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pcisbs1 November 22nd, 2019 12:29pm

Stobe Talbot, President of the Brookings Institute and the man who gave Fiona Hill the Steele Dossier, the day before Buzzfeed released it, was Bill Clinton’s roommate in college and worked in the Clinton Administration

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shygal47 Florida east coast
11/22/19 8:07 am

Could be. Does it matter? All the big names you hear about in the news know each other because they move in the same circles.
The same could be said about any clergyman that routinely mingles with all kinds of people - it doesn’t mean there is anything more than an passing acquaintance.
Why all the conspiracy theory implications?

kscott516 Masks fail
11/22/19 7:38 am

What’s wrong with that? 🤷🏻‍♂️

SuperAgain They lie, Get Over It
11/22/19 6:55 am

Heaven forbid a professional from a major foreign policy think tank would run a private investigator’s counterintelligence research on Russian influence past a Russia expert in our government!!! ...did you take the time to also read how she was very critical of Steele and the veracity of the document?? She just told everyone how our government would have viewed that kind of information... with suspicion. However, there would be many people exercising due diligence to try to corroborate or discredit each line item of significance.