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Show Of Hands December 27th, 2012 12:00am

If a stranger showed up at your door and offered you a million dollars cash for your soul, would you take the cash?

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01/02/13 12:34 am

There is no possable way to sell ur soul, not that soul doesn't exist, but that buying or selling a soul is impossable

madeit Houston Area
01/01/13 11:13 pm

Thank you for posting an accurate, rational, sensible definition.

01/01/13 8:29 pm

This is a much bigger question than "would you take money for your soul". This is a question of "do you believe in a deity" or other dimensional things

BadWolf The Library
01/01/13 3:25 pm

So it's impossible to take a soul, yet liberals are soulless and sold theirs?

BadWolf The Library
01/01/13 3:24 pm

People trade money for things that aren't real. See online gaming.

BadWolf The Library
01/01/13 3:23 pm

Can you anatomically identify the soul?

EarlyBird Portland
01/01/13 10:43 am

Perhaps Tony made a spelling error and meant: sole. As in the devil likes your shoes and wants to give you a mill for them :-)

01/01/13 1:39 am

Thanks for a week of nightmares

01/01/13 12:10 am

I'm pretty sure ducks would suffer without the ability to swim…

madeit Houston Area
01/01/13 12:09 am

Let me get this straight: somebody would buy the essence of my being, that which animates me, gives me life, and defines me as a person? That's impossible! (I am surprised so many people don't know what a soul is.)

01/01/13 12:05 am

*God. Just because you think He isn't real doesn't make it so.

12/31/12 11:54 pm

You do know the consequences of being wrong, right?

QPanda Blacklick, Ohio
12/31/12 6:44 pm

Simple logic shows that your answer should always be "no". If the soul exists, you've just traded something irreplaceable for a mess o' pottage. If the soul doesn't exist, the chance that this person gets any value out of buying it is zero, so the money either doesn't exist or is fake. QED.

Misterme7 Under the Rainbow
12/31/12 4:45 pm

As an atheist, I would definitely take money for my imaginary soul.

RunningBare Pennsylvania
12/31/12 3:37 pm

I don't have a soul to sale. I do have soul, however. I am a soul brother to the sister with the mill. Right on! Get real. Sail the sole, make the deal.

iwishyoulovedlife Cruithne, the second moon
12/31/12 1:49 pm

Why the hell not? A "soul" is a nonexistent figment of imagination created to go along with religion. Give me the million

tdaddy diversity
12/31/12 10:36 am

No sane person would make such an offer, so are you going to take the word of a crazy person? I'm not.

wigginnutz indianapolis
12/31/12 9:55 am

Yes, because souls nothing more than a literary concept invented by those who made up religions

JamesMadison La Palma
12/30/12 8:39 pm

That, is exactly what I was going to say

robolds Initiative
12/30/12 7:25 pm

Not mine, but I would sell my dogs! :)

Heinrich North Carolina
12/30/12 6:49 pm

I hope you do not call yourself a good southerner or a republican you atheist pig and undoubted liberal.

12/30/12 6:45 pm

I would not trade my inheritance for soup.

Heinrich North Carolina
12/30/12 6:42 pm

I personally find that it is impossible for a person to steal or take ones soul so it is simply is an insane person trying to give you money so why not take it. Only those soulless atheist liberals would believe it possible for one other than the devil to take the soul and they already sold theirs

12/30/12 3:16 pm

That makes a whole lot of sense. Get a million dollars, then die. Yep. Good deal.

12/30/12 1:55 pm

I'd say yes then hand him a CD of the Blues Brothers, then take my million dollars

12/30/12 10:35 am

Well when it says soul it makes it sound like *knock knock* You walk to the door, open it and say"Hello" (creepy demon voice) "Would you like to sell me your soul" you say "um sure" then suddenly you have a random heart attack and die and the creepy demon stands over your body and says "thank you"

12/30/12 8:03 am

I said yes because no one can really buy a soul and if someone came to my house and said that I'd think he was crazy anyway I'd most likely call the cops on him

isais12347 Arizona
12/30/12 2:15 am

I'm a democrat,I have a soul.what in your mind gives you idea to be so judgemental and rude?"

12/29/12 10:33 pm

Well it turns out the money was stolen and 19% of Americans were just arrested...

weallhave1 Tennessee
12/29/12 6:29 pm

Democrats don't have souls, which is probably why they wouldn't think twice about stealing the $!

flyberg Northern Kentucky
12/29/12 4:23 pm

I don't believe in an afterlife. Getting rid of the debts owed by everyone I love and making sure my family and my mother have free and clear homes is more important than the possibility I'm wrong.

eshelmsc York, PA
12/29/12 3:39 pm

Is it worth the risk? I'll make my millions by conventional means.

GoldenRay On SSBB
12/29/12 3:31 pm

Yes, because a complete stranger is going to give you that money.

12/29/12 12:04 pm

I traded my soul for paper in German class when I was in high school

12/29/12 11:10 am

"Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine"

Star Wars

12/29/12 11:05 am

Jesus may have existed, but was he the son of god? Islam thinks he is just a prophet.

12/29/12 10:59 am

If he can find it, he can have it!

chile safer than congress
12/29/12 9:44 am

Sadly, whether believed or not, the day will come where all persons will have absolute knowledge, and either give thanks or gnash their teeth.

Doubters, please at least read Luke and Acts. It will provide insight as to why others try to share the good news, and hopefully do even more for you.

pvtliberal Ohio
12/29/12 9:40 am

Well, as a soul does not exist, of course. Let him believe in fairy tales.

12/29/12 8:35 am

I would also see if he's interested in buying the deed I have for a bridge in Brooklyn. Might as well see how many fictional things I can convince him to buy off me.

12/29/12 8:01 am

Sounds a lot like the story "La Puerta Del Infierno."

12/29/12 7:59 am

I dont need a million dollars, im already rich. Thanks though.

Ernest Make it so
12/29/12 4:04 am

Interesting point... Here's another one or two: Scientist can't define conscious, so therefor we don't exist...? Scientist also can't define subconscious either. Heck, scientists can't even define where the brain ends and you begin... See any problems with this?

12/28/12 11:32 pm

Don't believe in the idea I souls so he can take whatever pretend nonsense he wants

12/28/12 11:29 pm

Not really. Some people don't believe in souls the way I think it is being presented here. I for one am not religious therefore don't believe I have a soul to sell. Boom free million dollars. I'm taking it.

fredd TrumpLand
12/28/12 10:22 pm

Not religious. Don't believe i have a "soul" in the spiritual sense.

But i'm not going to take a million dollars from some nutjob on my doorstep and believe there won't be some kind of ramifications. No thanks on opening up a can of who-knows-what crazyness.

12/28/12 9:50 pm

people who say they'd take it are sick.