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qmastrangelo November 23rd, 2019 7:29pm

Do you have a generally positive or a generally negative opinion of Missouri Senator Josh Hawley?

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snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/23/19 7:14 pm

It’s positive that he’s working with Democrats on Big-Tech legislation.

MrAmerica Peaceful protestor
11/23/19 2:14 pm

He has been my favorite senator since he was elected.

qmastrangelo Pottsvegas, PA
11/23/19 12:35 pm

I’ve linked what has to be one of my favorite speeches by a contemporary American politician, which Senator Hawley gave earlier this week. In it, he touches on the the increasing wealth inequality between different classes of Americans, the decline of social institutions that link us together, the increase in deaths of despair, and traces the root of all of this back to the radical individualism of what he calls the “Promethean self,” and its hegemony on the social ideal in modern American culture. This isn’t a typical cultural critique for a Republican.

I highly recommend taking 20 minutes to watch the entirety of the speech if you can, it’s well worth it.

- QM