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09/08/12 5:46 am

Yeah in preschool I pushed a kid and he pushed me back. Biggest fight I've ever been in haha

ilirseeDsU Michigan
09/07/12 5:44 am

The kids that got bullied out there looked up to me because I stepped up to their bullies and made sure that bully always thought twice about choosing to treat others the way he did ask KeithC from my high school (he saluted me once for my guardian like behavior) kind of funny..

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/06/12 10:07 pm

Do toilet swirlies and Kool-Aid showers count? For the record, I was quite ashamed later on, and I've never done it since.

09/06/12 7:59 pm

The farthest extent was calling someone solely by their middle name and pissed them off way more than I would have thiught

AnthonD Nebraska
09/06/12 5:42 pm

People from North Dakota are jerks lol

kiera 55124
09/06/12 4:31 pm

Saying someone mean to or about a person is considered bullying. Everyone that said "no" is a liar.
Maybe not as bad as others but you have been a bully.

SillyNiner New York
09/06/12 9:46 am

I do believe some are pressured to because they want to look "cool" and some just dislike people...I like to mess with people, I'm joking around of course, but the ones who can't take a joke...well....

09/05/12 7:47 pm

Everybody ahs bullied, saying they dont look good, i dont like your outfit, your hair is ratty, you didnt do good today, something. EVERYONE.

JaredBena Florida
09/05/12 2:26 pm

I believe everyone had been a bully at least once in their life...if its verbally or physically and some people may effect others negatively without them even knowing

mac Oregon
09/05/12 7:25 am

Irony, I bullied Leroy one too many times and he beat my ass in front of all my friends. Lesson learned and remembered. I was 13.

09/04/12 7:17 pm

I put on a great act to show people that I will stand up and fight, but I'm mostly harmless. I don't personally like fighting. That's what guns are for. But I don't like to hurt others.

Thorn Central Valley, CA
09/04/12 5:01 pm

I would never have referred to myself as a bully, but I did tease certain kids in school...which I am EXTREMELY ashamed of and would love the opportunity to apologize to each and every one of them

Nerdz Texas
09/04/12 4:12 pm

I don't believe so, but have I hurt a person's feelings before, yes. But that doesn't make me a bully because I didn't do it on a regular basis or anything like that.

Sam95 Nebraska
09/04/12 3:54 pm

And she is not one bit ugly. My sister is the most beautiful girl ever. And I tell her that all the time now. I know she looks up to me. So she's my motivation to be a better person. I honestly don't know what I would do without my sister. She is one of my best friends.

Sam95 Nebraska
09/04/12 3:45 pm

Yes, verbally to my sister. And I hate myself for it. I feel terrible. I'd call her rude names and just treat her awful. I'm now the reason shes insecure about herself. I never called her fat or ugly but I know Im the reason she calls herself fat (when she is super skinny) and she says she's ugly.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
09/04/12 12:09 pm

Those of you who debate politics and religion on this app are just internet bullies. IE: "Trolls." Just slamming people, being rude, spreading hate and trying to make people feel bad because of what they believe. That is bullying. If you think it's not ask a Homosexual about their HS experience.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
09/04/12 12:06 pm

Really people? "It was justified" "I only did it to this one kid" "The person didn't notice" "It was harmless smart mouthing," and "I didn't do it all the time?" Let me share my favorite Fortune Cookie Phrase:

"We judge others by their actions and ourselves by our movties."<-- So true here

09/04/12 11:22 am

Ok. So I actually AM from North Dakota. Anybody got any issues with that???!

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
09/04/12 11:02 am

Yes and I have been bullied.
I am sorry for what I did and most important I will not do it again.

ladestra Urban Conservative
09/04/12 10:28 am

I would think the women percentage would be much higher than it is. Anyone feel their using selective memory on this?
In high school I saw way more mean girls than guys.

cowboy Proud Father
09/04/12 9:47 am

Yep. Someone has to get the crowd moving.

09/04/12 5:37 am

@praet1965. I don't think that's terribly fair. I was never a bully myself, but I knew a few, and they were typically from broken homes or had abusive relationships. It wasn't entirely their fault, and most grew to regret it later in life. We're all failures in some aspect of our lives.

