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MrTurtle March 28th, 2013 11:35pm

I need a few suggestions of good questions from non-beta folks to promote this evening. Any ideas?

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thatguy81 here
03/28/13 5:14 pm

Mariousjtr has a good one about roommates

Emma Austin.ish.
03/28/13 4:56 pm

Adram's "What is the best part of a piece of bread?"
FyndFyre's "You are facing a large problem. Do you choose the quickest solution, or the best one?"
eliroque's "Do you ask enough questions? Or do you settle for what you know?"
and "would you act differently, if you knew no one would judge you?"

Emma Austin.ish.
03/28/13 5:12 pm

JackTorS' "should a 49 year old millionaire be allowed to adopt his 42 year old girlfriend to protect his fortune?"

steelcity's "Do you think eliminating marriage from government vocabulary and replacing it with union for all couples (includes all benefits) is an acceptable solution?"

Emma Austin.ish.
03/28/13 5:12 pm

I also liked banana29's overwhelming bumper sticker question.

Emma Austin.ish.
03/28/13 5:38 pm

Oh, and I forgot beanD's
"Should you be doing something else right now?"
That one made me laugh out loud

olinder PVD
03/28/13 4:57 pm

But actually: Adram - what's the best part of a piece of bread?

MrWolfe Nashville
03/28/13 4:50 pm

MaganT2013- are you a morning person or a night person?
Don't remember seeing that one on SoH any time in recent memory

MrWolfe Nashville
03/28/13 4:39 pm

Saw a few good ones
inge- did your stats surprise you? (perfect for today)
Angela 12 - Concerts: standing room or assigned seating
RandFan (ha!)- bucket list question
banana 29 - Pop Tarts/ Toaster Strudels was cute

MrWolfe Nashville
03/28/13 4:41 pm

Although, you may want to save pop tarts/ strudels for a picture poll or maybe even sponsored?

thatguy81 here
03/28/13 6:03 pm

I agree with the gentleman from TN