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qmastrangelo November 18th, 2019 3:43pm

Culturally and historically speaking, do you consider South Korea to be a part of Western civilization?

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DJAria Coushatta, LA
11/20/19 2:14 pm

Not quite.

There are Western influences, but South Korea has a lot of their own identity. It is definitely more Eastern than anything.

skinner Jersey City
11/18/19 10:26 am

Yes, I think modern South Korea is a part of the West. It’s cultural, economic, and political evolution over the past fifty years has been profound and I think it meets all the basic requirements.

qmastrangelo Pottsvegas, PA
11/18/19 8:53 am

Like Japan, Western culture has been important factor in the restructuring of Korean society following WWII, though I would like to point out that extensive cultural contact does not make one national culture part of another tradition, even if it adopts some aspects of it.