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Show Of Hands November 23rd, 2019 7:27am

Have you ever publicly protested anything?

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11/27/19 3:48 am

It is sad to me how few people directly participate in their government or it’s decision making process. Especially in today’s age when it is so easy to reach out and voice an opinion.

11/26/19 10:33 pm

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Wyoming4178 Selma Indiana
11/26/19 9:41 am

I was raised during the Vietnam war era I wasn’t identified as protest. The term used was civil disobedience. You may disagree with me engaging in civil disobedience. That’s ok I supported our troops I did not support the war.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
11/25/19 4:18 pm

I've gone with my mom to protest at Planned Parenthood. I didn't care about which side I was for, I just yelled at the pro birthers.

outlaw393 Wisconsin
11/25/19 2:37 am

I was at the local Occupy protests, the Tea Party meetings, the overpasses of America protests, anti-abortion protests, pro-labor protests.

Yeah been to a few in my day, sonny.

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
11/24/19 9:36 pm

Yes, I walked with thousands against murdering innocentπŸ˜‡babies‼️

DarthTater Jesus Saves
11/24/19 8:16 pm

Many, MANY people choose to make fun of it and attempt to contradict it. I’ve stood my ground.

11/24/19 12:42 pm

I prefer to vote with my feet and dollars.

throwback Dixie
11/24/19 6:10 am

Well, this poll does a really good job of showing who the insecure, self righteous, attention seeking whiners are...

tucsonsoh tucson, az
11/23/19 11:43 pm

Part of being an American is to protest when we believe something is wrong.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
11/23/19 11:03 pm

Yes. Planned Parenthood, and abortion in general.

11/23/19 9:39 pm

98% of protesters annoy the ever loving shit outta me.

jgf I have a few questions
11/23/19 6:30 pm

Prop 8 in California

Acebeardman14 Tennessee
11/23/19 1:03 pm

I went to a protest to people watch but did not participate.

timeout Boston Strong
11/23/19 12:38 pm

Yes, even though I’m a Vietnam veteran after I got out I protested against the war on the Boston Common a couple of times, in one marching with the Vietnam veterans against the war with John Kerry.

mrscheisskopf2 Kentucky
11/23/19 12:01 pm

Briefly helped protest the building of a new telescope on Mauna Kea when I was in Maui. I was walking by the protest and it seemed legit so I shouted at cars with them for 10 minutes before moving on

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
11/23/19 11:42 am

My dad & I attended that very first Chick-fil-A support thing many years ago.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/23/19 11:37 am

I attended a Tea Party rally in SF.

The "black eyeshades people" photographed us, found our cars, and towed them.

And put us in a list, so that anytime later, if our cars were spotted, they'd be towed again.

Crazy? This is what the guy who runs the tow lot told me. On the third time I retrieved my car from him. He told me that I needn't bother with hanging my handicap placard; I'd be towed anyway. He felt sorry for me.

11/23/19 11:17 am

I participated in a walk out in high school. I have no idea now what we were protesting, but I think maybe a pep rally had been canceled for some reason.

me2nokneez California
11/23/19 11:10 am

Vietnam Nam and closure of nursing school.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
11/23/19 10:03 am

Yep. Occupy Wall St, Black Lives Matter, and the Women’s March.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 11:34 am

So you are an anti capitalist, pro racist and pro sexist march participant.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 11:42 am

Well the Occupy shenanigans were anti capitalist and when you single out one race or sex over the other for support you are obviously discriminating against the others - I am just playing buy the societal rules set out by woke lefties.
Of course, I do recognize that set of rules only applies for conservatives.

mrscheisskopf2 Kentucky
11/23/19 12:07 pm

Plus the woman’s march is partially headed by Linda Sarsour, the horrible anti-Semite who supports sharia law which is incredibly anti-woman too

GlockMan1 Alabama
11/23/19 1:52 pm

Hahahahaha πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚THATGUY cracks me up with his shenanigans.

11/23/19 9:22 pm

@nacho1 Did you learn all that in Self-Victimization 101 or was making everything about you just part of your upbringing?

