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Melon No Ducklips
03/28/13 9:02 pm

Yup. My wife by far. She's pretty awesome!

cutiepi86 Bodybuilder in the making
03/28/13 7:32 pm

I had a best friend but she has men issues and that came between our friendship because she wanted me to stop talking to a mutual friend because she dated him #damnfemales lol

susanr Colorado
03/28/13 6:05 pm

Not a single one, no, but several very close friends. Unless I count my daughter... That's different of course, but we are very good friends. I would hope, though, that she'd say *her* best friend is her husband, not her mother.

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
03/28/13 5:36 pm

But to answer...

I moved literally 1009mi (according to google maps) to be with her! :-)

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
03/28/13 5:35 pm

It takes a little while! Hell! I have people that hate me following me, so go figure! :-)

Hawkn Texas
03/28/13 5:30 pm

First question...need some more followers I guess