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ILY3000 November 18th, 2019 7:32pm

Director Elizabeth Banks blames the flopp of Charlieโ€™s Angels on men. Is she sexist?

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tdaddy Kentucky
11/21/19 5:11 pm

I think it’s more likely because every new carnation of Angels hires more unknowns than the one before. Elizabeth Banks?? Who Dat???

Robert0111 Oscar Romeo
11/19/19 11:14 am

Producer shity movie that one no one comes to...

Blame anybody but yourself.

Yeah these are good traits for a director


FitzDarcy Tre46on
11/19/19 2:59 am

Everyone loved Charlies Angels back in the and women.

FitzDarcy Tre46on
11/19/19 2:59 am

Can't possibly be that the movie sucked the premise sucked the acting sucked.

BaxterSanchez Amarillo
11/18/19 9:20 pm

If a movie is good people will watch it

think4yourself Not a safe space
11/18/19 9:18 pm

The original was a success because of men!

11/18/19 5:43 pm

I don’t know if this is correct but it is my opinion that reality is sexist

bnnt Los Angeles
11/18/19 4:03 pm

The original show was made with hot women who wore revealing and tight clothes. Even the remake forever ago used the same formula.

Nobody wants to see the feminist version of it. Hollywood is far off from normal people, so their only excuse is some “ism” like a bunch of crybabies.

Yessy French Texan
11/18/19 3:08 pm

The problem is the actresses are so uncharismatic unlike the original and 1st remake. They all come out as bitchy instead of cool..

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
11/18/19 2:37 pm

Kind of ironic comment given that the original TV show was a ‘jiggle’ show designed to appeal to men.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
11/18/19 5:14 pm

Exactly. This is like starting a Hooters franchise and making the waitresses dress in burkas and then crying islamaphobia when no one wants to eat there. BITCH HOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF CHARLIES ANGELS. YOURE THE DIRECTOR!

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
11/18/19 7:19 pm

๐Ÿ˜‚ Not to mention the original Angels were the most desirable women on the planet. I couldn’t tell you who is in the remake-not do I care. Btw-daw ‘Ford vs Ferrari’ this weekend and it was awesome.

11/18/19 2:31 pm

Maybe they remade it too many times

MontanaToastMan Ca
11/18/19 1:21 pm

Slammed against the headboard one too many times...alyssa milano lite

zimmy Florida
11/18/19 1:06 pm

No, the previews looked awful