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ozzy November 18th, 2019 5:41pm

Wow. Michael Bloomberg already on an apology tour (after saying he would never do that). Wow. Over so soon.

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Squidboy Snarkapottamus
11/18/19 2:38 pm

Just move on mike, nobody wants another senile white guy in office

11/18/19 1:51 pm

The msm is not being nice to them. They just want his $$$

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/18/19 11:43 am

Apology tour on day one?
He's a perfect Democrat

11/18/19 2:43 pm

Yes that's what I thought too.

rons WOKE is sick
11/18/19 11:36 am

He is not a man.

11/18/19 11:47 am

He’s a nanny.

zimmy Florida
11/18/19 11:02 am

Yeah, he was silly to get in, actually it’s not that he got in, it’s that he got in so late, the look is very bad!

smartfart Florida
11/18/19 10:50 am

Without any sort of source or reference, I don’t really know what you’re talking about, nor do I really care.
I just find what the right defines as “an apology tour” (amongst many other labels) is just bloviating bullshit.

FrankLuntz Fredericksburg, VA
11/18/19 10:54 am

He apologized for his Stop and Frisk policy that actually worked. If you want to be accepted by the left, you must first apologize for any past history they disagree with.

think4yourself Not a safe space
11/18/19 10:58 am

Fart. You should learn to use an internet search engine. It took me two seconds to see what ozzy is referencing.

smartfart Florida
11/18/19 11:02 am

Frank - I’m not sure that’s exclusive to the left. It’s part of the tribalism we are in now.
Other guy (whose handle I can’t remember) - I did say that I didn’t care. I cared so little, I didn’t spend two seconds on it. I really just checked in to take a jab at the right & see how many fish could be reeled in. Thanks!

think4yourself Not a safe space
11/18/19 11:14 am

But you cared enough to troll ozzy and make some comments in his poll.

smartfart Florida
11/18/19 11:17 am

Old habits die hard.
Funny how that works, huh?

FrankLuntz Fredericksburg, VA
11/18/19 11:49 am

I’d be willing to listen to a similar example from the right. I’m sure it’s happened before at some point.

11/18/19 1:53 pm

There is video of him saying how sorry he is and how wrong he was and how he has learned and grown. 🤮

11/19/19 9:55 am

Stop and Frisk was a blatant 4A violation, so apologize away, Mike. Of course the Bill of Rights has never really gotten in the way of his governing before.

11/19/19 11:51 am

It sure helped clean up NYC

11/19/19 6:55 pm

Sure. Breaking down doors and random home searches would scare the hell out of drug dealers and gangsters. But the gov’t tyranny is never worth it. Freedom has side effects. Criminals benefit from rights and due process. Despite that I’m all for rights and due process.

11/19/19 9:30 pm

Um ... stop and frisk didn’t break down doors.