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PamGH November 17th, 2019 5:23pm

The Trump administration said Friday it would begin forcing US hospitals to publish their prices of care and the discounted deals they reach with insurers from 2021 in a bid to rein in health care costs. Good move?

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credo Positive Rights Exist
11/17/19 7:03 pm

I think the system needs MUCH, MUCH bigger change than this, but this is at least a small step in the right direction.

snagglepuss2 Spring has sprung
11/17/19 4:15 pm

I don’t see how this would make healthcare affordable? I know the prices of my prescriptions. That doesn’t mean I can afford them.

johonmilla Monroe, nc
11/17/19 1:24 pm

Trump doing something liberal? I’m surprised but I agree.

11/17/19 12:57 pm

Will this work as well as the way they promised to lower prescription drug prices?

Carolynn new jersey
11/17/19 11:51 am

Yes, I think it’s a good first step. People can’t shop around for services if they can’t compare prices.

11/17/19 11:39 am


1. I don't believe the government should force private companies to reveal business agreements.

2. I don't think this is what it would take to make a difference.

DJAria Coushatta, LA
11/17/19 11:07 am

This doesn’t matter. It won’t change anything for the average joe, and you’ll have to have a PhD to understand anything (and even then you’ll be confused). Healthcare is complex.

Ebola007 Florida
11/17/19 10:33 am

I voted yes but I think the raw data will be highly misleading and few people will have the expertise to evaluate the data.

11/17/19 10:36 am


geoag02 Dallas, TX
11/17/19 2:19 pm

You don’t think people can evaluate prices? Am I missing something?

Ebola007 Florida
11/17/19 4:16 pm

There are different ways of reporting charges. For instance, a chest x-ray might be reported as costing $50 at one facility and $25 at another but the $50 might be a global fee which includes the radiology reading where the &25 fee might only include the X-ray and you would be billed another $50 by the radiologist. The $50 would than be cheaper than the $25 + $50 = $75. It’s more complicated than just looking at a list of fees.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
11/17/19 4:41 pm

I guess that is a good enough reason to say don’t worry about the price until you have received treatment, then we will come up with some amount to charge you that works for us and destroy your credit score if you don’t pay it. That makes total sense.

Odysseus We All Need A Fantasy
11/17/19 10:32 am

It’s a good first step but it doesn’t really offer solutions to our overpriced healthcare system.
Perhaps they should also publish the prices Medicare pays for the exact same treatment.
That might be a step to lowering overall costs.

PamGH Washington
11/17/19 10:23 am

Anyone voting no, I would like to hear your logic.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
11/17/19 1:05 pm

This policy by itself could bankrupt healthcare providers, who rely on high paying plans to offset unprofitable care. The entire structure needs an overhaul.