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monkees19 New Jersey
11/23/19 6:16 pm

Ebooks > books > audio books for me. I work 80 hours a week so I have trouble finding time to sit down to read so listening to the book makes it easier. I read zero books in the last five years, decided to try audio books last month and I've "read" three books since. And I'm part ways through another.

catpillow Florida West Coast
11/21/19 10:05 pm

I choose e books because they have higher contrast between the text and the page, can have whatever font and text size I want, are bright enough to narrow the reader's pupils providing greater depth of field, are easier for my arthritic hands to hold, and don’t have any paper mold to make me sneeze.

jbar1 University
11/21/19 3:27 pm

I find it interesting that younger people prefer real books far more than older ones. I agree, but was surprised.

Acebeardman14 Tennessee
11/21/19 10:28 am

I would rather read off of paper but use my kindle so I can have multiple books on me

11/21/19 10:12 am

I know a few people who read e-books because you can change the text size easily, regular books are harder to read, especially when you can’t find a Large print version. That’s the primary reason i thought of this poll.

bnnt Los Angeles
11/21/19 9:46 am

I’m back and forth.

I’ve read ebooks on my phone and they’re fine.

But I do still love reading physical books just before bed and then later sharing; giving them away to friends afterwards.

zengunner Texas
11/21/19 5:48 am

I like the convenience of the ebook but also like having a full bookshelf of books I have read like it’s a trophy shelf of accomplishments.

11/21/19 5:31 am

I love real books. I will admit to reading a couple ebooks on my phone

gonzoboy Arizona
11/21/19 5:26 am

I dig actual pages!

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/21/19 5:10 am

E-readers are my preference most of the time. I still prefer paper textbooks though.

BigPhatPastor Jefferson Hills, PA
11/21/19 4:57 am

So much for support of the new green deal

FitzDarcy Tre46on
11/21/19 2:46 am

E readers are awful and detremental for your eyes.

susanr Colorado
11/20/19 11:39 pm

Of the 2, ebooks are my *general* preference, mainly for the easy portability of multiple books, but also because of the ability to change the font size etc., and especially the ability to *search* the book.

But for some books, either the physical book is really what I want, or it’s just not available in ebook form. I have *many* of those.

My real preference for the last 20 years or so, though, is audiobooks. Because I love being read to (if the narrator is good, and some are fabulous), and because I can listen to them virtually anywhere, and while I’m doing other things. It’s increasingly difficult for me to get myself to sit down and focus on a book.


me2nokneez California
11/20/19 11:36 pm

There’s nothing weird about the feel of a book. I like to read something and maybe set it on my lap and reflect on it. Personal libraries are warm. Still like newspapers too.

hollywoodshane Nebraska
11/20/19 11:30 pm

I know I’m weird but I love the feel and smell of books

SnotBubble California
11/20/19 2:48 pm

I actually prefer audio books