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 10:29 pm

Nice try - the victim cycle belongs to lefties.

I am not a victim at all- those that march to support one race or one gender over others obviously think they are victims thus rendering some of the other races and some of the other 51 genders as the oppressors.

Once again a lefty pitch boomerangs and bashes the lefty that threw it.

11/23/19 10:30 pm

A+ on your must be doing your homework.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 11:28 pm

Not sure how I can be a victim when I don’t march as the oppressed.
Pretty sure logic dictates if you’re marching as or with the oppressed- it signifies that you are a victim or support the concept the victim is trying to propagate.

Pretty sure those that don’t believe they are victims can’t be classified as victims but then again I have never been to a resistance meeting so I don’t specialize in victimhood.

It is another nice try though but boomerangs always find their mark even when you try to duck.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/24/19 11:01 pm

Yet another win for logic.

11/23/19 9:51 am

Lol Democrats = losers

CloudCity New Jersey
11/23/19 8:58 am

I got better things to do, so no

MJSeals J.D.
11/23/19 8:47 am

Public protesters make me hate their side, i dont care what it is.

11/23/19 8:43 am

Marched against the War on Science.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 9:28 am

War on Science?
Was the the Galileo is a heretic march or the “let’s bleed George Washington that will cure him” march or the Pluto is a planet march?

nacho1 Logic Land
11/24/19 11:02 pm

I guess the “let’s bleed George to cure him” won the day.

political Georgia
11/23/19 8:43 am

No - it doesn’t have an appeal to me.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/23/19 7:55 am

A small demo pro nuclear power.

brisket Illinois
11/23/19 7:41 am

Do they mean a protest rally or would a petition or stating discontent online count.

GlockMan1 Alabama
11/23/19 7:32 am

Yes....I took to the streets with 1000’s of my brothers and sisters to protest Obama’s election. ..... Hahahahaha....just kidding.πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚

11/23/19 9:24 pm

Its funny because there was no protest...because they were all too busy making comments about his lynching.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/24/19 11:09 pm

They were all too busy going to work to contribute tax dollars so Solyndra could build a factory on their dime, so public sector unions could be made whole, so non existent “shovel ready projects” could be funded and most of all so a bullet train between Modesto (population 200,000 and Bakersfield California population 480,000) could be built for a a few billion dollars as part of the linguistically lefty norm idea called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which shored up public pensions and squandered billions on lefty wet dreams.

11/23/19 7:09 am


IrishAlzheimers oakland, ca
11/23/19 8:36 am


DJAria Coushatta, LA
11/23/19 6:25 am


I was at the March on Washington, and engaged in many other boycotts when I was a young lad. That is one thing I am extremely proud of. I also protested Vietnam at stages, even as I served in the military. More recently, I attended a Women’s March. That’s about it.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/23/19 8:40 am

πŸ‘ attended the Washington DC protest against VietNam.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 9:29 am

What was the Women’s March point?

DJAria Coushatta, LA
11/23/19 9:47 am

The point? It was to acknowledge that women still face many differences in the workplace. It was to rebuke President Trump’s words in the Access Hollywood Tape. It was to affirm that women are just as qualified to get a job done (if not more) than men. There were a lot of reasons, but that’s why I marched.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 10:26 am

To rebuke a Presidents locker room talk?
Did they march when Clinton sexually assaulted an underling in the Oval Office?

I get historical issues with women but when they conflate political opposition to a President with broader issues- that’s when I and many others tune out.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/23/19 10:40 am

πŸ‘† and this is why the women and their supporters marched!

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 11:22 am

They marched because we are able recognize and acknowledge historical injustice but refuse to conflate them with the hysteria of TDS.
That makes sense.
I ask again - did you march when a President sexually assaulted a subordinate in the Oval Office or were you not “woke” enough yet?

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 1:31 pm

Deflection of what?
Conflating historical injustice with TDS?
Deflection is not answering the question.
Did you march when a President sexually assaulted a subordinate in the Oval Office or is marching reserves for when a candidate simply says something offensive.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 1:40 pm

I know it is embarrassing to realize how hypocritical your stance is but the truth will set you free.

