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LibArtie November 24th, 2019 3:05pm

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be joining the Democratic field of presidential candidates.

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sgkitty new york
11/24/19 6:15 pm

He’s got my vote! I know a lot of people who are excited.

zimmy Florida
11/24/19 2:22 pm

Why? If he wants to be helpful, he should just use his money and flood the airwaves with anti- Trump commercials! What he is doing is idiotic!

mcable Lost in Translation
11/24/19 11:03 am

Fine, as long as no one runs as a third party and everyone supports the eventual nominee.

11/24/19 9:57 am

The guy is a Republican. Shows you just how far Right the American political landscape has slid.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/24/19 8:56 am

Another corporate politician in the race is bad. We need real change. Why so late? He’s missed 5 debates and months of campaigning.

bubba2526 New Jersey
11/24/19 1:34 pm

He’s joining late for attention. Just like all over corporate asshats that get into politics he knows Americans pay attention to stuff out of the ordinary and joining late will get him loads of free attention.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/24/19 5:43 pm

I hope Americans pay attention to the debates.

bubba2526 New Jersey
11/24/19 6:33 pm

I hope so too and I hope they watch for the right reasons in order to learn about the candidates and not just for the drama that’s how you end up with an asshole like trump.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/24/19 7:10 pm

There were so many times I thought Trump would have pushed people away in the debates. But no, which tells you how sad the election really was. There’s no bottom with his loyalists. I can’t understand it.

bubba2526 New Jersey
11/24/19 8:01 pm

I don’t get it either even if you put politics aside he’s such a repulsive excuse for a human it’s embarrassing having him even represent us as a country. Watching the debates last election I was sure he wouldn’t win but I really think people are just obsessed with drama and scandals now and that’s how you get votes we have officially turned politics in this country into a reality tv show.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/24/19 8:08 pm

It seems drama and fear fuel the Trump supporter. Even evangelical Christians support him because of his current stance on abortion. They don’t realize he has always been pro choice in every way.