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Is it racist to vote for a candidate because of their skin color?

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11/30/19 5:21 pm

Voting because of someone's skin color or gender or race is not racist. If you actually voted against someone because if their skin color, gender or race would be racist.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
11/27/19 10:45 am


11/30/19 5:16 pm

You think that Obama was elected twice because he is black? I am a white man and I voted for him both times. He was a great speech maker and I believed with his views most of the time. It didn't matter to me what the color of his skin was. I didn't agree with much of Hillary's, but I voted for her as she was the lesser of two evils. There was no way I was going to vote for Trump.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
12/06/19 8:04 pm

So, he was all that was available.
Sure. Bunches of Folks voted for him cuz he was Black.
Are YOU Sorry? You should Be!

11/27/19 3:56 am

It’s just stupid so stupid your right to vote should be revoked.

PyroSadist like my comments follow
11/26/19 12:33 am

Voting for someone because of their skin color is racist

NOT voting for someone because of their skin color is racist

wolffman08 New Jersey
11/21/19 2:43 pm

Voting for someone because they are white is racist. Voting for someone because they are a minority race is not racist.

11/21/19 8:28 pm

Voting for anyone based on skin color is certainly racist. Regardless of color.

wolffman08 New Jersey
11/22/19 4:28 pm

I think if someone wants to vote for someone because they want blacks to be better represented in government, it’s nit racist. But that reasoning doesn’t work with whites

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
11/22/19 8:35 pm

Here we go with the intersectionality BS.

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
11/22/19 8:37 pm

How do you think we can solve racism? STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. There's only one race and that's the human race, I don't give 2 shats what the color of your skin is.

wolffman08 New Jersey
11/23/19 9:29 am

I wonder why where people don’t want to talk about racism...

DrTocan Sarasota, Florida
11/28/19 9:10 pm

Because they’re careers are ended over the slightest accusation over it. To suggest that there is massive racism in a world where lack of blacks in any motion picture is chastised and broadcasted is a display of ignorance unlike the rest.

HelloThere2187 Utah
11/21/19 9:20 am

May or may not be racist, but it is definitely stupid to allow the race (or religion, gender, age, ethnicity, etc) to influence your vote one way or another. Identity politics is stupid, whichever way it is used.

Annabelle41 Michigan
11/20/19 11:38 pm

That’s what most black said about Obama. I know some.

albertoiam San Francisco
11/20/19 8:14 pm

I don’t think it’s racist. Though, I remember an interview of an older black woman after she voted. She voted Obama and the reporter asked which of his ideas drive her vote. She replied, “I don’t know. I voted for him because he has the same color skin as me.” I don’t think that little old lady was racist. Honestly, she seemed genuine and sweet. I don’t know what to call it though. I simply don’t think it was racist.

11/21/19 8:31 pm

If she was an older white woman that said she voted for the white candidate because he had the same skin color, would you feel the same?
If not, you might be a racist.

11/22/19 11:20 am

Exactly!! Thank you so much for having common sense :)

11/20/19 8:06 pm

Yes and the reverse also Not to vote for a candidate because of his/ her skin color.

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
11/20/19 11:42 am

At first I said no, because voting for someone because they are your race isn't necessarily racist in my opinion but voting AGAINST someone because of their race is indeed racist. So I changed my vote to yes.

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
11/20/19 11:43 am

It is however completely idiotic to vote for someone based only on their skin color.

JayDiddle Indiana
11/20/19 8:22 am

I said no, strictly because the question doesn’t state that this is the only factor. Sometimes a group is better represented by their own demographic/minority than someone without the life experience.

ARedHerring Kentucky
11/20/19 8:10 am

Not necessarily racist, but definitely wrong. Similarly, it is wrong to vote for someone solely because of their sex, religion, or sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, though, we do live in a world where people do vote that way. Are they the majority or voters? Certainly not. Are they the sole reason certain candidates got as far as they did? They may’ve been a large part at best but not the sole reason.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
11/19/19 9:32 pm

If that is the only reason or even the primary reason for the choice, then definitely.

gromis Hershey, Pennsylvania
11/19/19 7:45 pm

And yet, that is the ONLY reason millions voted for Barak Hussein Obama. Just sayin’......

11/20/19 12:35 pm

Right...he one two elections just for that reason...or not!

susanr Colorado
11/19/19 5:17 pm

Not necessarily.

Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another. A person could vote for a candidate of a particular skin color, presumably representing a race, not because they felt that race was superior, but because they felt that person’s race in general had not had the opportunity to serve as an elected official, through oppression or disadvantagment of a minority. That’s not racist.

I’m not saying that’s a good reason to vote for someone, at least not in itself. (I would say it’s definitely better than voting because you think that skin color, i.e. race, is *superior* to the other choices, though.)

I’m just saying it’s not necessarily or inherently racist.

Hopefully one casts their vote after consideration of the candidates’ pertinent qualities, abilities, and proposals.


MTBosniak Seattle, WA
11/19/19 5:56 pm

Yeah people could vote someone by skin color if they think that race is more superior to the other

susanr Colorado
11/19/19 5:58 pm

They could. And that *would* be racist. By definition.

kenzbt New York
11/19/19 7:16 pm

What if it meant that the races are different in many ways but not superior?

kenzbt New York
11/19/19 4:54 pm

Why say “skin color” and not “race”?

GeneralDevin MN
11/19/19 5:00 pm

Race doesn’t cover all ethnicities. Mexicans aren’t a race.

kenzbt New York
11/19/19 5:01 pm

Who said anything about Mexicans?

GeneralDevin MN
11/19/19 5:03 pm

That was just an example. Jewish people are religious people who adhere to Judaism. It is not a race. Canadians are not a race either. Etc...

kenzbt New York
11/19/19 5:59 pm

Who said anything about jews?

kenzbt New York
11/19/19 6:01 pm

Oh, and like to ask about your statement; “race doesn’t cover all ethnicities”. I can’t make heads or tails from that.

NHauxx57 WA
11/19/19 3:02 pm

It’s ok to keep racial bias in mind but to base your vote off it is completely racist.

kenzbt New York
11/19/19 4:53 pm

“Base vote off” is in’s always “based on”.

TCheyenne I Love People
11/19/19 2:56 pm

Racist & Ridiculous

tdaddy Kentucky
11/19/19 2:21 pm

I don’t think so. In all of my Presidential elections I have voted for many whites and one black. I don’t consider any of my votes racist, nor any of my candidates racist.

11/19/19 2:46 pm

It said because meaning that the candidate race was a factor in if you voted for them

PollsAreUs Boston
11/19/19 1:51 pm

Is it racist for colleges to accept students and deny others based on their skin?

DJAria Coushatta, LA
11/19/19 1:19 pm

100%, yes.

People should be judged based on their characteristics, not the color of their skin. I’ll never support someone for their skin color. That was the case with Obama.

11/19/19 11:55 am

I’m tired of this racism crap. It is easy to tell what race a person belongs. You need more information before making a value judgment.

throwback Dixie
11/19/19 10:22 am

Apparently 21% of democrats believe that the ONLY thing that isn’t racist, is actual, definitional racism.

Robert0111 Oscar Romeo
11/19/19 11:11 am



11/19/19 9:21 am

How? If someone’s black, voting for them because they’re black isn’t racist. You vote for them because only a person of color can truly understand what it is like to be in that position... you vote for them knowing that they understand what it’s like to be and serve that minority group....

nacho1 Logic Land
11/19/19 9:25 am

Does that work for whites or only blacks with Obama and Omars people?

11/19/19 9:42 am

I'm gonna say nacho is right here. It was probably racist it at least prejudiced for many of Obama's supporters to vote for him strictly because he was black and the alternative was white. That is just a bad way to vote. I remember some hilarious videos of interviewers going to Obama supporters "hey aren't you so excited that Obama is going to get rid of abortions and make it illegal to be gay" and they were like "hell yeah I love Obama"

YouPostedCringe Michigan
11/19/19 10:55 am

Wow you’re a racist

chickencookie Jihad Joe
11/19/19 8:41 am

I hate the say it but a lot of people around here voted for Obama for that reason alone.

11/19/19 8:53 am


11/19/19 9:43 am

A lot of people voted against him for the same reason though. Probably even out

makem Chinese Xinjiang Camp
11/19/19 7:20 am

100%. It's also racist to not vote for someone because of their skin color

blake4354 Decatur AL
11/19/19 6:18 am

It’s not racist but it is very dumb if you base your vote just off the color of someone’s skin and not their polices.

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
11/19/19 6:01 am

A fairly big reason Obama was president was because he's black.

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
11/19/19 6:43 pm

Oooo I'm a horrible racist man now right?

11/19/19 9:19 pm

I don’t think you’re racist per se, but how would being a minority help him get elected? Why did it take so long for a black man to be president then?

