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anonymous0 Nevada
11/19/12 9:59 am

Growing up w my sister. I feel bad now.

sarakay Down the Bayou
11/19/12 8:32 am

Haha! Yes, I have with my little brother. I remember the last time, too. He finally beat my ass. Lol

11/18/12 10:51 pm

In middle school, weekly. Highschool, a total of 3 fights and I got jumped in all of them. It's not about how much pain you can deliver, it's how much pain you can take.

Fact FL
11/17/12 12:46 am

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11/15/12 4:47 am

Never started, but always finished.

thinker2 nc
11/14/12 6:18 am

What country did you grow up in?!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
11/13/12 5:16 pm

Some people do this. They also see belonging to the other party as being a traitor who needs to be burned. Like I said, I have seen more than I would like. It is good that we can discuss differences while respecting each other. Don't take it for granted.

LauLau Minnesota
11/13/12 4:06 pm

Does a Tickle fight count? It was pretty physical...

MrWolfe Nashville
11/13/12 2:25 pm

Involved in a handful, mainly schoolyard scuffles during adolescence (7-9th grade.)
Thankfully have not been in another since then, well over 20 years ago.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
11/12/12 8:36 pm

Come on Dems...wind mill slap fights don't count!

fourwinds box of rain
11/12/12 6:17 pm

Got jumped in a 6 on 2 fight once on the street getting out of a cab. Needless to say, we lost, LOL.

MiKEY2012 Florida
11/12/12 5:14 pm

Yes in HS.Many times. Had several brothers also in HS so it was always problematic Suspended 21 times & all. We never had the same friends. We never got along w/ ea. others friends. Getting suspended so many times made me have to repeat the year. Wasn't happy But that's what I get for acting a fool

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
11/12/12 3:16 pm

Have you ever seen a person burned to death by putting a tire over them with fuel in it before it is ignited? It was a public form of punishment for someone who belonged to the opposite party to the neighborhood. Thank god we don't do that to each other in America. We can talk to each other.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
11/12/12 9:38 am

Grew up fighting. Or rather, having to fight.

11/12/12 4:44 am

Not a real fight. More like my brother jumping on me. Or me hitting him and he hitting me back twice as hard.

kjos USA
11/11/12 11:51 pm

I sometimes go to Walmart late at night hoping someone tries to attack me so I can fight them.

11/11/12 11:51 pm

I think I have serious anger issues that need to be sorted lol

ladyniner81 people suck
11/11/12 11:24 pm

got into a fight in 3rd or 4th grade, kid was bullying me, forgot why..I beat him up..and everything was fine after that..kid stuff..I also used to get into fights with my sister..but it was girly fights LOL

11/11/12 9:31 pm

Of course I have siblings! As an adult only once He hit on me ( he was drunk and wouldn't leave am alone) I hit him, then I hit the road.

TideGal CFL
11/11/12 7:58 pm

Only with my brother.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
11/11/12 6:21 pm

I am slapped, punched, shoved, and occasionally grabbed by the throat at work, but it's a crime for me to hit back. So I don't.

11/11/12 6:10 pm

Idiots, wrestling and siblings don't count. A fight is when you both lose teeth and get black eyes drunkenly.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
11/11/12 4:46 pm

Yes.... Fighting is never the answer. Wish I would've figured that out BEFORE I went fighting crazy in my teenage years. Didn't get me anywhere in life.

11/11/12 4:42 pm

we would wrestle and slap. we are 2 yets apart.

11/11/12 4:41 pm

only with my brother but we never punched.

11/11/12 4:40 pm

You mean non-limp wristed men.

Shiggybythebay Proud Bay Area Native
11/11/12 4:14 pm

OMG My first non sibling fist fight was in the 5th grade. My last was last week. :(

11/11/12 2:52 pm

If you threw a punch or something, then yeah.

11/11/12 2:51 pm

I said no at first, but then I remembered my siblings and I have had several scuffles in the past.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
11/11/12 2:11 pm

Does it count if I'm legally unallowed to fight back?

11/11/12 2:00 pm

...high blood alcohol levels slow the reflexes and impair motor skills, not to mention, thins the blood and delays clotting...he bled a LOT! ...tough way to sober up. Hope he learned his lesson.

11/11/12 1:56 pm

Couple scraps in middle school, one bar fight in college...didn't want anything to do with it...he was drunk and aggressive and wouldn't back down in front of his frat boys even after I offered to buy him a beer to neutralize the situation. ...he shoulda taken the beer... :-)

bertbaker64 Louisville, KY
11/11/12 1:11 pm

Angry rich old conservative white men


11/11/12 12:48 pm

What's wrong with just being friends with someone? :(

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/11/12 12:31 pm

Reminds me of a recent robbery in Ireland of a jeweler. The guy didn't get very far as he had both guys behind the counter who were serious athletes chase him down within I think it was 200 meters. Lol

joshgoinham Birmingham, Alabama
11/11/12 11:52 am

Not surprising Independents fight the most. Have been fighting this ridiculous American duopoly for a long time.

hippiedude fields of green
11/11/12 11:09 am

You guys should date.

ScrewU Gone
11/11/12 10:45 am

Most recent fight was with a burglar caught in the act by a homeowner. He tried to run but at 465 lbs he didn't get far. Tore a ligament in my right elbow wrestling this turd to the ground. He eventually confessed to over 20 burglaries. He's going away for a long long time. Lol

ScrewU Gone
11/11/12 10:42 am

Suicide is more closely correlated with personal problems. The single consistent factor associated with school shootings is bullying. I don't believe a whole school would bully anyone. Even among the worst people are a few who have compassion and/or simple decency. If you can't fight, get protection