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05/18/12 5:47 am

student123. when you mature you will realize that having an opinion is fine, but acting upon your opinion matters.

05/18/12 5:46 am

student123. when you mature you will realize that having an opinion is fine, but acting upon your opinion matters.

05/15/12 5:55 am

student, kind of an oxymoron can you well informed & not compelled to vote?!? I do understand where you're coming from in regards to those that you meet. A large portion of this country has become lazy (to be kind) & are letting others think for them.

kandykane California
05/14/12 9:59 pm

Nope but I will as soon as I'm of age.

BadBadger Georgia
05/14/12 9:44 pm

Good for you, Melissa. If you look upon the process with such disdain, we are all better off without your participation.

BriD Illinois
05/14/12 9:24 pm

Registered to vote for OBAMA (again)!!!

05/14/12 8:35 pm

Nope. And never will register.

05/14/12 8:02 pm

I would say that I am better off being well-informed and not voting, than voting, but not knowing anything about what's going on. I cannot tell you how many people I meet that are so proud to be voting, yet are completely ignorant.

05/14/12 7:45 pm

I never mentioned a specific candidate or issue. I can still have the opinion that I dislike politics, which then leads me to not vote or involve myself.

05/14/12 7:04 pm

student...I hate to point out the obvious, but that's exactly what you did, twice, in the opening two statements of your first post " I hate politics" & "I'll register to vote when.....". I agree that politics in the verb form are abhorrent, but that just solidifies my initial opinion.

05/14/12 6:32 pm

... And voted early!

05/14/12 5:12 pm

I don't discuss or have an opinion on politics/politicians so it doesn't matter if they are belittled. I stay up to date on current events but I think politics are horrible.

05/14/12 4:59 pm

Maybe "responsibility" is a word you can better understand in this instance. If all you have is an obligation to do as you please then perhaps the next time someone keys your car or something of the sort you'll just chalk it up to pleasing ones self.

05/14/12 1:41 pm

Obligation? I vote but screw that. You have an obligation to do as you please.

05/14/12 11:58 am

Registered and ready to vote MITT!

05/14/12 11:51 am

Can't only a permanent resident now...hopefully by the next one!

05/14/12 11:28 am

I disagree 100%. I believe that as a citizen of this country you have an obligation to register & to vote. Not doing so belittles your opinion about politics &/or politicians to the point of nonsense.

05/14/12 10:26 am

I hate politics. I'll register to vote when there's a candidate worth voting for. I won't just vote for the "lesser evil".

snafu Washington
05/14/12 10:18 am

Not excited for this election though, I don't like either choice. I think Obama needs to go, he had his chance and only began doing things he promised in the last year or so to get the votes. Romney I like except for his religious/gay/abortion yeah!

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
05/14/12 10:06 am

Why is there all this shock that 21% (mostly 21 and under) aren't registered. You all are aware you occassionally debate these heavy topics with 13 year olds, right?! Not all of those 21% are neglectful.

05/14/12 9:10 am

We are a a Republic and not a democracy."...and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God..."

05/14/12 6:04 am

Completely agree with Murphy...on all counts. & if you don't, as previously said, you don't understand the electoral college

05/14/12 4:24 am

Completely agree with Joey513

ready2glow California
05/13/12 11:40 pm

I am a permanent resident so i can't vote yet..soon

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
05/13/12 11:18 pm

Oregonians who are eligible to vote (or will be by 11/6) but are not registered: it's really easy to register. Close this app, open your web browser, and go to to fill out the online voter registration.

Vote by mail = no excuse not to vote other than sheer laziness

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
05/13/12 10:55 pm

Yupp! Registered when I turned 18 in July. I'm so excited to vote for the first time. :)

05/13/12 10:54 pm

the under 21s ruin every poll any ways, this just proves it

RJ1969 SoCal
05/13/12 9:26 pm

wholly krap! I thought this would have been 100%. what a disappointment.

Quinnipiac Here
05/13/12 9:12 pm

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05/13/12 8:04 pm

I think you should have to pass the test immigrants have to take to become citizens in order to vote.

05/13/12 7:14 pm

you can't be a democrat or republican with being a registered voter

sgeisler18 Illinois
05/13/12 6:57 pm

My mom told me I could not celebrate my 18th birthday until I registered to vote, so I registered early.

05/13/12 6:32 pm

With the number of illegals that will be voting for Obama I can at least cancel out one of them with my vote. MAKE VOTER ID MANDATORY!

veritas1 Panda
05/13/12 6:03 pm

@Murphy. Some defense that was.

There are so many problems with electoral college. Gerrymandering, unequal representation, vote worth disproportionality, political corruption through redistricting. Etc.
Popular vote is the only truly fair way to do it.

goldy California
05/13/12 5:59 pm

Quinnipiac: Please tell me you are joking. That is the dumbest argument I have ever heard.

goldy California
05/13/12 5:58 pm

The worst excuse for not voting: "I was busy that day and couldn't find the time!"
Vote by mail! It's painless, I promise.

Quinnipiac Here
05/13/12 5:44 pm

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joey513 California
05/13/12 5:07 pm

Electoral college is outdated and idiotic. Almost all other democracies have moved to popular vote systems. Why should someone in Wyoming get 4 time as much representation a someone in California? It is undemocratic, and gives more power than is fair to the sparsely populated states.

05/13/12 4:25 pm

dems have half the people in cemeteries voting in these elections including almost all the 30 million illegals

05/13/12 3:49 pm

I'm only 15, but I'm going to register at 18. Otherwise I would have absolutely zero right to complain about political decisions.