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
11/20/19 7:40 am

Do you think america is filled with a bunch of racist dolts that hate black people? No. American has evolved and having a black president has shown it. Obama sucked as a president but as a figure it was ok. I would vote for a conservative man or woman for president that just so happen to be black, as long as he/she fit my political ideology and my beliefs. Bringing up racism every damn day in the news doesn't help it at all, it actually makes it worse.

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
11/20/19 7:41 am

The beat way to solve racism is to stop talking about it.

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
11/20/19 7:41 am

The Democrat make it obvious that they don't use black people to farm cotton anymore, they use them to farm votes.

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
11/20/19 7:42 am

And Obama was voted in because he ran on being a bipartisan, and that tuned out to be a complete lie.

11/20/19 9:21 pm

I still don’t understand why you think being a minority actually helped him get elected.

UniversePlan Michigan
11/19/19 5:37 am

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11/19/19 7:40 am

Isn't that the implication. If to candidates are white you're not voting for either because of their skin color. If one is white and one is not and you vote for the white one because you're white then you're simultaneously voting against the non white candidate because they're not white. That sounds racist since you're making a decision solely based on race.

UniversePlan Michigan
11/19/19 7:52 am

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11/19/19 9:40 am

Ah I agree if the decision has nothing to do with race but if the decision is I voted because of his race even if the policies are the same then it is at the very least prejudiced and bordering on racism. Probably semantics though. Most people can recognize when the decision is racist.

11/19/19 12:44 am

It’s more prejudiced than it is racist. However if we define racism as society commonly does, then yes it’s definitely racist.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
11/18/19 11:08 pm

No, most studies show a preference towards one's cultural, religious, and ethnic identity is natural.

If an election in Italy for example, had to come down to a native Italian or a Chinese native I wouldn't blame someone for voting for the Ethnic Italian based on the premise he would represent Italian values more accurately.

Suzan Hawaii
11/18/19 10:17 pm

All of Hawaii selections are based on race

11/18/19 10:10 pm

What about diversity and inclusiveness initiatives at companies? They are specifically making hiring decisions based on race. Is this not racist?

11/19/19 8:57 am

Lol...those are (generally) in place to ensure representation of different cultural backgrounds because of historical racism and lack of representation.

11/19/19 9:23 pm

I agree it is about inclusiveness, but I will say Affirmative Action is inherently racist. It is a sad fact that in order to fight racism we have to partake a bit in it for the betterment of society. It will be a great day when it is no longer needed.

Zach21 California
11/18/19 9:59 pm

Yes. If you favor a particular candidate over another due to their skin color that is the definition of racist.

11/18/19 10:33 pm

It’s not, as racism is generally defined anyway. It is discrimination, but generally we define racism as discrimination with the belief that ones race is superior. That is not necessarily the case when one votes for a candidate because of their race - it is discrimination on the basis of race, but not necessarily racism. And of course it could be racism, but the situation alone is not sufficient for racism in itself.

11/18/19 10:52 pm

If you are discriminating on the issue of race then you HAVE to be making the value judgement of which race is more valuable to you. There is NO instance in which you are not assuming superiority unless you end up with a value judgement of the good perfectly weights the bad at a net 0.

11/18/19 11:14 pm

I think that’s demonstrably not true. If we select a black man to head the NAACP instead of a white man, it is not because of an assumption that black people are superior to white people. If we decide that 10% of employees should be Hispanic because Hispanic people are a large part of the community and it is in our interests to have our workers represent the community, we are making no claim that Hispanic people are superior to any other race. Let me be clear: these practices are not necessarily right, or justified, but they are not racist.

11/18/19 11:23 pm

The framework given is in the most strict sense “because of race” so the black man could have gotten through on merit alone in this circumstance because of how you’ve phrased it but if you are saying “because they are (enter race) you almost have to be racist.

You are VERY MUCH saying that the latinos are superior. You are looking at their race and saying we will bring you on because your skin represents us. You’ve made a value judgement on the issue of race. That is quite strictly racist

11/19/19 12:01 am

Let’s assume in the first scenario that a white and black man are equally qualified, but the black man gets the job because he better represents the community, and this will help the organization with its goals. I think this is pretty clear not a racist motivation, it is an outcome-maximizing motivation. A white person might have as good of management skills, but as a public face they wouldn’t play well - but clearly not because they are inferior as a race. Similar thing with the Hispanic scenario: hiring Hispanics because they represent part of the community is here a profit maximizing strategy: let’s assume its a restaurant, and people prefer to be served by those who look like them. Maximizing your profit in this way is not racist, it’s capitalism. You are not saying another race can’t do the job because they are inferior. I don’t see how you could construe this as racist; discrimination it certainly is, but not racist.

