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02/28/12 7:41 pm

U only work 55 a week I'm a dairy farmer so I work a lot more than any of you

moonshot More often I know nothing
02/19/12 6:40 pm

I have the best job ever. VP of a large bank. I work from home, get to travel all over the country visiting accounts, my boss is 2,000 miles away, and I get paid 250k per year.

applestar Florida
02/19/12 3:15 pm

I work 3. elementary teacher, online professor, and travel agent. I still don't break 50 :(

redsox95 New England
02/19/12 2:57 pm

@fairness, 55 hours a week is nothing compared to most hard working Americans, who work 80+

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
02/19/12 2:40 pm

My one job works like 2. I work 55 a week.

02/19/12 12:53 pm

I technically have 5 jobs right now...full time at a bank, substitute teacher, clean houses, ride a pedicab, and wait tables. I only wait tables once in a while though when they are shorthanded. My husband has 4 right now. I know it's all crazy but we are trying to eliminate debt.

waaazzaap Arizona
02/19/12 11:29 am

Discouraged worker who is not part of the laborforce

02/19/12 10:24 am

I can't work a lot cause I'm only 15, but I do have a job.

Rosebud Ohio
02/19/12 8:19 am

Paying, no. But I do work part time now and stay at home with my daughter the rest of the time. Paid work is the break, let me tell you!

02/19/12 7:51 am

They pretend to pay me. I pretend to work.

02/19/12 7:51 am

They pretend to pay me. I pretend to work.

02/19/12 7:47 am

My schedule was job #1 9-5 mon-fri #2 fri and sat 11pm-7am # 3 sat and sun 9am-4pm. I was 21-23 this was a poor choice I had no life and it really was not worth it.

squib Northern New England
02/19/12 6:48 am

I always had two jobs until I became a stay at home mom, but now they are in Middle School and High School I have two jobs again, but being there for them is my first priority and that is why I ended up getting jobs that understand that.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/19/12 5:11 am

@Gunfighter I just went to a GA airport yesterday for a flight lesson and got to talk to the fuel truck man too!

@EPIC Ah, just stick with your friends, parents, or other trusted adult and brave it out. Nothing to be afraid of (assuming you aren't just trying to get comments).


02/19/12 4:01 am

I did not know that... Thanks for the info.

02/19/12 3:14 am

@landoffree, yes there is a limit. For commercial drivers (truck, bus etc) we are limited to 70 hours in an 8 day period, there is a rule that allows that to be stretched out to 82 in 7 days. also not covered by the fair labor standards act, meaning not required to be paid overtime.

02/18/12 11:52 pm

Lol @Gunny!! I had friends who were brought up on, then took over their parents "farms". (actually "plantations"). Several lost their land though after threats from the State,+ being demonized in town-Developers WANTED the land. What $$ wants, $$ usually gets. They were devastated. :(

02/18/12 11:46 pm

For most of my life, yes. Unfortunately, I can't even work a part-time job anymore. ALTHOUGH, I DO do a little freelance research & writing when asked. Unfortunately though, after I report a check of say $60, they take away about $90 in my disability, etc. <sigh>

02/18/12 11:41 pm

I'm a college kid also soon to be military and I currently work one job but looking for a second before I leave to pay my bills. I worked two or three jobs at a time at least 5 times in my life and had about 40 jobs since the age of 16.

02/18/12 11:26 pm

There's a legal limit on how many hours you can work???

02/18/12 11:15 pm

75 hours per week at one job is enough, and also the legal limit.

02/18/12 11:00 pm

Like there's that many open jobs

DrKelly Wisconsin
02/18/12 10:49 pm

yes, I practice in my field, and teach for several universities outside of that.

02/18/12 10:21 pm

I work part time at a small general aviation airport, and I also work part time at a grocery store as a produce clerk. It totals about 40 hours a week, so it's all good.

02/18/12 9:38 pm

THERE WAS AN AMBER ALERT IN CLEVELAND TODAY!!!! Im a kid and I'm scared!!! :-(-==

02/18/12 9:28 pm

retired, drive patients to PT 2 days e week to get me out of the house, also babysit 5 mo. old grand daughter 2 days a week. life is good.

dreamitliveit IDLH
02/18/12 9:20 pm

Full-time job: director of an afterschool program. Part-time job: promotions at bars & casinos.
My husband is graduating from school soon & we are moving to a different state. My plan is to just work part-time after that :)

02/18/12 9:01 pm

1 job but I work 60 to 70 hours a week so it feels like 2.

KudosToYou California
02/18/12 8:38 pm

@xenith, I was a food clerk working in produce at the busiest store in the state. I left my job and I'm continuing to go to school full time so I can get a job (Architect) that won't put me on my ankle.

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/18/12 7:50 pm

My job is 24/7. (sometimes) It feels like 4 or 5 jobs some days. Farming and raising livestock can be tiring, invigorating, boring, stressful, relaxing, rewarding, frustrating, but most of all,,,, it's awesome.
Especially on the days I get to pop a coyote. It's real rewarding then.

Quinnipiac Here
02/18/12 7:20 pm

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02/18/12 6:19 pm

For the person who said they worked "until I couldn't stand on my bad ankle anymore": I work with a guy in a wheelchair who has lost both of his legs. He's been a great employee for five years. A bad ankle is not an excuse not to work.

02/18/12 5:15 pm

Paying doesn't necessarily mean compensation in money, but I know that's what you mean. I work a lot at one job so there is no time for a second job.

02/18/12 5:15 pm

Working a full-time job and a part-time job totaling 60-65 hours a week. The economy really needs to pick up so I can find a job that pays well enough that I only have to work one job.

02/18/12 3:50 pm

I was working 4 jobs at once , but now I work one that pays as much as all 4 combined; plus I have 15 hours a week back

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
02/18/12 3:07 pm

I worked 2 jobs for 10 years, and spent 7 of those years as a full-time student as well.

Comet? Tennessee
02/18/12 2:30 pm

I did not receive any half paying job for few years. I am receiving SSDI make me feel like I am taking very early retirement. You are paying the SS to cover my money. Thank you!!!!!! ;-)

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/18/12 2:28 pm

Wow, that is a lot. I have to take my hat off and bow to all those hard working people. Thank you for keeping the economy going.

It is also concerning that people have to do this. It is safe to say that all world systems are only as good as the purity of their leaders and workers.

02/18/12 1:58 pm

It's kinda sad when you're a full time teacher and still need another job to pay the bills :(

02/18/12 1:49 pm

I have had up to three at a time, but now I'm happy to enjoy my life. Sleep is not overrated ;)

deosil WA
02/18/12 1:33 pm

I started working at 11 doing janitorial work with my mom. when I was 17 I worked 2 full time jobs to support my mom and I when she became disabled. once her disability finally kicked in, almost a year later, I opted for one job. it's exhausting!

deosil WA
02/18/12 1:29 pm

I had 3 jobs until last may and now I'm at two.

cato Santa Barbara, California
02/18/12 12:42 pm

At one point in my life I worked three jobs at the same time. Not anymore.

valeriejo ramble on
02/18/12 12:32 pm

No, but my husband does... I'm so lucky to have such a hard working hubby so that I can finish up my degree and stay home with our daughter :)

02/18/12 12:23 pm

@jimjellys congrats on condensing 3 jobs into 1. I got my new job from being an unemployed free lancer about 3 months ago. it feels good doesn't it

02/18/12 12:15 pm

I don't work any paying jobs. I'm a stay at home mom and my husband brings home the bacon. I used to work at a milkshake shop in the town of the beach we go to, but that's when I was maybe 17.