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03/30/13 4:13 pm

It's hard for me to answer this poll because I believe that both sides are equally to blame for this gridlock.

GoldenRay On SSBB
03/29/13 9:18 am

Ok honestly, it's probably a combination of many.

spicysteve M14D SBS
03/29/13 9:25 am

Obama has run out of time to blame bush. Obama's been in office for 5 years. It's time he started to take some responsibility.

sohiskooo Blackhawks parade
03/30/13 6:36 pm

Actually i would agree. I think that the gridlock in bushs term is just added a bunch of fuel to the cyclical political gridlock system. But as of now, its the gop fault

spicysteve M14D SBS
03/29/13 6:37 am

Whoops. There should be a "for" in that question.