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robert1967 November 11th, 2019 8:38pm

Who thinks Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi or abusing their power and should be somehow taken out of their positions. What do you think. Should they be

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Whatsamattaferu 11726
11/11/19 3:19 pm

They need to be removed now

Whatsamattaferu 11726
11/11/19 5:27 pm

for High Crimes and Misdemeanors and even Treason

SnotBubble California
11/12/19 8:33 am

All for trying to keep a president accountable?

Whatsamattaferu 11726
11/12/19 8:53 am

We should hold all government officials accountable to crimes but in this country we don’t do that .what about Hillary or Joe Biden ??. The democrats are charging the president with crimes that are well documented to have been committed by the both of them . Yet we choose to give them a pass . I believe this is a total BS charge on the democrats just to keep there base together for the next election. When this all pans out the only thing the democrats will have accomplished guaranteeing the Trump will win in a landslide. Not because he’s that good but because the democrats are shameful.

SuperAgain They lie, Get Over It
11/11/19 3:14 pm

If their actions are abuses of power befitting removal, Trump’s first executive order on his Inauguration day would have been more than sufficient for his removal.

11/11/19 3:12 pm

All leadership in the Senate and Congress be removed.

Ebola007 Florida
11/11/19 2:47 pm

They are attempting to remove a duly elected president for no good reason. They should be removed from their positions of power.

BadSeed Oregon
11/11/19 2:08 pm

OMG! Shut up already! Trump confessed publicly to a quid pro quo! We have the transcripts! He screwed up! Deal with it! Stop blaming the Dems for doing their job. It's not like they can remove him from office. It's just driving you all nuts that the other half of the country was right about him!

11/11/19 1:40 pm

They are trying to undo what we the people voted for.

11/11/19 2:03 pm

More than 73,000,000 people didn’t vote for Trump.

11/11/19 4:18 pm

Most of them was from California. For the most part California politics are so for left compared to at least 45 of the Other states are not even close to agreeing with. We should just California and all it far left Democrats to Mexico. That would fix the rest of America.

SnotBubble California
11/11/19 5:14 pm

You realize CA pays for the American party that we all get to live everyday, right?