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catpillow Florida West Coast
11/21/19 10:55 pm

Yes. Apple Watch 4. It’s the most useful gadget I never knew I needed.

catpillow Florida West Coast
11/24/19 5:28 am

I got it because I frequently find that when I stand up, I feel like I’m about to faint and my heart races. I wanted to know what was going on. The watch can track my heart rate in real time and do an ecg. So I got it and found that I have a very slow heart rate that nearly doubles (50-100) during these episodes. Decided it’s most likely side effects of my medications, but not serious. Some of the things I use it for: grocery and shopping lists “add carrots to my grocery list” then in the store checking items off the list, timing cooking or anything) “set a timer for 20 minutes”, reminding me when to take medicine, recording when I took it, Apple Pay, telephone calls, monitoring my activity, driving directions (it buzzes my wrist when it’s time to turn), news and weather alerts, recording, watching the stocks, remote control for my camera.

Ebola007 Florida
11/24/19 5:47 am

Maybe I’ll ask for one for Christmas 🎄.

catpillow Florida West Coast
11/24/19 5:48 am

It’s a good choice!

11/21/19 9:18 pm

Yes and love it. Don’t have to carry my phone everywhere. Plus if I fall and don’t respond I’m OK they call my husband and if he doesn’t ans they call 911. Only takes few seconds to get help on they way. Perfect if you are a klutz like me!!!!

HappyLez No Worries... Be Happy
11/22/19 3:10 am

Wow...never knew that option was available!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/21/19 8:35 pm

Sure do sugar. Looking for the cookie jar I sent you a photo of. No luck. Give the wife a hug.

mac007 Mars
11/21/19 8:12 pm

My iPhone serves as my watch.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
11/21/19 6:57 pm

Well not really. I have a Fitbit which serves an actual health purpose. A smart watch is just a flex, and that’s not the kind of person I am.

cpaswr just say the letters
11/21/19 5:06 pm

Nope. My wife is going to buy anApple Watch soon.

tdaddy Kentucky
11/21/19 4:57 pm

Nah, I have enough eyestrain subbing my iPhone for a notebook PC, I definitely don’t need to start subbing an iWatch for an iPhone. 😂😂😂

HBNY this space for rent
11/21/19 4:41 pm

I have a LaCrosse XG-55.