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oOrangeMan November 18th, 2019 1:37am

Is AOC a good representation of the modern-day Democrat Party?

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theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/17/19 7:12 pm

She is the de facto leader.

All of the 2020 Can'tidates are following her stupid ideas.

Fancy Nancy is the gavel holder in name only.
Her days are numbered and few.

11/17/19 8:41 pm

She is helping destroy them

Think Lovin Life
11/17/19 9:13 pm

Yes, she is a socialist leader of the former Democrat party.

sjrez Cope Harder
11/17/19 9:20 pm

Right, that’s why the House has passed Medicare for All. Wait a minute...

Think Lovin Life
11/17/19 9:22 pm

SJ ... you really have trouble with reality, don’t you! Just because the Nimwhit is the defacto leader of the socialist party that once was the Democrat party doesn’t mean that the idiotic plans of the socialists will pass the Congress.

Grow up!

sjrez Cope Harder
11/18/19 4:17 am

Think, when you call Democrats former Democrats, you sound like a Republican from the 30’s. Or the 40’s. Or any decade since, as you’re parroting a line that they’ve been spouting for almost a hundred years now.

AOC represent her own district. How is she in charge when the DCCC opposes primarying incumbents and her agenda doesn’t get passed?