republicans have been absolutely worthless. Shame on them!

06/28/11 9:03 pm

It seems like he is planning too much but then doing only a little.

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/28/11 10:02 am

Freehemp, I already states I didn't like Bush's fiscal policy. But people complain bush was the sole accomplice in it. That's not true. Also, the reps now are trying to to force Obama to the table to talk. Instead of making a real budget plan, they golf.

NYevo NY
06/28/11 7:58 am

Yes. Approve. Needs to keep trying and needs to succeed at improving the economy for the masses

nonlibinVT Vermont
06/28/11 7:32 am

With this admin in the White House & the bunch in the Senate, nothing getting done is GREAT. I wish nothing had gotten done when Obamacare came down the pike...

FreeHempMn Minnesota
06/28/11 7:14 am

@burnsey89 yeah Demacants controlled congress but they worked with GW to get bills passed, the Replicants will not even do that, the keeps saying the same thing and nothing gets done, it is time for a third party to end the bullshit by GOPers and DFLers!

06/28/11 1:50 am

It's time for a change! To bad he didn't tell us what type of change :(

06/27/11 11:48 pm

My teacher said she voted for Obama only bc he was black ( I'm not racist so don't hate on me) and my friends did to so is he really fit for office?

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/27/11 10:56 pm

Obama and this admin is doing so much for the economy? Where's their budget plan? Where's Obama's budget plan? Why won't they cut more spending? What good are they doing?

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/27/11 10:56 pm

All these entitlement programs don't work. It's time to cut down to the nitty gritty. Keep what we NEED; evaluate and adjust the rest.

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/27/11 10:55 pm

Not to mention all these people talking about bush. Yeah he made some bad decisions fiscally, but guess who controlled congress his last two years. Dems!

06/27/11 10:27 pm

Don't forget about Illinois, hugely democratic, broke as a joke. High crime rate and corrupt politics. Who was Illinois senator??? Anyone know. Take a guess.

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/27/11 10:02 pm

Houstonlib, didn't you know that Texas, a massively conservative state, had a surplus of money? Hmm...I guess that conservative fiscal policy worked out well for you didn't it.

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/27/11 10:01 pm

Yeah the lower and middle states are dumb. We should be more like California and the other liberals. Oh wait, isn't California the brokers state ever???