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ILY3000 November 13th, 2019 5:52am

Should schools be held legally responsible if one of their students commits suicide be as of bullying?

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MoOoOoOse A Demagogic Country
11/13/19 11:18 pm

Only if the school knew about it, didn’t do anything about it, and could have done something about it. I would be very cautious of this. What if I get punched at a bar, are they responsible now? What if I go to the grocery store, get an an altercation, and gets knocked out? Is the grocery store liable? If I get shot at a mall, is the mall responsible? It goes down a slippery slope

TwinJefe Pacific Northwest
11/13/19 7:51 pm

It depends where the bullying occurred and if the school was made aware of the issue.

HBNY this space for rent
11/13/19 10:40 am

Only if it occurs on school grounds.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/13/19 10:37 am

If the event occurs on campus, then there are needs within the school community that have to be met.

If the event occurs sat another location, then the family should look first to themselves for the reason for the Suicide. (Happened in our family)

ctskapski x
11/13/19 7:32 am

Depends on whether or not the bullying was facilitated by the school.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
11/13/19 7:30 am

No, parents need to be held more responsible for what their kids do

11/13/19 6:55 am

No, but they should have be held responsible for negligence facilitating the circumstance if applicable

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
11/13/19 6:20 am

No. We need no specific law for this. Gross negligence is already punishable. So, if a child were being bullied and the school knew about it, they are required to take reasonable care to address the situation. If they fail to take any action to address a known situation and the parents sued, they could be found guilty of gross negligence in that suit.

That said, there’s only so much any school can do within the realm of reason and the result of a lawsuit where the parents end up winning hurts the tax payers more than anyone else... unless it’s a private school anyway.

Finally, social media seems to be a bigger problem than real life bullying. The data is starting to come in and the effects of social media on young kids is not looking good at all. I think we need to have a movement in this country to keep kids away from social media until they’re at least 16.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/13/19 6:30 am

Keeping kids away from social media is a poor choice, it means giving in to bullies.
Wht should the vast majority of decent kids suffer because of a few bad apples?
That's like closing a store because of thieves.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
11/13/19 6:35 am

No, no. It’s not just bullies that’s the problem with social media. Kids are not learning real life, in person social skills. We’re also seeing significantly higher rates of depression and narcissism and lower rates of empathy and self esteem. Additionally, internet access is resulting in porn and masturbation addiction among young boys, which is resulting in less actual dating and sex and increases in loneliness for both genders.

There’s more, but, in a nutshell, social media and the internet in general looks like it’s causing all sorts of psychological problems in kids. Bullies are only one small piece of a very large and seemingly very detrimental puzzle.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/13/19 4:11 pm

I agree with Krystina on this one. I’ve read a LOT of articles about the detrimental effect of devices and social media on kids, starting in the preschool years and going all the way through college. Some high schools in Australia are now banning tablets and making kids go back to textbooks and hand writing everything because they’ve found they learn more that way.

I can look up some links in my notes if you want to read articles about all of this, Praet.


Diogenes Not Biden It
11/13/19 4:11 am

No. That’s taxpayer money. Fight your own fights. Kick the bullies in the knee.

11/13/19 3:53 am

Yes partially if it has been brought to their attention, it is the only place the student is being bullied, and they do nothing to address it. There is a good point below about social media, which is where many children spend time and are bullied. Blaming the school for all of it wouldn't make sense when they are not the only party guilty of not attempting to stop it.

I think it also needs to meet a threshold that would, on its own, cause a child to resort to suicide. I'm not sure how one would define that in law.

Lastly, in no case would the school be the only guilty party because the child or children doing the bullying would also be guilty. The school can only be partially liable under any circumstance.

thedman Free Kyle Rittenhouse
11/13/19 1:16 am

Doesn’t bullying still serve a purpose? I haven’t talked to the experts on this one, but isn’t raising a kid totally shielded from harm or criticism bad for them. I know excessive bullying is bad too (obviously that includes that which drives kids to suicide), but is there some acceptable level. I feel like zero tolerance policies never work. You can’t just tell bullies to stop, that’s antithetical to the nature of a bully. They don’t listen when asked to stop, by definition.

Nemacyst No Lives Matter
11/13/19 5:15 am

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11/12/19 10:58 pm

Only if it has been brought to their attention before

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/12/19 10:56 pm

Yes, all schools should have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and bullies need to be expelled if they don't cease and desist after one talk with the principal, bully and victim present.

historylover Navy Seawolves
11/12/19 11:43 pm

I think that would be nice but don’t see how that could possibly work considering the amount of time students spend away from school, the use of social media for bullying, and the sneakiness of many bullies.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/12/19 11:55 pm

I think most students with even half a brain would get the stern message from the principal. And teachers and parents use social media, too. You know, you can print verbal cyber bullying out directly or with screenshot.