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FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/30/13 1:28 pm

Red is actually my second favorite color…

03/29/13 6:13 pm

I like both in different times...

akgoat UniversityofAlaska
03/28/13 5:53 pm

You need to switch the answers...
Watch the world burn!!!

susanr Colorado
03/28/13 5:14 pm

Blue. I'm happiest with blues & greens & a little purple, and occasional dashes of other colors.

MrWolfe Nashville
03/28/13 5:09 pm

I prefer grurple, personally
Maybe brellow

BadWolf The Library
03/28/13 5:08 pm

I guess most of the country prefers gray ;)

MrWolfe Nashville
03/28/13 5:10 pm

If you build it, they will come!! ⚾

droo Santa Barbara
03/28/13 5:01 pm

Depends on my mood. I think whenever I'm feeling emotional or passionate, I prefer red. Whenever I'm feeling calm, analytical or sophisticated, I prefer blue.

Jeninerd Hoth, AK
03/28/13 5:00 pm

Color deficient.... -_-
Blue and red both lie to me. I prefer green.