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RightOfCenter November 9th, 2019 7:25pm

What the MSM was afraid to tell you last week. Liz Wheeler will.

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zimmy Florida
11/09/19 7:52 pm

Is she another right wing loon?

RightOfCenter TheCurrentThing
11/10/19 6:00 am

Well, I suspect, from your point of view, anyone to the right of Uncle Bernie or Fauxcahontas is a “right wing loon.” 🙀

zimmy Florida
11/10/19 6:19 am

No just the actual loons. I’m guessing she is.

RightOfCenter TheCurrentThing
11/10/19 10:43 am

What has she said or done that you might guess she’s “a loon.”

zimmy Florida
11/10/19 10:53 am

Idk? I’m taking an educated guess

RightOfCenter TheCurrentThing
11/10/19 11:01 am

From my point of view, “an educated guess” would require some smidgen of evidence. Her skin color, hair color, or YouTube Channel individually or collectively would not be sufficient to make the “educated guess” you have claimed.

zimmy Florida
11/10/19 11:20 am

Geezer- my educated guess comes from the fact, that you yourself like right wing loons.

RightOfCenter TheCurrentThing
11/10/19 11:25 am

Well you’re consistent if nothing else , you argument has come full circle, again.😹

zimmy Florida
11/10/19 12:21 pm

Well I never said otherwise.🤷🏻‍♂️

RightOfCenter TheCurrentThing
11/11/19 5:10 am

Yes, proof positive.😹

“Geezer likes right wing loons, Geezer provides video of LizWheeler cataloguing 5 stories the MSM failed to cover. Therefore LizWheeler is a right wing loon.”

No logical fallacies there
Can’t argue with that reasoning.🙀

zimmy Florida
11/11/19 5:11 am

No because I haven’t heard her, like I said I’m taking an educated guess, still bet I am right.

JPA1960 Illinois
11/09/19 2:34 pm

This is propaganda.

Ebola007 Florida
11/09/19 1:39 pm

MSM for all the news they decided you can hear.

TA7 Tre46on
11/09/19 2:21 pm

You’re giving them way too much credit.