11/19/19 12:08 am

The key distinction is that it is not the *innate inferiority* of the race, it is the *circumstantial considerations* that make one race the better hire. It’s racist to say you can’t do this because your race means you have lower intelligence/social skills/attractiveness, but mere discrimination to hire a black guy to, say, do outreach in a black community because his race helps him relate to people better. Again, not because of innate superiority, but because the community happens to be, say, 95% black.

11/18/19 9:59 pm

it’s stupid but not necessarily racist, unless you define racism broadly enough to encompass more implicit attitudes. and I should mention that the reasons people vote for a particular candidate are rarely purely rational; people vote for a lot of dumb reasons like the one listed here: attractiveness, masculinity, race, sex, religion, etc.

thedman Free Kyle Rittenhouse
11/18/19 9:52 pm

Wait but... that would mean that all those black people who voted for Obama because he was black would be racist... but black people cant be racist. Hmmm

Wert A picture of my junk
11/18/19 9:25 pm

Racial. Not necessarily racist.

chrisverrill Arizona
11/18/19 9:02 pm

7% of voters on this app say it’s ok?! That’s scary that there are that many racists.

think4yourself Not a safe space
11/18/19 9:24 pm

Obama was only elected because he is (half) black.

11/19/19 9:29 pm

That’s pretty ridiculous. By that rationale, Jesse Jackson should’ve been president in 1988.

Quinnipiac Here
11/18/19 8:57 pm

Yes, dems are horrible people.

cecasejr Tennessee USA
11/18/19 9:02 pm

Their whole lives are centered around race. Yes, they are horrible and evil people (in general).

TA7 Tre46on
11/18/19 9:23 pm

That’s not fair.
While the current leaders of the party are most certainly complicit with evil, the VAST majority of their constituents have been grossly misled.
Granted, this means they are willfully ignorant, but that’s at least a step down from complicit.
It’s best to do all we can to educate, and remove the fog of misinformation. We can not help those that have capitulated to emotion-based thinking, and should consider them mentally ill. Listen patiently, try to heal their malady, but never take their misguided views seriously.


TA7 Tre46on
11/18/19 9:28 pm

In case I was unclear:
Citizens misguided are still citizens, and it’s part and parcel of being “American” to lead those that suffer from such misconceptions towards real freedom.
When we reach the point where a majority of citizens favor/vote for failed ideologies such as socialism, communism, etc. then we’ve reached a critical tipping point.


me2nokneez California
11/18/19 9:56 pm

Quinni. Are you feeling political stress for some reason?

11/19/19 11:58 am

Not evil, just misguided.

me2nokneez California
11/19/19 6:12 pm

Savage. Bless your heart. Democrats hearts are in the right place.

11/19/19 9:31 pm

TA7 - what about those who support failed ideologies such as fascism? The scale goes both ways.

TA7 Tre46on
11/19/19 9:36 pm

Nay, it goes one way. National Socialism (NaSi) as well as all authoritarian leftist ideologies MUST subjugate the will of a people.

11/19/19 9:40 pm

Just because it contains the word “socialism” does not mean it correlates with communism or even economic socialism. Make no mistake, National Socialism (aka fascism) is an extreme right wing ideology.

TA7 Tre46on
11/19/19 9:49 pm

Just because it contains the word(s):
Quid pro quo, bribery, etc...
Words mean something, and if we as a society can’t agree on that basic concept then we’re no society at all.
It’s no surprise that the most infamous of evils must resort to changing the very definition of words to dupe the innocent.

TA7 Tre46on
11/19/19 9:52 pm

Turnabout is fair play.
Should you vocally speak of “right wing” as
Fascist in NYC, be prepared to pay the $250k fine.

11/20/19 9:18 pm

Sorry to disappoint you, but the fact remains that Socialism and National Socialism are not remotely similar despite sharing a word.

TA7 Tre46on
11/20/19 9:27 pm

No disappointment here sir or madam.
Just patience and hope.
It took me nearly 28 years wake up.

Liberty 4,032,064
11/18/19 8:51 pm

Yes, it is, by definition, racist to make any decision based upon race.