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statgat November 24th, 2019 6:40am

In an effort to make room for the newly deceased, should a burial plot be excavated after the person has been dead for 100 years? Assume perfect records will be kept of all who have occupied the spot.

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BadSeed Oregon
11/24/19 1:08 pm

We should ban burials and look to more things like cremation

Okie1967 Fudge joe biden
11/24/19 11:12 am

No, but I would be okay with the Chinese tradition of burying multiple people in one spot. They would bury the first person at the lowest reasonable depth, the next person a couple of feet above that, and then more above that. 6-8 people in one spot and all marked and recorded on a market on the ground.

Maulitron Michigan
11/24/19 9:22 am

That wouldn’t fix anything even if we were running out of room. In a hundred years we’d have to find room for hundreds of thousands of people to bury lol.

SuperAgain They lie, Get Over It
11/24/19 6:55 am

...and they don’t wait 100 years.., it’s when the family doesn’t renew the lease!

11/24/19 4:58 am

Absolutely NOT

11/24/19 4:59 am

People concerned about cremation go ahead and have YOURSELF cremated

11/24/19 4:34 am

No, I think cemeteries and any other burial grounds should remain undisturbed.

11/23/19 11:45 pm

There's plenty of room, I'd be more concerned about increasing the use of services like cremation and burial pods