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chickencookie November 13th, 2019 8:44pm

Do you know any babies named Adah? How about Amina or Alva or Acacious? Those names and others I have attached are expected to be part of the top 20 names for next year.

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11/14/19 2:50 pm

no. I had a dog named Ada (it was short for lemonade which was her name before we adopted her)

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
11/14/19 10:25 pm

The name on list is Ad-ah not Ada. Ada used to be an old lady name.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/14/19 12:59 pm

Yes but the Alva I know is a little girl. I know an Easton (and his twin Weston), Diego, Ash (though it’s sorts for Asher), Austin, Reese (though it’s a boy) and Billie (again, it’s a boy). I also know someone with the first name Teagan but goes by his middle name (yup, another boy) Declan. I love his name. Teagan Declan Reagan. Geez I wish I was Irish.


chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
11/14/19 2:44 pm

A little girl across the street is Teagan. Declan is an old Irish or Scottish name. You know an Easton and Weston in same family? Are the parents North and South?

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/14/19 9:39 pm

Nope. The boys are twins. Mirror twins (my mom says, I have no idea what that even means, to be honest). So, Weston was a family name and when they found out they were twins they were coming up with other names. When they discovered they were “mirror twins” they went from Weston and Wyatt to Weston and Easton.


RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/15/19 4:09 am

No, my brothers are identical.

It’s the way the egg splits in this case.

I looked it up:
Mirror twins—or mirror image twins—aren’t really a category of twins, like identical/monozygotic twins. Rather, the term “mirror twins” describes a characteristic of some twins, where their features appear asymmetrically—that is, on opposite sides. A birthmark may manifest on the left side of one twin but on the right side of the other. Facial features such as dimples may be on opposite sides of the face. The shape or placement of facial features such as eyebrows, nostrils or ears appears opposite so that when facing each other, the twins seem to be reflections as if looking into a mirror. Cowlicks may run clockwise on one twin, and counterclockwise on the other.
In the case of situs inversus, an assessment using X-ray, CT scan, MRI or ultrasound can identify the position of internal organs.

My mom says Easton’s liver is on the opposite side.


RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/15/19 4:15 am

Yet his heart is where it’s supposed to be. So, I guess not all mirror twins are exact mirror images. She said there may be more about them but it came up in conversation with my mom. They were comparing “twin notes” (my brother are just normal identical twins) and she told them about Weston and Easton. That was the first my mom knew anyone who was a mirror or raising mirror twins. Oh also Easton’s appendix is moved over and not where one would expect to find it.

Wackacrat Harford County
11/14/19 3:34 am

I know a adelee, adaleigh, and an ady.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/14/19 2:32 am

The only Alva I can think of is.... Thomas Alva Edison.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/14/19 2:32 am

Isn't trying to be the first listing in the Yellow Pages so... 20th century?

catpillow Florida West Coast
11/14/19 12:07 am

I couldn’t pronounce those names without looking them up.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
11/13/19 11:53 pm

That's just insane.

chinito Florida
11/13/19 7:57 pm

I know an Alva but she’s not a baby

11/13/19 3:48 pm

I knew a girl named Billie when I was growing up.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
11/13/19 5:23 pm

I bet a lot of girls were called that shirt for Belinda perhaps. Billie Jean King?

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/13/19 9:54 pm

I’ve known 2 Billies. Billie Ann is in her 80’s. The other Billie would have been in her 90’s, if she was still living.

11/14/19 4:06 am

This Billie want short for anything. Her sister's name was Toni.

auntiesamm Orange County CA
11/13/19 2:22 pm

My 4 year old great-grandson is named Tiberius. Mom and dad liked has definitely grown on me.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
11/13/19 8:02 pm

That’s a strong name.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/14/19 10:06 pm

Naming a child the same as an insane Roman leader would have to be a name I liked A LOT.’s kind of a cool name.

I know a guy with the middle name of Geronimo. I was very impressed when I found that out. I mean....that is a COOL name! Wish we had cool names. First or middle!


rons Thanks America
11/13/19 2:04 pm

My wife name is Alda. Alda Alexis.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
11/13/19 4:51 pm

Is that a common Finnish name? I’m not counting that and she’s perfect anyway.

shiculka transvaccinated
11/13/19 1:47 pm

I must be getting old. 🤦🏼‍♀️🧐