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rons November 23rd, 2019 5:07pm

My mother made Thanksgiving whipped potatoes by adding butter, milk, sour cream, fresh bacon bits to russet potatoes (Idaho, Maine). She used a hand held mixer to whip. Do you do anything special to taters?

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shiculka transvaccinated
11/24/19 6:46 pm

I cook potatoes with carrots and I add roasted garlic and sour cream after. Tastes great and has pretty color.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/24/19 6:06 pm

It’s sweet potatoes for my family. When they are soft I mash them smooth, add sugar, butter, vanilla, an egg, and a little salt. The topping is brown sugar, butter, and pecans.

FitzDarcy Tre46on
11/24/19 3:56 am

Yes my Grandma's made that same potato recipe back in the 1950s

rons Thanks America
11/24/19 7:48 am

It’s sooooo good. That was my whole meal as a kid.

11/23/19 9:55 pm

I make a hasselback gratin a la Serious Eats once a year.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/23/19 9:18 pm

Nope. Just wrap them in foil and toss them in the fire.

rons Thanks America
11/24/19 7:55 am

Blow torch works too.
At the family house in VT at night we’d have an open fire under the star. Grandma played piano in the house, my Brother in law played guitar, my son on the accordion. I player the steel drums on the beer cans. Potatoes in the fire, trout or bass cooked on slate. Then S’mores for the kids! Break out the bourbon around 10. Thanks for the potato memory.

Kontroversy Georgia
11/23/19 6:10 pm

I do almost the same thing, but add some part cheese!

11/23/19 3:11 pm

I make Lefse😄
look it up

rons Thanks America
11/23/19 4:00 pm

I did. Simple enough. Flat potato pancake.

11/23/19 9:54 pm

Potato tortilla.

chickencookie Merry Christmas
11/23/19 1:08 pm

It sounds like a lot of work for potatoes. They do sound tasty though!

rons Thanks America
11/23/19 3:33 pm

Not really. It’s mashed potatoes! A little sour cream and Bacon bits is not much work.

chickencookie Merry Christmas
11/23/19 6:57 pm

My attention all goes to my sweet potatoes. I make a tiny bit of mashed for my bil since he won’t eat my candied sweets.

Carolynn new jersey
11/23/19 11:16 am

My husband makes excellent mashed potatoes. Sometimes he mashes them with garlic and grated Parmesan cheese.

rons Thanks America
11/23/19 3:35 pm

Saw one to on the Food network. With butter, milk, sour cream whipped heavy cream and parm cheese.

11/23/19 10:18 am

I’m in the process of making smashed potatoes ala

rons Thanks America
11/23/19 10:28 am

Nice. I try it soon. I saw something similar.
I mic potatoes, quarter, oil, salt and grill like steak fries. Nice crispy edges and a creamy center. I have the luxury of a full blown gas grill in the kitchen.
Thanks for the recipe. Might do it for Tday.