09/04/12 2:21 am

My God, Janet Napolitano has to be one of the ugliest guys in politics.

09/03/12 11:53 pm

@BeesTrees : about 1 in three a bully looks reasonable - there are fewer bullies than people who are bullied.
The 69 % are humans, the others don't deserve that name.

opie123 Washington
09/03/12 11:16 pm

I have been both the bully(stood by and let kids hurt others when I knew it was wrong) and bullied. I nearly transferred high schools because if it. Both situations taught me strong lessons.

1SpecialSong New York
09/03/12 11:01 pm

Not in the technical sense. I did do some things that I regret and have apologized for to the victims of my stupidity, but a "bully"- not really.

09/03/12 10:50 pm

I was a real asshole to this kid who didn't deserve it in middle school.

09/03/12 9:30 pm

I never tried to be deliberately awful to anyone but I know that sometimes I spread rumors in HS or chimed in on being a jerk to people at times so, yes technically. I bet most people we're involved In being a bully @ some point but not many would own it

09/03/12 9:27 pm

...walk away from.
You only fight if you run out of other options.
It is not cowardice to avoid a fight - but if you are cornered and have no choice use what you have.

09/03/12 9:25 pm

And don't confuse bully with fighter. If you get bullied and fight back like Karate Kid or Ender that is respectable but picking on the weak is neither courageous nor honorable.
Even fighting a hopeless fight is at least foolhardy - martial arts teachers will tell you the best fight is the one you w

09/03/12 9:07 pm

A bully who not only gets away with it but is encouraged as a child may become a thug as an adult.
Nip it in the bud unless you want to rear an a$$hole or criminal.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
09/03/12 9:03 pm

BchstUSA - if they don't die young, then maybe they're in prison...

wiildkat Propertarian
09/03/12 8:38 pm

I sure don't want to be in northdakota

09/03/12 8:33 pm

In elementary school we had a bully who came from a dysfunctional family which I take as explanation but not excuse. The whole class ganged up and let him run the gantlet while shoving and kicking.
And lo and behold - he was a bully no more.

09/03/12 8:29 pm

Not evrrybody is the same but suicides and even school shootings attributed to either bullying or at least rejection DO happen and even ONE dead kid is one too many.

09/03/12 8:29 pm

Also now I know who to avoid.

09/03/12 8:27 pm

@praet I am a "nerd" and have been bullied but I don't think it had hurt me. I now have a thick skin and an hard to offend, as well as understanding the importance of being nice to people.

09/03/12 8:20 pm

- become a school shooter or commit suicide.
That bullying is a normal experience and that what doesn't kill you makes you tough is antiquated male chauvinism.

Aliggan China and Florida
09/03/12 8:20 pm

On the Internet, sure. I've done my share of trolling...

09/03/12 8:18 pm

I'm sure at one point or another, almost EVERYBODY has bullied another person, even if it was only for a short period of time.

09/03/12 8:18 pm

@trent299: the nerd who finally works up the guts to lick the bully works fine - in the movies. From what I've seen most times the bully still wins and if not he'll come up with a big brother. The nerd instead might become eaten by helpless anger and wind up neurotic or in the worst case explode - b

09/03/12 7:55 pm

No, but i beat up a bully.

dbrat East Coast
09/03/12 7:32 pm

I remember calling some kids names but I didn't really know what I was doing at the time. I was doing what others were and sometimes I wonder how those kids are today.

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
09/03/12 6:41 pm

No. I was bullied up till 6th grade until I had enough and started defending myself.

not_even Boston, MA
09/03/12 6:37 pm

Depends on your definition. Have I ever teased or insulted someone? yes. Did I torment someone daily? no.

09/03/12 5:55 pm

I think half the people on here are lying on this one. There are many forms of bullying and even though I hate to admit it, I've done it, I've never beat someone up or something to that extent but everyone has made fun of someone and meant it to hurt, that's a part of life and we have to admit it.

StaffSgtKip Florida
09/03/12 5:42 pm

I'm always the victim so no. One time I tried because I was frustrated and they laughed at me.