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Show Of Hands June 21st, 2011 12:00am

A man in Oregon urinated in a city drinking water reservoir. The city decided to discard the entire 8 million gallons. Good call, or over-reaction?

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07/10/11 10:30 pm

I wouldn't care just think about public swimming pools and how much of that you accidently drink

07/10/11 12:09 am

Make the dude drink the spot. Then give him padlocked pants :)

07/09/11 2:08 pm

im willin to bet animals pissed and pooped in it too. that was rediculous to dump.

07/08/11 10:20 am

when you take into account all the pollution, water born diseases, bacteria, and animal contaminants that have to be filtered out of our drinking water urine is the least of our problems

Dithrick Colorado
07/04/11 11:08 am

I don't give a damn. I'm not drinking water someone pissed in.

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
07/03/11 9:36 am

He would have had to pee 8 GALLONS for the concentration to be even 1 part per million! I'm sure there were far worse chemicals in FAR higher concentrations! MORONS!!!

07/03/11 8:36 am

I guess they thought it was cheaper to get rid of the water than to get served with a class action lawsuit which I'm sure some of us Americans would love to do in this situation.

07/02/11 11:34 am

I've peed in lots of reservoirs... when you are out there in your boat fishing where else you gonna go? and the fish do it too! and yes, they clean it before piping it, not a big deal

07/01/11 7:51 pm

it would have been soooo unbelievably dilute that no one would notice, care, or be affected in anyway if they didn't know!

06/30/11 10:53 pm

What about all the animal pee and dead animals and debris?? That's fine I guess. Odds are they had to do it since it became public or else it would have poorly reflected on the city

06/30/11 10:51 pm

Yet we don't tax companies that can destroy our shared natural resources like water or air.

06/30/11 8:34 pm

But it's sterile. Americans are so overdramatic.

06/29/11 11:38 am

Didn't go far enough, the water towers should have been burned.

06/27/11 4:42 pm

Doesn't it get filtered, even after being held in that pool?

06/26/11 6:12 pm

one bladder full of urine in 8 million gallons won't even be traceable... there's probably far worse than that in any "clean" water-supply.

ninja Maryland
06/26/11 3:27 pm

bear grylls drinks his pee out of a snake skin, why can't the people of Oregon

06/26/11 1:36 am

Pee wouldnt kill you! And I'm sure you wouldn't even notice a difference so calm down.

06/26/11 12:15 am

Fuck that ass hole who peed in the water. He should be hog tied.

06/25/11 11:08 pm

Just imagine if you drank some geriatrics piss!

06/25/11 1:12 pm

Dont they clean it first anyway? Most cities turn sewer water into drinking water on a daily basis, no?

Airsaber Georgia
06/25/11 11:56 am

Urine is sterile unless they have a bladder infection.

06/25/11 7:42 am

8 million gallons wasted! That's insane. It could have been put to use, or cleaned somehow. Need to put up some sort of wire, electric fence around it. But that guy sounds like an idiot.

06/24/11 9:53 pm

Yeah u rite, realtalk

06/24/11 6:08 pm

I'm sure he was the one guy who was caught. LoL!

realtalk Oregon
06/24/11 6:03 pm

@ SPOCK calm down man, quit being ignorant. U don't even know where that person is from, nor if they r "hood" or uneducated, so y don't u just read what they r saying and get the message rather criticizing how they say it

06/24/11 5:32 pm

Drink well water near a cow pasture. I am sure it is clean.

06/24/11 3:59 pm

Solution: more chlorine!

SPOCK South Carolina
06/24/11 12:44 pm

@awesomizzy sorry, I don't speak 'hood. Please tell me again in Educated English.

SPOCK South Carolina
06/24/11 12:39 pm

@coolbeans we can see that above your comment.

simple New York
06/24/11 11:57 am

Emsy. Most people did not need to read that. You're begging for people to slap your comment in the face with a personal attack. No offense, but you probably don't have OCD (the real OCD), and you probably will drink tap water again. Your comment was like something a highschool girl would say. drama

06/24/11 11:14 am

All you had to do was clean it again...

06/24/11 6:35 am

do any of you actually read your annual disclosure from your water company? there is a lot worse in your water, including lead!

emsy Virginia
06/24/11 2:01 am

I have OCD. Yeah, never drinking tap water ever again.

06/24/11 1:59 am

That is the 'known' contaminant. To think it's normally more pure is naive. I hate the idea of drinking it as well
but am realistic of what I'm already drinking in MO. To be fair, many Oregonians also didn't agree with the decision. They're eco-conscious (I'm a prior Oregonian).

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
06/24/11 12:10 am

Now they should add the 8 million gallons to his water bill. Couldn't he use an outhouse. He was so careless obviously someone saw him. He could have gone behind a bush or tree right?

06/23/11 11:19 pm

There are worse things than human urine in tap water...

MissAine Texas
06/23/11 10:07 pm

I don't drink bottled water, a waste of my money. Tap water is fine with me - until now. How naive I have been. I though tab water was treated and then stored inside tanks. Thanks guys for grossing me out! :-)

06/23/11 10:05 pm

They should worry more about flushing the homeless away. Oregon is a giant liberal mess. Spend. Spend. Spend.

06/23/11 9:11 pm

anyone who swims in the ocean or at a pool swims in pee and probably ingests it anyway. what a waste!

06/23/11 7:04 pm

Please! it would have been filtered a few more times. what a waste!

DanIndepen Ohio
06/23/11 6:51 pm

Don't get me wrong - it's nasty.....however wasting wateer like that is worse. Besides I am sure that a person is not the only thing to have urinated/crap in the water.

osouless Whats Next
06/23/11 10:38 am

Waste yet not a waste. Waste cuz that toke time and money to flush that much water, not a waste because they realized having it outside is more dumbass than peeing in it.

06/23/11 4:06 am

I have much trouble believing that this town takes its water to a treatment place, treats it, and filters it several times, and then just put it right back in another lake, man-made or not they could just drink straight from the original water source if so. Meaning the water is cleaned after he peed

06/22/11 11:13 pm

And no, in that particular reservoir it goes straight into peoples' taps because it has already been filtered and treated at that point. The problem is that it's open (outside) reserve... Free to duck poop and whatever else might find it's way in there...