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rons November 13th, 2019 8:49pm

Do you think Schiff will pull out the collusion evidence he had in his back pocket all these years to nail shut the Impeachment case against Trump.

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kscott516 Revelation 5 6
11/14/19 10:08 am

What happened to all his direct evidence he had that Trump collided with Russia? Why would he settle for second and thirdhand hearsay as his reason to impeach? 🀷🏻‍♂️

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/13/19 9:47 pm

If this farce goes to the Senate, Shifty is going to be called to testify, and he will be grilled.

11/13/19 4:44 pm


sd123 San Diego
11/13/19 3:06 pm

Dude... how long ago did the Mueller Report and testimony happen? You really need to keep up lmao

Think Lovin Life
11/13/19 3:38 pm

SD ... you have clearly forgotten how hysterical you were about how the Mueller Report was going to show evidence that MrT committed a crime. Could it be you’re suppressing the memories of you moronic positions? I suspect that in three months when the shampeachment has also been completely debunked that you’ll attempt to suppress these memories as well.

Thankfully the voters don’t need to block out the moronic moves of the demented Democrats.

rons Thanks America
11/13/19 3:50 pm

Up until the end Schiff had hard evidence. Maybe it’s not in his back pocket but up his butt.
I love it when I’m called DUDE. Then I know they’ve been triggered.

Think Lovin Life
11/13/19 3:55 pm

Ron ... you are the master triggerer! You deserve a special award for laying waste to hapless leftists.

You are truly a hero!!!

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
11/13/19 2:16 pm

Schiff can’t pull out something he doesn’t have, except make a “make America suck”🧒 Blue Baseball cap from his big fat biased Blue Leftist Ah🧿le !!!