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ArrowFodder November 16th, 2019 10:29am

Do Adam Schiff’s eyes freak you out ?

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Wackacrat Harford County
11/17/19 6:01 am

I can't help but see Gene Wilder in Charlie and the Chocolate factory yelling "I said good day sir! Every time I see him.

paranoidandroid peace love science
11/16/19 3:57 pm

A little. Less than the combo of Trump’s spray tan and hair(?) though.

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
11/16/19 2:20 pm

No, but I think he looks like President Logan from 24.

bringstheeagle Colorado
11/16/19 12:49 pm

No but I apparently they freak out the Trumpster 😊

think4yourself Not a safe space
11/16/19 11:06 am

His entire personality does.

11/16/19 10:21 am

He looks like a serial killer or a wooden puppet with a hand up his....

11/16/19 9:23 am

He’s possessed

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/16/19 9:16 am

Completely. If eyes are window to the soul, he’s as insane as the mad hatter...perhaps more so.

He’s just creepy. Big time.


ArrowFodder ohio
11/16/19 11:49 am

I agree. That’s what I was thinking too

Diogenes FreeMeBe
11/16/19 7:58 am

Not as much as Booker’s.

omniku dot com
11/16/19 7:36 am

He should be deeply ashamed about the way his genes made his eyes.

ArrowFodder ohio
11/16/19 9:12 am

He just looks like he’s hiding and scheming. Not so much the bulging nature of the eyes, though that doesn’t help.

11/16/19 7:16 am

Switch the yes and no answers next time please

ArrowFodder ohio
11/16/19 7:34 am

It’s on purpose actually. I figure Republicans will probably answer yes more often , so I want you the yes-s to show up red on the map

ArrowFodder ohio
11/16/19 7:34 am

And you can change your vote if you got messed up

Think Lovin Life
11/16/19 8:19 am

Sad ... try to break the mold ... you can do it!

11/16/19 8:23 am

As a statistician to be that is a dangerous game for me to play

ArrowFodder ohio
11/16/19 9:13 am

I think it changes the one vote you make . It doesn’t increase the number of votes

SuperAgain They lie, Get Over It
11/16/19 5:01 am

πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£ “Nothing to see here” πŸ‘€

zimmy Florida
11/16/19 4:44 am

No but Trump’s orange hair does!

Think Lovin Life
11/16/19 8:21 am

Zim ... thanks for showing, yet again, that you have no substance. Neither Mr Schiff’s eyes nor MrT’s hair matter. What matters is that Mr Schiff lies constantly, and has done nothing for the American people. By contrast, MrT has done great things for our country.

zimmy Florida
11/16/19 10:17 am

Think- there will be plenty of substance in the articles of impeachment, I’ll give you a tissue! πŸ€§πŸΏπŸΏπŸΏπŸΏπŸΏπŸΏπŸ˜€