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Squidboy November 11th, 2019 2:16pm reports a full β€˜Beaver Moon’ will be visible on November 12. The annual Taurid meteor shower will be happening at the same time. Which astrological even would you rather see?

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Attikai Oregon
11/12/19 7:11 am

I'm definitely more excited to see a full beaver.

Malekithe This does not compute
11/11/19 8:14 pm

Trump can grab the πŸŒ™πŸ’¦

11/12/19 5:16 pm

Maybe that will get NASA the funding it needs.

Laserbeam Back soon
11/11/19 5:46 pm

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catpillow Florida West Coast
11/11/19 5:46 pm

The meteor shower would be nice. I haven’t seen one in years.

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
11/11/19 4:31 pm

My wife’s water broke on the night of a beaver moon. There wasn’t a delivery room available to us for a few hours because the ward was full.

If you’re pregnant... watch out.

bubba2526 New Jersey
11/11/19 4:09 pm

Can they stop making up moon shit now

Laserbeam Back soon
11/11/19 5:47 pm

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SuperAgain They lie, Get Over It
11/11/19 3:27 pm

Such sparkling streaks across the sky... You might even say those showers are golden!

tdaddy Kentucky
11/11/19 10:08 am

Showers. I’ve seen lots of full moons. Whether it’s a “fullest” full moon really doesn’t really matter to me, not unless I’ll see the shadow of ET bicycling across the moon although Santa and his reindeer would do just as well.

Ebola007 Florida
11/11/19 7:53 am

Thanks for the link. Very interesting 🧐.

badattitude no place like home
11/11/19 7:43 am

Lol. You won’t be able to see many meteors with a full moon. So...

Kay41 the Midwest
11/11/19 8:01 am

But, maybe the moon won't be full in everyone's area. So some may be able to see it easily and others not.

*πŸ˜‚ Yes, that's a joke.

badattitude no place like home
11/11/19 8:13 am


Squidboy Snarkapottamus
11/11/19 10:21 am


bluerum29 optimistic idealist
11/11/19 7:21 am

I want to see a good beaver in a shower

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
11/11/19 7:55 am

I’d rather see some rock-hard shafts pound the earth

11/11/19 9:39 am

I knew that was coming.

rons Thanks America
11/11/19 7:20 am

Damn global warming is at it again!