Marching against Trumps words while so many lefties are caught in the Me Too movement is typical - Lauer, Franken, Schniderman, Weismann et al.
Sanctimonious hypocrites.

DJAria Coushatta, LA
11/23/19 3:16 pm

Marching was merited because when Trump said those horrible things, he was still widely backed by millions of Americans. That meant that a march needed to take place to affirm that women were respected and treated as equals. If you can’t see that, I don’t know how to help you.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 5:14 pm

He is still widely backed by millions of Americans that realize it was lockerroom talk and was just another uncouth thing out of his mouth - and the hysterical reaction was typical.

The march supported by Weinstein, Lauer, Franken, Schniedermann, Les Monvess, Morgan Freeman and others credibly accused of sexual misconduct making it a lefty joke.

I keep asking and don’t get an answer- did you march when a sitting President sexually assaulted a subordinate in the Oval Office?
Or do words mean more then actions?

Like I said TDS patients are sanctimonious hypocrites.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 6:14 pm

You need a US march to affirm women are equal?
Doesn’t the fact that they hold multiple positions of extreme power and esteem influence in the US make that point obvious?

Perhaps a Women’s March in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, China, India or Darfur would be more appropriate.

DJAria Coushatta, LA
11/23/19 7:43 pm

There has never been a woman President. Less than 25% of our Congress is composed of women. A vast majority of major companies are headed by men. Women are constantly forced to work harder to achieve less. It’s sad.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 8:26 pm

Women have the ability to give birth and create life - that makes them special,unique and important.
Women make different choices than men and sometimes leave the workforce either permanently or temporarily because of their unique ability to create life - that should be celebrated. I am for parental leave and all the benefits to make it easier for them to succeed.
Their equality should not be measured by their representation in politics and business with regards to their demographics - it is the same stupid disparate impact theory that Obama’s wingman AG pursued in housing discrimination.

When a qualified, relatable woman runs for President she very well may be elected - so far none has been able to reach that threshold.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/23/19 8:35 pm

There are more women teachers than men, more women nurses than men, more women social workers and counselors than men - does that mean men are discriminated against in those professions?

Or perhaps there are extenuating circumstances as to choices of profession?

bluepawn California
11/23/19 11:32 pm

The decide if a woman is gonna be elevated or not. There is just more competent men in politics and in the rungs of political power than women are. I’m general society looks at men as more assertive, authoritative, and a strong leader. Glad that crooked piece of trash Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election.

bluepawn California
11/23/19 11:33 pm

The people decide if a woman is gonna be elected or not*

DJAria Coushatta, LA
11/24/19 5:43 am

It just seems like a problem to me when there hasn’t been a woman president out of 45... and half the population is women. It is true that more teachers are female... but more professors (higher rung) are men (54% white men). As someone who has worked in academia my whole life, I know the difficulties young women face.

Additionally, there are less female doctors (higher rung than nurses) than male, and of those female doctors, they are paid 25% less than their male counterparts. If you cannot see all the problems women face — whether in the medical community, academia, corporate America, politics, or virtually any other area — I don’t know how to help you see it. The statistics are there, and women are less dominant at the top of fields than men. Women are less likely to be promoted than men. Women are paid less than men in the same field.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/24/19 9:52 am

You simply ignore career choices, lifestyle and the miracle of childbirth with all that dribble.

When I list professions with more women you immediately dismiss it and show professions with more men and decide that it’s sexist for the men but not for the women because those professions pay less - guess what - a professor has to go to school more than a teacher - same as the nurse doctor dynamic - what could be the cause of women not choosing to take on the extra responsibility and longer education?
Maybe, just maybe, it’s because that have the ability to give birth, need time to nurture and grow with their children and decide I want to be a mom more than a professor or dr so I will cut back a bit because my maternal instinct is to take care of what came from my womb.
Alternatively you can believe America is a sexist society with rampant discrimination that keeps women subjugated - which reason sounds more plausible and logical?

DJAria Coushatta, LA
11/24/19 11:11 am

The second sounds more plausible and logical, as women shouldn’t be expected to stay at home and raise children or put their career aside for their family. Men generally aren’t expected to do that, so why should women be? You just exposed one of the largest problems.

