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qmastrangelo November 23rd, 2019 8:53pm

Do you consider yourself to be a post-liberal?

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11/24/19 12:58 pm

So many big words and allusions to vague “new” concepts, but in the end it’s just a flowery wrapper on the same Conservative talking points of the last decade.

DJAria Coushatta, LA
11/24/19 6:28 am

No, not at all.

I’m a solid left-leaning person.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/23/19 4:24 pm

No, don’t know what it means really, I stopped reading when the article said we need to have a Ba’ath Party in the US.
Over my dead body - no party based on any religion - period.

thelowend imitation is flattery
11/23/19 6:35 pm


snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/23/19 6:55 pm

Agreed your religious freedoms shouldn’t take mine away!

qmastrangelo Pottsvegas, PA
11/23/19 2:31 pm

It’s a vague term that people use to mean different things, but in general, it describes a recent political movement, largely on the right, that rejects the post-Enlightenment liberal consensus that liberty should be equated with personal autonomy, and maximizing this should be the primary focus of the state. Think National Review vs First Things, French vs Ahmari, etc.

qmastrangelo Pottsvegas, PA
11/23/19 2:32 pm

Personally, I would also argue that some aspects of the progressive movement on the left mirror this trend.

qmastrangelo Pottsvegas, PA
11/23/19 2:41 pm

Actually, maybe a better way to put it would be a rejection of Fusionism, if you’re familiar with that term.