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pcisbs1 November 23rd, 2019 6:29pm

Some say having less or no children will help save the environment?

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Quinnipiac Here
11/24/19 12:04 pm

Let the leftists darwin themselves out of the gene pool, problem solved!

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/23/19 11:06 pm

Abortion isn't good enough... now the Left wants l... China's policy?

See? Now you know who they are!!!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/23/19 9:00 pm

"Global warming", or the related "man-made climate change", are both just other terms for "overpopulation".

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
11/23/19 7:15 pm

True to an extent, but obviously not a feasible or desirable solution.

Attikai Oregon
11/23/19 6:45 pm


Think Lovin Life
11/23/19 5:57 pm

I strongly disagree! Children are our future.

Whatsamattaferu 11726
11/23/19 1:15 pm

If you have no children eventually there be no one left to destroy the planet except meteors , solar flares , volcanos, another ice age , floods , fires etc etc

11/23/19 12:40 pm


VivaLaFalange Vive il Duce
11/23/19 12:34 pm

Corpporations are killing the enviornment, not us. It’s simply propaganda from (((people))) who hate us telling us to have less or no children to wipe our race out

thelowend imitation is flattery
11/23/19 12:59 pm

take your anti semitic shít out of here. we’ve all had enough of the white “edgy” teenagers

CMChristian gone
11/23/19 7:03 pm

Lowend, As if we weren't already sick of your "mature" way of dealing with teenagers. Furthermore, edginess dosen't equate to fascism or the far right, please keep your comments relevant to the questions asked.

thelowend imitation is flattery
11/23/19 7:33 pm

comments that are anti semitic or trolls that imitate each other are disregarded.

your teenage angst and trying to be edgy are pathetic. grow up, kid. there’s more to life than your sad understanding of the world. don’t like being told you’re wrong? there’s an ignore button.

nazis are still bad. you don’t agree, fine. but i have every right to tell you to fùck off and grow up.

so grow up


CMChristian gone
11/23/19 9:57 pm

You have no right to tell us off when we haven't even threatened you, stating our beliefs is not gonna harm you.

You must be antifa to be this deeply offended by our views, your repetitiveness is really sickening and not helping your pointless case.
If you really despise us solely for our views than there's an ignore button for that. I implore you to take the cowards road out of here because you're being antagonistic and dare I say it, you're "acting out" just like an "edgy teen" would.

Using swear words, okay pretty mature for a wise all knowing gentleman such as yourself. Saying you have a right to curse out teens for their political views, VERY mature! I've never seen such a class act from a stable individual like yourself. You sir definitely don't deserve mental treatment. I oughta pat you on the back for your brave efforts in calling us off, I'm sure antifa will kindly accept you as one of their own, you definitely fit the job description.

thelowend imitation is flattery
11/24/19 12:33 pm

you ideology alone makes me sick. and should make any american sick.

we literally fought a war about shít like this. and won

CMChristian gone
11/24/19 6:00 pm

Lowend, The United states, Great Britain and france all had fascist parties that could've overtaken the government but failed. Sir Oswald Mosley was an excellent orator and should've been pm. And to address your generic, idiotic, "I hate fascism it makes me sick because it kills Jews" of a point the only reason America got involved was because Japan bombed US naval ships, welcome to my history class.

The US was profiting off the war via lend lease and embargoed oil supply to Japan in the name of neutrality. As if America were the moral crusaders, come to liberate Europe from Hitler whilst working alongside Stalin, the greatest mass murderer of all. And then using nazi rocket scientists to develop nuclear weapons.

I hope you realize nazism is basically a variant of fascism but not fascism itself. There is Italian Mussolini inspired fascism, the original version and my preferred version, there is Falangism, Francoism etc. Nazism might as well be called Hitlerism.

CMChristian gone
11/24/19 6:02 pm

Anyways, if you wanna beat up "nazis" like an ill inspired antifa rat be my guest. It will only serve to get you thrown in a jailhouse.

thelowend imitation is flattery
11/25/19 6:47 pm

i call a spade a spade.

if you’re going to sit here and defend your buddy (your own) antisemitic comment originally with the parentheses, i’m going to call you and anyone out for what it is.

you can reframe fascism anyway you want - it continually has been beat historically. for good reason.

and who said anything about beating anyone up? you must be referring to tour initial tough guy responses months ago when you started this with me then. now you want to come off as the highly “educated” and “rational” misanthrope?

no thanks. stop supporting hate and you’ll stop being called out because of it. it’s that easy.


VivaLaFalange Vive il Duce
11/25/19 8:14 pm

“Fascism” isn’t one singular ideology. Just the same way as liberalism or conservatism isn’t. It’s semy the term for a range of authoritarian (typically right leaning) ideologies. Nazism isn’t the same thing as Rexism which isn’t the same thing as Falangism which isn’t the same thing as the Ustaše. You can be fascist without being anti-semetic. You can be anti-semetic without being fascist. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Think about it this way: is it possible for someone to support abortion but still call themselves a conservative? Yes! And is it possible for someone to oppose abortion but still call themselves a liberal? Of course! Because they’re not specific ideologies; they’re a wide range of beliefs that has no specific creed

thelowend imitation is flattery
11/25/19 9:28 pm

again, you being anti semitic is the problem. own it, accept you’re wrong, and move on.

quit it with the bloviating, both of you (or the same person). admit you both espouse hate. at least be honest. you’d at least earn a modicum of acknowledgment


VivaLaFalange Vive il Duce
11/25/19 9:30 pm

I am anti-semetic! I never once denied that! What I DO deny is being a nazi. I alsp deny that CM and I are the same person, that’s just you being a massive retard. Not a whole lot I can do about that though

CMChristian gone
11/26/19 12:56 pm

Im not a nazi. We're not the same person, and we're not wrong. We hold certain beliefs and if you have a problem with that than debate us like a man instead of basically circling around yelling at us to shut up like an idiot. Or, and this is a handy suggestion: Keep your lip shut. Because Im not going to tell you my beliefs are wrong just to make you happy.

thelowend imitation is flattery
11/26/19 8:31 pm

right - you’re both scum. got it

VivaLaFalange Vive il Duce
11/26/19 8:33 pm

Right, you’re a retard. Got it

Diogenes FreeMeBe
11/23/19 11:39 am

I agree if you’re a leftist.

Radon Parts Unknown
11/23/19 11:38 am

Don't have kids, save the environment

Oh well you didn't have any kids so we have to import people to keep the economy going

Very insidious

Diogenes FreeMeBe
11/23/19 11:40 am

Europe/Scandinavia did that 40 years ago. It was a failed experiment.

Hungary is doing it the right way.

Radon Parts Unknown
11/23/19 11:45 am

No one talks about how effective their wall is either

VivaLaFalange Vive il Duce
11/23/19 12:35 pm

Radon- I wonder (((who))) is doing this?