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Think November 10th, 2019 1:32pm

Would you add grape juice to your cola drink?

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DonWichita Kansas
11/10/19 3:20 pm

No thanks. Cherry coke is as far as I care to go.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/10/19 9:18 am

Juice I don’t touch. All carbs

phalnx Ohio
11/10/19 9:09 am

If I still drank Cola, I'd try it. Seems like it'd be a decent pairing.

rons Thanks America
11/10/19 7:16 am

Cherry syrup was popular. Like Cherry coke was good. The grape juice I like is about 12% ABV.

zimmy Florida
11/10/19 6:41 am


zimmy Florida
11/10/19 8:49 am

Grape juice in cola? I don’t even like grape juice in the first place