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Show Of Hands November 7th, 2011 12:00am

Which would be worse: not being able to talk for a full month, or not being able to hear for a full month?

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aperson123 Texas
11/20/11 6:44 pm

I would want to know what everyone else has to say. I can totally go without talking for a month.

11/17/11 10:21 pm

results show how self centered everyone is... people would rather impose without understanding then listen to their peers

11/11/11 10:17 pm

I need to talk!!!!!!!!!!

judith New Jersey
11/11/11 6:49 am

Helen Keller was asked if she could restore her hearing or her vision, which would she choose. She said her hearing as that is what isolated from the rest of the world.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/09/11 4:14 pm

Wish that people who talk with their mouth full of food could not talk for a month.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/09/11 3:17 pm

Tea party I think you misunderstood the results.

applestar Florida
11/08/11 9:38 pm

my husband went completely deaf in college but recently got a cochlear implant.. he said those years were the hardest of his life. he hated the

teaparty Cleveland
11/08/11 9:28 pm

I'm surprised by these results, you wouldn't be able to listen to music you can't hear tv you can't hear smoke alarms. Today you can communicate by texting

11/08/11 9:12 pm

1. I need to listen to music
2. I need to listen to Elvis durran lol

11/08/11 7:55 pm

Huh? Well slap me on the ass and call me Jim-Bob Duggar.

Doesn't he play Kenneth on 30 Rock?

MadJefrson West Virginia
11/08/11 3:06 pm

As someone that is deaf in one ear, I would rather give up talking. There are many other ways to communicate these days, but assistive devices for the hearing impaired have a long way to go before being the same as unassisted hearing.

11/08/11 1:57 pm

I could take a month without hearing whining, complaining, fighting children.

NYevo NY
11/08/11 8:30 am

I can write my thoughts or text them. As a city pedestrian, I can't get out of the way of a speeding car or bus that I'm not facing if I can't hear it

11/08/11 1:47 am

Love my music. I'd go nuts if I was deaf

11/08/11 1:06 am

Ha this doesn't apply to me cos I'm deaf! I can communicate with my HANDS!

11/07/11 11:52 pm

I agree with swim.. With no talking I can at least communicate with pen and paper.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/07/11 10:57 pm

When I was thinking of becoming a nun keeping silence was a big draw back. So was no kids. A couple of decades of ago they were teens. What can I say parents of teens understand. Now keeping silence. Not os bad. For a while. The way my husband listens might as will.

graciebug Kentucky
11/07/11 10:54 pm

I cannot keep my mouth shut. The silence would be welcomed for a while. I would just miss my children's laughter the most.

swimguy Illinois
11/07/11 10:31 pm

I said no talking because I could write down things to other people on peices of paper, but getting everyone else to write down stuff would be really hard.

11/07/11 10:27 pm

Music. That's all I need to keep me excited. I don't need to talk. Sing, maybe...

anonymom Virginia
11/07/11 9:46 pm

I've considered going on a silent retreat. Not talking would be nice. Difficult, but nice.

11/07/11 9:03 pm

I'd love not to talk for a month!

tristanb Missouri
11/07/11 8:45 pm

If u cant hear than talking would be pointless so i would rather not talk than not hear, either way sign language would be the only way to communicate

David01127 Ohio
11/07/11 8:45 pm

It's hard to talk of you can't hear. You can't carry on a conversation.

11/07/11 8:44 pm

I'd rather not talk. I would just write what I need to say on a whiteboard or something.

11/07/11 8:34 pm

Not being able to talk would be much worse for me.

11/07/11 8:27 pm

The gender filter is funny

11/07/11 8:26 pm

I have to talk. It would be awful if I couldn't talk

KudosToYou California
11/07/11 8:03 pm

The gender and age results are somewhat amusing, and they're a little surprising. I figured kids would want their music.

RJF88 Georgia
11/07/11 7:47 pm

Well if you can't hear then talking serves no purpose... Trick question

Nerdz Texas
11/07/11 6:20 pm

I would definitely fail school without my hearing

11/07/11 5:43 pm

* so I keep flipping

Sorry didn't edit too well that time.

11/07/11 5:41 pm

FrankZappa - man I'm with you on that one, grumble grumble grumble... I have 'pulsular tinnitus' - I hear my pulse constantly - its incredibly irritating. they say it doesn't usually last for over a year so keep flipping the calendar with my fingers crossed!

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
11/07/11 5:19 pm

Sound!!!!! It would be awful if I couldn't hear my baby!! He can live without hearing me :)

11/07/11 5:19 pm

I already take sign language at my school and my aunt and uncle are deaf so I chose no sound

FrankZappa New York
11/07/11 5:05 pm

@time4tea, thanks, I'm reading about it now, seems a bit sketchy though. I'm in NYC, so it isn't that bad, the timer on my tv helps. Thanks anyway!

11/07/11 4:41 pm

@FrankZappa: Have you ever tried quietus?

FrankZappa New York
11/07/11 3:47 pm

Anything to free of my tinnitus, even if for just a month.

Herm31812 Pennsylvania
11/07/11 3:05 pm

If no one in the world could talk for a Month, what are we listening too? Hah

JDoe Its a gift
11/07/11 2:14 pm

There was an episode of The Simpsons where Homer had his jaw wired shut leaving home unable to talk. Being forced to listen greatly increased the quality of his marriage and his life in general.

11/07/11 1:06 pm

To my husband's delight I would rather not speak for a month.
I like music too much.

11/07/11 12:53 pm

Perhaps the world would become a better place if for a full month nobody could talk. Ignoring the logistics, I know, but there's something to be said about the lack of true listening in the world.

11/07/11 12:01 pm

I picked hearing loss is worse, because I'm not married.

11/07/11 10:54 am

Looking back at the comments I think many of us are failing to recognize the capabilities within the Deaf community. They communicate beautifully and and clearly without being able to hear OR speak. But that does involve being around others who communicate in ASL as well

11/07/11 10:51 am

Does speaking sign language count as talking? That played a role in my decision because I can still communicate in sign if I can't hear but I'd miss music a whole lot!