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Show Of Hands June 11th, 2011 12:00am

Should the government be allowed to require or force people to evacuate their homes during floods, fires, and other threats to their safety?

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07/01/11 4:48 pm

Yes! They are trying to help you! And risking their own lives doing it!

mike Star Trek Voyager
07/01/11 5:00 am

If you are stupid enough to not evacuate the you can go ahead and die. :)

06/29/11 10:42 pm

@Gracie that's why I love Arizona's "stupid motorist" law. If you try to drive across an obviously flooded road and need to be rescued... You get a pretty big fine lol. As a former firefighter I'd say yea to this. We are trying to protect your life. You can build a new house.

06/25/11 2:35 pm

completely agree with alissaaa!

rory82 Virginia
06/23/11 1:10 am

I agree but then lawsuits will start flowing in!!

missalissa Ohio
06/22/11 10:54 pm

People have a right to their own property. The government should strongly suggest them to leave, but shouldn't be forced. Let them have a say about the fate of their life.

sabs Georgia
06/22/11 6:47 pm

The government is trying to save your life so... um..... who wouldn't leave even if they didn't try to evacuate people.

06/22/11 7:41 am

yes the gov will have to spend money to protect the idiots so take them out.

Overmind Texas
06/21/11 8:30 pm

I agree with JoshD. Wait a minute, I think I know you in real life. Haha! I actually do!

06/21/11 10:35 am

06/21/11 2:27 am

No. Even though they'll bitch about FEMA for 100 years if they don't get evacuated.

06/20/11 7:32 pm

Hell no they shouldn't if you want to stay there an die it's your own damn fault

06/20/11 7:36 am

Maybe those who stay behind should be made to sign waivers agreeing to hold the state/federal agencies harmless in the event those who want to stay are injured. They should also agree to reimburse rescue services for having to use resources to save them from their stupidity.

macarnage Florida
06/19/11 9:05 pm

Yes, it costs way less to get people to evacuate than to rescue them after the fact and risk the lives of the rescuers.

06/19/11 1:41 pm

If you want to die because you want to stay in your house that's flooded or on fire, less moron to muddy up the gene pool.

06/19/11 10:17 am

I initially agree with 'natural selection,' but them again, it's the aftermath of it all; The 'stupid ones' will then of course want government resources to help them out later. Either way, it costs boat loads of money we don't have.

teaparty Cleveland
06/19/11 7:09 am

The government shouldn't force you to do anything. If people don't evacuate it's their own fault

06/19/11 1:32 am

It's like laws to wear seat belts, it makes sense, It's smart, it's safe but if I don't want to do it, I shouldn't have too.

06/18/11 11:50 pm

4th amendment protects us from this. It's YOUR property and unless you committed a crime and they have a warrant they can't do jack.

06/18/11 10:17 pm

The government can't force people to do anything

deb Seattle, WA
06/18/11 3:03 pm

Presquevu, that's exactly what I said when I voted on this question.

06/18/11 2:08 pm

Natural selection. Let the stupid ones lead themselves to early graves.

cassie Texas
06/18/11 1:34 pm

Well, the residents of New Orleans during Katrina were idiots and just wanted something to complain about

06/18/11 12:18 pm

This is a real comment:
"Yes" because then you don't wind up with frustrated residents who said the government did nothing to protect them.

2005. Katrina. Remember?