Thankfully, more women than men are enrolling in university and medical school now. Times are changing.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/24/19 11:37 am

Women are not expected to do’s anything - millions upon millions “choose” to do it - remember “choice” is paramount to lefties.

It’s only becomes sexist when millions of women don’t “choose” to follow a career path that takes them away from their family and instead do the most important job in the world - being there for their children when they need to be.

I know it goes against progressive dogma that women that have their children be the focal point of their life is so sexist, disgusting and Neanderthal of us to believe that women are natural nurturers and society is better served when a parent is home full time as caregiver during and after children’s formative years.
I guess we can put you in the category of “science denier” along with those disgusting “science deniers on climate change”.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/24/19 11:43 am

We wonder why society has become so detached, we wonder how and why kids get guns and do drugs at an early age, we wonder why school disruption by misbehaving kids is a major issue, we wonder why kids seek out alternative universes in video games - perhaps sending a 6month old to daycare to be raised by a minim wage worker for 8-9 hours a day may have something to do with it - nah, no way, that’s ridiculous - career declined for new mothers is far more important.

nacho1 Logic Land
11/24/19 11:11 pm

I guess that struck right at the lefty heart.

11/23/19 6:13 am

I’ve never participated in the liberal style protest where destroying other people’s or public property is the goal. I have signed petitions, supported with money and boycotted if that counts.

11/23/19 6:28 am

Peaceful protest is as American as apple pie and baseball. We have the right to peacefully assemble.

11/23/19 8:41 am

The “liberal style”. πŸ˜‚. You came all the way in to make that passive statement.

11/23/19 9:28 pm

No real need when you can just funnel it all into being passive-aggressive.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
11/23/19 5:24 am

No. I've seen a bunch but never participated. Unlike "activists" I work for a living. Three jobs.

11/23/19 8:42 am

I do want fries 🍟, thanks for asking.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
11/23/19 10:11 am

Police officer, skydiving instructor, and Infantryman in the National Guard.

But good try.

mrscheisskopf2 Kentucky
11/23/19 12:09 pm

Damn y’all make fries while you’re skydiving? That’s impressive but I’m not sure I understand why you do it...

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
11/23/19 12:28 pm

The closest I've come to making food in the air is a "Mr. Potato Head" jump. It's where a bunch of people all jump out with a piece of a Mr. Potato Head and you try to assemble it in freefall.

mrscheisskopf2 Kentucky
11/23/19 12:31 pm

That’s also pretty badass. Is that for fun or is that a training exercise

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
11/23/19 2:56 pm

For fun, although there is training value in it. Most people don't really have the air skills for that type of jump until 50-100+ jumps. Another thing we do for fun is inflatables. I've thrown a life raft out of a plane with some jumpers in it. Good times!

ScottyDoesNo Stand back and stand by
11/23/19 2:57 am




jbar1 University
11/23/19 3:54 am

What happened to Cowboy? I took a short hiatus from this app but I remember disagreeing with his very often. Was he banned or something?

ScottyDoesNo Stand back and stand by
11/23/19 4:09 am

Yeah finally ran afoul with the powers that be and Tony dropped the ban hammer. He posted a bunch of polls about suicide so he’s probably dead by now. RIP COWBOY 198? - 2019 πŸ’€

jbar1 University
11/23/19 4:12 am

That is unfortunate. No matter how much I disagree with someone I truly hope that he didn’t commit suicide. Who is Tony?

ScottyDoesNo Stand back and stand by
11/23/19 4:16 am

Tony Bacos, founder and Supreme Commander of this app but most importantly a proud paid spokesman for the Bosley Hair Club For Men.

phalnx Ohio
11/23/19 4:19 am

Mmmm, Bacos 😍. Those are good on salad!

Ebola007 Florida
11/23/19 1:09 pm

God I miss @cowboy

11/23/19 2:19 am

Just Obama.

But I did attend three of them.

JoeRoberts Maryland
11/23/19 1:50 am

No, but there are a few businesses I will not shop at.