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kanji401 SoCal
11/20/19 11:55 pm

Costco. Sam’s Club is too far away.

11/20/19 7:46 pm

We don’t have a Costco anywhere near us so voted for Sam’s Club. Don’t go there often though.

phalnx Ohio
11/20/19 5:17 pm

This should be 100% Costco. There is no comparison except price. The quality control at Costco is outstanding...according to Consumer Reports, Kirkland brand stuff consistently outperforms name brand equivalents (their olive oil, for instance). They also have a corporate policy to never markup stuff beyond a certain percentage (14%, I think), making it a most excellent place to buy big ticket items like HDTVs and backyard playsets. They also pay and treat their employees well...the morale difference between the two is dramatic.

Costco will eventually bury Sam's, and I couldn't be happier for them.

Crawdaddy11 former LEGEND of FIRSTS
11/20/19 6:26 pm

You’ve obviously never bought lingerie at Costco.

11/20/19 9:09 pm

Uh, no, distance matters also. I had a membership in both but Costco was 4 miles farther away but had a gas station. But then, Sams Club built a gas station also. I dropped the Costco membership.

11/20/19 4:20 pm

Costco by a mile. Better products, better company, better employees

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/20/19 2:08 pm

I don’t see these as direct competitors; the similarities are superficial beyond both being warehouse clubs. When Sam's Club closed the last stores in the PNW two years ago or so, I was a long-time member of both, and enjoyed shopping at both for different items and reasons. Sam's has a much better selection of everyday items, Costco has a much less diverse inventory and a lot more higher-end merchandise. I miss the Sam's, and even though some of the slack is covered by Walmart and online shopping, it’s less convenient than it was, and is costing me more money. I still enjoy shopping at Costco, but they could sure use a little more Arkansas and a little less tree-hugger and health-nut on their buyer and marketing executive staffs.

11/21/19 6:38 am

I concur that Sams has better inventory but Costco’s warehouse does have better additions.

orgblu10 Shamerica
11/20/19 12:31 pm

I've been a Costco member for a long time. Shop there regularly. Also far and away the best gas prices. Never been to Sam's.

bnnt Los Angeles
11/20/19 9:49 am

Had a Costco membership for about a year and felt like it wasn’t that great. Cant speak to Sam’s.

By Costco - most items we bought “in bulk” spoiled. Most of the stuff in the middle of the store and revolves was impulsive buys. Meat and seafood selections were nice, but all other frozen were large processed (junk) food brands. We tried the car buying service and it was just a dealership referral scam. Vacation packages they offer are much cheaper online buying on your own.
Costco just is more of a idea that you’re getting a deal getting you to buy stuff you normally wouldn’t buy.

bnnt Los Angeles
11/20/19 9:50 am to buy stuff you normally wouldn’t buy.
Impulse buys and memberships, and giving a few small savings on bulk staples, that’s how they make their money.

11/20/19 9:33 am

We have Executive memberships to both since I buy alot for my business and can benefit from the rebates. We use Costco more for food for the house. Sam’s we use more for cleaning supplies, microfiber towels etc.

JayDiddle Indiana
11/20/19 8:18 am

It’s no contest. Costco’s better, more quality food selection and better quality fuel, coupled with their unmatched return policy will beat Sam’s Club any day of the year. Plus, they always have better parking spaces. I feel like Sam’s (and Walmart) are poised to cram as many spaces as possible into their parking lots. Costco, however, gives you those double box lines between each space to ensure people aren’t parking too close and hitting tour car with their doors. This alone is just about enough to sway my opinion.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/20/19 7:25 am

Never have seen a Costco

11/20/19 8:50 am

I was just thinking I dont think Ive ever seen a sams club

FieryFury America
11/20/19 5:08 am

I say BJ’s hands down but from the choices, I’ll go with Cosco

Ebola007 Florida
11/20/19 3:59 am

We don’t have a Costco nearby but I’m not a fan of Sam’s.

ScottyDoesNo Stand back and stand by
11/20/19 3:58 am

Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

gonzoboy Arizona
11/20/19 4:29 am

Yes he did, and the sheet held up because it was Kirkland’s Best!

phalnx Ohio
11/20/19 5:12 pm


Quinnipiac Here
11/20/19 1:31 am

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UniversePlan Michigan
11/20/19 1:09 am

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cato Santa Barbara, California
11/20/19 12:49 am

Ha! no contest. Costco!!!